Fruits Of Karma

Fruits Of Karma

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It is old saying that you cannot run away from your karma and you will get all, good or bad, as per your karma, in the same life. Now it was Rahul's time to face the music when he faced Dr. Shivani Thakur in the interview of BPSC for lectureship.


Rahul Nath was a student of C.N.College, Patna and he completed his entire education from this college only. He started his academic journey by admission in Intermediate and later completed his Ph.D. Degree. His academic journey, however, was never smooth. It was full of events, ups, and downs which eventually make him very popular but unfortunately for wrong reasons.


C.N.College, Patna was a notorious college and it happened to be the epicenter of jungle raj of Bihar. It was a hub of political activities and college was well known for all except academics. Unfortunately, Rahul got admission in this college as his marks in class X was falling short of the cut-off of Science College. On the very first day of his college, Rahul witnessed a furious fight among the college senior students with hockey sticks, dagger, and gun. It was a fight between two rival groups of students which later, he came to know that they are controlled by two prominent caste representatives. For the very first time, he came to know about two words – Forward and Backward. All student needs to align with either of these two groups as per their respective caste. For the very first time, he realized the castes and their power. His school close friend Manish was backward that he came to know in college when both were forced to show alienation to two different groups.


This was followed by ragging where he was asked to unzip his pant and for this, he resisted and eventually severely beaten by seniors. Now Rahul became the target of the college seniors and they regularly harassed him in one or other forms. Rahul was looking for solutions and he decided to tackle it by catching the bull through its horns. He approached the rival group for help and in due course of time, he developed a very close friendship with them.



It is old saying that a fresh fruit in the crate of rotten fruit also gets rotted and Rahul was not an exception to that. Very soon he was involved in all activities except his studies. By the time Rahul was in graduation, he carved his niche in the political circle and was the prominent figure among the goons of the college. He contested the college union election and elected as a student leader. Rahul, now, was not the Rahul of class X. He changed drastically and was involved in all unwanted activities of the college. Even teachers seldom dare to come across him and he was simply enjoying his moments.


Nuisances of Rahul and his groups were increasing day by day and the number of times complains were given to HOD. Dr. Shivani Thakur. She, in general, tried to avoid the situation as she was reluctant to face the face-off. One day inevitable happened as Rahul and groups were sitting in front of the gate of the college and were whistling and passing usual fluffy comments on passing by students. Rahul was actively involved and he could not see the entry of HOD and kept on whistling.

Mere sapno ki rani kab aayegi tu?”

(Lines of famous Hindi Song)

 Suddenly she was in front of Rahul and by default reflux action he stopped with his mouth in a posture of the whistle.

“Good morning Madam!” ….he said hurriedly with a cunning smile.

She didn’t say anything and entered her chamber. Rahul was called immediately and before he could say sorry she shouted at him.

Tum mere ko dekh kar ceety kyon baja rahe the?”

 (Why you were whistling at me?)

“Nooo!! Mam, I was not whistling at you. How can I whistle at my teacher?”- replied Rahul.”

“Don’t lie. I have seen you whistling at me’’ - Now she was furious. 

Rahul was feeling helpless and being cornered by Shivani madam. He was running short of ideas to defend him. It was then simply a reflex answer from a mischievous mind -

Kaya madam main aapko dekh kar ceety bajaunga…..mere din entne be kharab nahi huwe hai”

 (How can I whistle at you? My taste has not deteriorated to such an extent)

Now she was out of control and shouted.

Tumhe bolene ki tameez nahi hai kay?” 

 (Don’t you have the courtesy to speak?)

“Madam! I am telling you the truth.” Replied Rahul in a very calm and composed manner.

“You won’t be able to pass as you must be aware that you have to pass in your practical examination.” Shivani madam threatened Rahul.

Rahul was now getting impatient and then a Rahul could not resist in showing his ill temperament. He too replied in similar tone – 

Madam aap Professor’s colony mein rahti hai na? Aapki choti behan Gandhi women's College jati hai na….correct !!

(Madam you are staying in Professor's colony. Your younger sister studies at Gandhi Women's College. Correct?)

Next one minute there was complete silence. Both Rahul and Madam were looking at each other without blinking their eyes. Rahul eventuality broke the silence by saying …..Once again I am saying whistling was not for you and he immediately left the room. This scene happened in front of the other staffs and it was very embarrassing for HOD madam.


During practical examination, Rahul was personally a bit scared, though he was not revealing, on account of his fight with HOD, Shivani madam. The offense is the best defense and he adopted the same policy. He went to the HOD chamber and told her very emphatically that college has not conducted any practical properly, hence, the problematic practical of 'spotting' should be dictated directly to the students. The pitch and tone of Rahul were threatening. 

