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Neha Joshi



Neha Joshi


Friendship vs Blood Relations

Friendship vs Blood Relations

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There is an old saying, "friends, friends are everywhere, but true friends are rare."

Yes, it's true...our friend Nisha experienced it in her life.

When Nisha was a toddler, she lost her father. Then she started living alone with her mother. Her mother means the whole world to her. They play together, sleep together, etc. Her mother did her best to raise her up, she worked in a pre-primary school teacher in the morning and in the evening, she used to take private classes.

In her early primary school days, Nisha meets an amazing girl- Disha, who became her friend. Disha was the first person who offered Nisha her hand for friendship. She was above all the crab, which other children used to think about.

"Where is Nisha's father?"

"Who pays her fees?"

"Why Nisha's mother doesn't wear a white dress?"

They used to ask whether she goes to a restaurant and eat.

These things bothered her a lot. Disha managed to keep her cheered. She always offered her unconditional love.

As time passed, when they were in grade tenth, Nisha lost her interest in studies, she got influenced by the wrong company. At this time, the family came in the picture, Nisha's uncle and aunt came into the picture. They began to interfere in her life to a great extent. Her aunt was always a torture for her, had a problem of her going to a co-ed convent school. She was jealous of her confidence, used to steal her stationery more than that keeps a track record of her meals. Nisha used to have a bad day whenever if by mistake she ate Chicken... at her other's aunt's house. They manipulated her by saying think about your mom, else we will tell your mother.

At the time Disha took the charge of Nisha's studies and stop her from bad company. She tactically handled the situation with full grace. She encouraged Nisha to sit with her and solve the previous year's question papers. She helped her to clear doubts. With Disha's help and guidance, Nisha cleared her tenth with flying colors.

Disha's three months of hard work, it left the incredible influence on Nisha, she got changed as she developed an interest in studies and started reading. She commenced this hobby, the first book she bought her first Readers Digest. Gradually it developed to such an extent that she ended up doing her bachelor’s and master’s degree in English Literature. On the other hand, she also completed her diploma in Fashion Designing. She even started her career as a Fashion Faculty and side by side started taking private classes.

Dish completed her studies in computers, she has completed a bachelor’s and master’s degree in it. As time has passed by, their friendship was above ground level, they were two bodies and one soul.

Disha's love and support transformed the life of Nisha. After a few years, Disha got engaged to a handsome and charming man. She was too excited to get married in a while, Nisha was too busy in understanding a person of other customs and traditions from Mumbai. He was a great person and was interested in marrying her. Confused Nisha went to dinner with Disha and discussed it.

Disha took a smart decision and check out his profile on Orkut and read his messages, then called him and gave her permission to inform her mother about him.

She was even ready to talk about this proposal to Nisha's mother, as her mother used to trust Disha a lot. Months passed away, finally, the day came when Disha was looking forward to tying her knot. Nisha excited for her best friend and wished her luck for her new life. After two weeks, it was the day for Nisha.

Both started their new lives in two different cities- Delhi and Mumbai. The distance between the two cities never been a problem for them, rather than that it made their friendship stronger. Then after five years, suddenly one phone call changed the life of Nisha totally.

"Hello! Nisha's husband her mother is not breathing, she is not showing any positive results to the treatment to her. Please do not panic, her mother. Her life is no more... I am sorry."

Nisha's husband informed her about her mother's severe condition, and she is on a ventilator. He had no courage to inform her about her loss. He made an intelligent decision and called Disha and asked her to be there to support her in her loss.

But Nisha was smart enough and analyzed that something worst had happened. Her feet were not moving, it was like she was standing on a stone. The duration of the flight was two hours but to her, it looked like it was miles away. In her whole flight duration, her whole life with her mother filmed in front of her eyes.

The moment Nisha reached her childhood place, the crowd was accumulated there. Immediately, Nisha jumped down from the cab and rushed inside and collapsed seeing the corpse of her mother. She shouted very loud and started crying out. Disha came in, took her hand in hand and take her out of the house.

Standing next to her, Disha was thinking about her words to console her: the only thing she did was to inform her about, her maternal aunt's behavior and argument with her paternal aunt. She asked Nisha to take her decision as soon as possible about who will do all the rituals. That was the time she meets Nisha's in-laws and took great care of her daughter. She knew that Nisha's maternal aunt was not in her good behavior with her but after her mother's demise, her aunt started behaving weirder.

After a few weeks, when Nisha opened all important documents, her aunt snatched all the papers and keys from her husband's hand. The way she snatched the things was extremely annoying. On seeing, such childish behavior, Nisha felt disheartened and betrayed. Then, her aunt started screaming and turn things around in her favor,

"Oh! my dear Nisha, you are not aware of this cruel world. You are such a great person who trusts anyone. You should not share your mother's secret to anyone like that. Do one thing let things go in the same way as it used to be. Let this house be open, I will live here, and you can come anytime you want to: if you consider I am just like your mother. If you share everything with your husband, he will keep your daughter and money, will kick you off from his life."

Nisha knew nothing much is going to happen, she called Disha and explained her the whole scene and moreover told her that the watchman and the other people informed her, how they brought her mother's corpse at home in a car, locked the house without letting anyone know what just happened.

Disha told her to simply show trust in her husband and let him take charge of the decisions in her favor. She was in constant touch with Nisha's husband and helped him in sorting out all the issues.

This, a new side of Nisha’s character was not easily accepted by her aunt. The next step she took to take revenge from her, she started contacting their other relatives and sharing false information about her; presenting herself as a victim and Nisha as a cruel person.

Nisha lost her temper and started going into depression. She was disowned by her maternal family, no one was interested in hearing the story from her side. The thing which troubled her a lot was when her uncle tried to hit her when she was there with her daughter. For a long period, she didn't talk about it with her husband, only Disha knew about it. Disha was upset about all that and worked day and night to pull her out of this mess.

Nisha is not in touch with her maternal family but Disha and her family love Nisha without any condition. As time is the biggest healer and Nisha came out of her grief and started leading a normal life.

Soon, Disha became a mother of a cute little baby boy. Nisha and Disha entered another phase of life. They are enjoying the new change.

It is true that it is impossible to find a friend like Disha in life who helped her friend in every aspect of life.

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