Drithi Neeraj

Children Stories Comedy Drama


Drithi Neeraj

Children Stories Comedy Drama

Zit On The Nose

Zit On The Nose

4 mins

It all started with a pimple. Yes, one tiny little pimple.

Which has now turned into a major disaster all because of boorish youngsters.

Let me start from the very beginning......


"Anna! You're kidding me now, aren't you?! If you're not up by now, you're definitely going to miss your bus. And yeah, I'm not dropping you!" came my mother's shrill and urgent voice.

"Ugh. Coming!" I yelled in reply to her daily-reminder.

I stumbled out of bed and went straight to the bathroom where I would spend the next fifteen minutes getting ready.

As I looked into the mirror, I saw the most startling sight I've ever seen in my life. Something that I never would have anticipated....

I saw the world's ugliest and most horrendous pimple sitting right on the tip of my nose!

"Oh god! This can't be happening....not today," I thought.

I decided to pretend I was ill so I could avoid the embarrassment that I would have to face in school due to this minuscule pimple.

"Mom!" I yelled

"What?" came her quick reply.

I didn't answer so she'd have to come all the way to my room to check on me.

I heard her footsteps as she swiftly ascended the flight of stairs that led up to my room.

I rushed to my bed and lied down trying to look sick and deliberately tried to cover my pimple.

"What is it? Why aren't you up yet?" she asked.

"Mom....I'm not feeling too well today" I groaned.

My mom then touched my forehead trying to find out if I was sick.

She hadn't noticed the pimple yet as I had well-covered it.

"Well, you're temperature seems normal enough." She said before she pulled my blanket away.


And then she saw the pimple on my nose.

"Well, I guess we both know you're good enough to go to school today," she said sternly.

There was nothing in the world that she despised more than my childish tantrums.


I whined and got out of bed as she paced out of my room.

I returned to the restroom and braced myself for the mortifying day that was yet to come.....

I reached school and pretended to blow my nose into my handkerchief, trying my best to hide all the chances of someone noticing the ugly outgrowth on my nose.

"Annabelle!" I heard my best friend Clarissa's voice.

"Hey Clary," I said with the handkerchief still covering my nose.

"You caught a cold?" she inquired.

"Worse," I replied as I uncovered my nose.

"Oh my god! Is that a zit?!"

I nodded with a somber expression.

She busted out laughing. 

I had had enough.

"This is not funny! I've had the worst day ever and the worst part about it is that the day hasn't even begun yet!" I was irked.

"Anna, it's just a pimple! It's gonna disappear soon! What's the big deal?"

"Ugh you won't get it. Let's go." I said as I pretended to blow my nose again.


"Miss Annabelle Zhu! Would you like to give a speech on the importance of "Maintaining good health and cleanliness"?" asked Miss Jenna, my elocution class teacher.

"Um....no." I said (if you're wondering about it, then yes. I was still fake-blowing my nose.)

"Well, I insist," she said.

(Ugh. I just had to give a speech in front of all my classmates today!)

I got up and moved to the front of the room and uncovered my nose.

A loud snicker was the first thing I heard. I ignored Damon.

I cleared my throat and started....

"We've all heard of the saying 'Health is Wealth', but I don't believe that we follow this proverb in our day to day life. I strongly believe that a healthy and clean body is a must for any kind of endeavors-" 

"- says the girl with the zit on her nose." I was interrupted by Damon Gilbert, my nemesis.

A loud round of laughter followed his comment.

I ignored him, again.

The class was silenced by Miss Jenna.

She turned to me and politely said, "You may continue."

After finishing the speech, I hurried out of the class followed closely by Clarissa.


During lunch, Simon, one of my other best friends, showed me a meme that said -

"Dear pimples, if you're going to live on my face, I need to receive some rent."

After showing me this he busted out laughing and said, "This is hilarious, right?"

Oh god, why doesn't this day just come to an end?!


The horrific day came to an end with the ring of the last hour and I rushed home.

"How was your day?" asked my mom.

"Don't even ask!" I replied.

"That bad?" she joked laughingly.

I gobbled dinner and sought the comfort of my plushy bed, which postpones all my problems to 'tomorrow'.


The next morning I woke up like every day and rushed to the bathroom mirror to check what had happened to the horrific zit.

I didn't believe what I saw that I spent fifteen minutes in front of the mirror searching my nose for the pimple had completely vanished!

Yes! There was no sign of its existence!

I hummed to myself as I got ready for school.

"Anna! Something is wrong with my face!" I heard my younger sister Melinda yell.

I rushed to check what was up with her.

It was the same old ugly pimple sitting right on her nose this time!

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