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Drithi Neeraj

Abstract Children Stories Comedy

Happy Coin

Happy Coin

3 mins

I shriek as I see the ground coming closer to me. No wait, I was going closer to the ground. I was falling. Stupid gravity and stupid humans. There isn't one day this annoying shopkeeper doesn't count me and my friends.

I see him, cringe at the sound I make while hitting the ground and then bend to pick me up. Please, please, please do not put me in your smelly pocket again. I hate being there, stuck with my friends! 

Two minutes later, he slips me into his pocket. 

He starts walking towards the jalebi store. He's probably going to spend me. Great! I've had enough with him!

He trades me and three of my friends for a twenty rupee jalebi. If you know third grade math, then you're smart enough to figure out that I'm a five rupee coin. The jalebi seller, a pretty decent lady, I must say, put me in the drawer alongside some notes. 

"You're nothing in front of me. She loves me much more than you!", the proud fifty rupee note said. 

"Well then you better enjoy it while it lasts, because she's probably going to trade you for something soon."

That shut the dumb note up.

But as soon as I assertively shut him up, the jalebi seller opens the drawer and picks me up.

"You were saying?" I heard the note sneer at me.

The jalebi seller gave me to her son. The little boy, around seven, jumps with joy upon seeing me. Finally! Someone who appreciates what I'm worth.

He excitedly takes me to his room and puts me in a piggy bank. There aren't many like me in the piggy bank. Just a few others.

Every single day, he adds one more inside the bank. And every single day, my friends and I-although happy for him-wonder what he's going to do with all of us when the bank is full. 

Then one day, he takes us out and counts us. Grinning wickedly, he puts us all back in the bank, lifts the bank and starts running with it. I strike against my friends and we make a jingling sound.

He goes out and tells his mom that he's got enough for "it".

What is "it"?

With each second that's passing, I'm more and more curious as to what he's going to do with us. Buy a toy, perhaps? Or some sweets? Balloons, or maybe a snack?

He runs barefoot through the road, crosses a shallow stream, and enters an orphanage.

A kid, around five perhaps, runs and comes towards him.

"Suresh! Suresh! I collected all the crunchy leaves so we can step on them together!" he said eagerly.

"Forget that Somu! I've got something better for you. Today is your birthday, I remember, so I have collected enough savings for you to go and try all those roadside sweets and savories that you have been wanting to try for ages!" Suresh said.

Somu shrieked with enthusiasm and hugged Suresh.

They spent all my friends. When they reached to grab me, Somu said, "Wait, let us not spend it. I want to treasure this last one forever. As a memory of the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me."

Suresh smiled as Somu slipped me into his pocket. 

Me? I sneered, as the other coins which were going into the savory sellers pocked looked at me jealously. 

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