Festival Eve

Festival Eve

3 mins

He hugged her from back while she went to change after a hectic day of shopping and preparations for tomorrow. It was her first Diwali and her in-laws were visiting them to celebrate this festival.

Tisha was from Punjabi background and Anish was from Mumbai, though her father was from Mumbai and Mother was Gujarati. Both were staying in Pune.

They were shifting to Mumbai as they got a job in a same organisation and thus Anish's Parents were coming to Pune so that they could come and return all-together.

"I love you!" he whispered in Tisha's ear when he hugged her from back. She shrugged at first, then blushed like a newly married bride.

"I am tired Anish! I just want to sleep now." she hugged him and went to sleep saying this.

"That is not fair Tisha!" Anish complained.

Anish joined her, he patted her and soon she slept. He kissed her forehead and watched her sleeping like a little girl. He always admired her beauty and appreciated the way she managed both job, home along with taking good care of him.

Next day as the bell rang Anish ran to open the door, seeing his parents at the door he was very happy. They asked about Tisha, but she was not at home she was out for her walk at that time. They complained, "When she knew that we are coming she should have stayed home. She could have skipped her walk na! We are tired and we need some refreshments. Will you do all the arrangements now? Aaaaah! Let me do it here also?" her Mom said while she stood up to the Kitchen.

"Mom Relax! She was not going for a walk, I insisted her for not to disturb her schedule. So she already prepared some Tea and Snacks for you and then left for her walk. She must be coming, by any time." following her Mother Anish told her.

Entering in the Kitchen she saw everything was arranged properly. All Cups-Saucers along with the plates were placed on the Serving table in two separate Trays.

In a bowl was her favorite Poha. Anish hold her shoulder and hugged her Mother and said "Mom! Tisha is a very loving and caring wife and will be responsible and caring daughter-in-law too. You just try to believe in her. Everything can't be done in one typical way. Things will not change only the method and the manner they are to done will change."

Her mother smiled and her eyes were filled with tears. The same thing his father told to his grand-mother when she first met his grand-parents. She hugged Anish and patting his back said "I am proud of you Anish!"

When Tisha arrived everybody welcomed her and praised her for the arrangements she did for her in-laws. They celebrated the Festival Eve heartily and blissfully and next day left for Mumbai all-together.

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