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He Wants You (Part 4)

He Wants You (Part 4)

4 mins

The words that echoed with the thunderstorm had made her heart to leap out, as she thought how to come out of the wishing land. Her grey sprayed around as she kept on walking around with the lady in white. She kept on murmuring to herself, but not letting her words to come out. She knew whatever she would wish would come in reality. As if, all her wishes were a want of her heart.

She calmed her nerve, relaxed her nerves, she had come to know it was a game of words. She has to play with the magician, by sprinkling the art of words on him.

"THE WORDS, THE WORDS, WHICH WOULD LET ME FREE FROM THE HANDS OF WHAT YOU WANT ." As she murmured WHAT YOU WANT she smiled as if she had answered to her heart.

The lady in white, which seemed to her a transparent light, a ghost of the magician to look after his possessions. She asked her, " What was right?" The lady said to her, "to remain happy in life was right ."

Then Shiksha said, "You are right, I want you to stay by my side until I am in this land and to do whatever I say as you make me feel happy."

The lady answered her, "YOUR WISH COME TRUE," as she started following her.

Shiksha after a long pause asked the lady, "who is the heir of the land ?" and the lady said, "HE WANTS YOU." 

Then in a playful way, Shiksha said: "if I want to own the land."

Lightning struck in the sky as Shiksha became magician of the land, and HE WANTS YOU was standing as a peasant of the land. Shiksha was dressed in magician clothes as she knew there was magic somewhere in the clothes, the stick, the hat, and all the clothes she wore. As the magician seemed angry and bewildered with the act of hers, as he yelled at her saying, "you tyrant kid, you took all my magical things ." 

Now Shiksha was sure the key to go out of this land was somewhere in these clothes.

Then the magician again laughed " You may become the queen of this land but your freedom is still in my hands."

As he laughed with a stressed heart Shiksha gave him a grin. She knew, in a matter of minutes she would be out, just by using her wits. But she has to take all the toddlers with her.

She laughed crazily aloud and asked the lady, "how many kids are there in the land? " 

The lady answered her, "five thousand."

"And how many ghosts like her?" 

 The lady answered, only she and no one else.

Then Shiksha spoke aloud, "I want you to send back all kids to their parents hide where they can live free from the WHO YOU WANTS EYES ."

At that moment the thunderstruck the land and with a windstorm, the kids were carried to their parent's hand. The magician screamed and said, " You may take away all kids from here, but not you of course, as your freedom lies in my dress code." 

Shiksha understood the meaning and said, 'I wish the lady in white to become the magician of the land and let me free from WHAT YOU WANTS HAND."

The white slave was dressed in the magician's drapes and with a smile on her face, she thanked her for giving back her magical land. As" WHO YOU WANTS with unlawful tricks had made her slave and now it was her turn to put him in magical bracelets.

The lady in white tore her drapes apart and gave to Shiksha and said, "You are free from the HE WHO WANTS as the wish of yours would only be broken by a torn piece of my attire, gifted by another heir. "

A moment later Shiksha opened her eyes as she found that her parents were sitting by her side. She woke and embarrassed them, and they said: "Thank God she is safe as she had high fever two days back and fainted at the corner of the street where the HE WHO WANTS performed his acts.”

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