“Go to the examination hall and maintain silence there. Externals examiners were about to come and we will see students should not face any problem.” Shivani madam replied coolly. 

Her answer gave him momentarily relief but he decided not to trust her. He went to the examination hall looking for the demonstrator who has arranged the slides for the practical. He closed the door from inside and asked him to write all answer on the board. The poor demonstrator had no choice but to follow the command. Rahul and the group wrote the answer and submitted the paper without conducting the practical. 

After few days results were declared and Rahul passed with a good number. Now just to show his might he went with his marks sheet and a packet of sweets to Shivani madam and sarcastically asked her for a blessing. She replied equally in the same tone that her good wishes are with him and she said that she is very happy that Rahul is finishing his studies and leaving college. The pain which Rahul inflicted on her was quite visible in her reply to Rahul. However, Rahul was arrogant enough not to see those pain and he was considering it as his victory.

Rahul completed his masters and finally, he realized that despite having a degree he is well short of the actual knowledge. Secondly, for job knowledge is required not the might which he acquired in college.

After completing his masters he decided to learn subjects and make his career in teaching. He concentrated on his studies and left all mischievous activities. His hard work and dedication worked and he cleared NET with AIR 10. He joined C.M.College for his Ph.D. Program and by that time Shivani Thakur had retired which gave Rahul some sort of relief. He completed his Ph.D. and finally applied for the job of lecturer in Bihar Public Service Commission.

Rahul was somewhat confident of his selection as he was fulfilling all requisite criteria. His academic records were excellent and on top of it, he had cleared the NET with CSIR fellowship. In addition to it, a good number of research publications was also to his credit. With this confidence, he entered the room for his interview in front of the board members. Suddenly he saw Dr. Shivani Thakur sitting there as one of the members. Now all confidence which Rahul was having a moment before got shattered. He greeted all members and took his seat for the interview. Now his entire attention was only towards Shivani madam. She was going through the document and meanwhile, Rahul was asked to introduce himself. Very hesitantly he started saying –

“I am Rahul Nath and I did my entire education from C.M.College. I have secured first division throughout my academic career……” 

“That we know…..Did you really pass NET Exam?” 

Rahul was interrupted by Shivani madam and she added sarcastically that she knows Rahul and she also knows that he was very influential in his college.

Rahul didn't reply. Now she started questions and luckily he answered all of her questions. Now Rahul was asked to go to the whiteboard and give a demo lecturer. He followed the instructions and taught deliberately Fungi which Shivani madam use to teach in the college. Again he was interrupted by madam saying that students cannot make out anything from the content written on the board. She further added that had Rahul concentrated in class in his college, probably he could have learned the correct method of writing on the board. Shivani madam had already hijacked the board and cornered Rahul. However, the cornering was more on account of his past conduct and not on the current knowledge as Rahul had answered the majority of the question to the satisfaction of the board members.

Finally, his interview cum ragging was over and the writing on the wall was very clear. After few days results were declared and Rahul’s name was not in the list of the selected candidates.

Today Rahul was cursing himself for his past actions and the pain which is inflicted on others. Although the possibility of his selection was negligible, Rahul decided to correct his past mistakes. The next day he made up his mind to meet Shivani Madam at her residence and very hesitantly met her at her house. On seeing Rahul, Shivani Madam thought that Rahul was there for a favor in the just concluded interview and said that now she can’t do anything in the matter of his selection in the recently conducted interview as everything gets finalized on the same day. 

"Madam, I have not come for any favor, rather I am here to say sorry to you for all the pain which I gave you in college. Please forgive me." Rahul replied immediately.

Shivani Madam could not believe Rahul standing with folded hand and she was looking at Rahul by surprise. Rahul touched Madam's feet and left immediately. 

Today, Rahul was feeling happy and now he was thinking to meet all of those whom he troubled in his college days and want to say sorry to them.

After a few days, the result of the lecturer's interview was declared and Rahul's name was surprisingly in the list of selected candidates. It was a big surprise for Rahul. In the evening he was again at Shivani Madam's house with a box of sweets. He respectfully touched Madame's feet and informed her about his result. Shivani Madam blessed her and said –

"The society needs a good teacher and I hope that you will not prove me wrong."

These words of Shivani Madam spelled tears from Rahul's eyes and he promised her that he will live up to her expectations.

It was Rahul's karma that eventually reflected and resulted in his selection in the interview. It was true that Rahul had hurt Shivani Madam but later he had brought extraordinary changes in his conduct. The impact of this change was reflected not only in his academic achievements but and at the same time, there was a very positive change in his conduct as well.

If a person who seems to have forgotten his path and after realization, he rectifies it, his karma is taken into due consideration. Time gives man enough time to correct his mistakes. There is a need to understand our mistake and to act on it so like Rahul we can get an opportunity to rectify it and move on.



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