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Happy 1st Anniversary

Happy 1st Anniversary

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Dear Angad,

Yayyyy It’s a day to celebrate all the memories we created throughout this year and put some cheeeeesyyyyy captions.

From sharing "Hi" to phone numbers to thoughts and food and household stuff and dreams etc etc etc to sharing lives. How time flies?! In one blink I can look back and see when and how our paths were crossed and now when I open my eyes and look at you, I see you every day by my side. That's the happiest thing that I can have to start my day with!!!! On this day last year approx at the same time, we were performing rituals. How anxious, nervous, emotional, eager, and excited we were!!!! I still remember how you were making fun of me and shooting your PJs even then!!! 

This first year was amazingly amazing lots of outings, fun, late-night drives, listening to our favourite ghazals whole day, exploring our food bud and what not!!!!! Though it has ended with a lockdown, I have enjoyed it and loved it like anything!!!!! 

I'm overwhelmed to write anything more at the moment but lastly, I would like to say I love you. I am lucky to have you in my life. You heal me, complete me, and love me as no one else can do. Looking forward to going on our canceled trip, more cricket and football arguments, and try out new dishes around the world.

હું અને તું.

હું અને તું નામ ના કાંઠાને તોડી,

જળ વહ્યાં સંગાથ માં તે આપણે...

Happy 1st to you!!



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