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A human being on this planet earth shares some of the most beautiful relations like father-son, mother-daughter, husband-wife, brother-sister but still these relationships has got it's own territories within which we all have to live and flutter. Friendship is a relationship which is not defined from having same genetical make up and yet holds its importance among these quite brilliantly.

"Friendship" a mere word which is quite taken lightly when we all are kids by fighting and breaking this friendship bond and very next moment rejoining the bond. Friend doesn't mean with whom you can gossip and pass your time. It means much more than that. I want to narrate you all a story of journey of unknown person totally unrelated and now becoming best friends. It was Sunday evening and as usual we kids spilled out of our homes to litter all over the ground and have fun.There came a new boy in our colony standing at one corner and very much interested to join us but hesitant to take the initial step. I saw this and just out of nowhere randomly told him to join us. He became glad and then it became our daily routine play cum meeting time.

Time passed by, we entered into teenage life and were now friends who were often spotted in the streets of colony talking, playing, cracking jokes. You all must have studied of bear and two friends story under the title "a friend in need is friend indeed ." So a testing situation for our friendship bond hit us. It so happened that we were taken to river side for river rafting by our school and I had the phobia of water but due to insisting of my friend I agreed to accompany him on this trip. As soon as my turn came I was made to seat on one boat and my friend was made to take the other boat but both were supposed to leave at same time. I was nervous since I was surrounded by water and terror began to seize my hands and take control over my brain.

Still with the trembling hand I heaved a deep breath and started my journey trusting on the fact that my friend is with me which brought down my terror considerably. Weather forecast changed and it began to rain,, the water level and velocity both started rising steadily and this completely made me frightful. Suddenly, water velocity became so high that we could not control our rafts and I was into the water very next moment. I was just being taken away by water and making me self realise that this decision was the biggest and last mistake of my life. I started to become unconscious as I was loosing the battle with water and then I realised a heavy thumping sound from the other boat. Without caring about the coming danger it was my friend who dived in and swum about two kilometres to get hold onto my hand and then he brought me to bank of river. So the situation was now more distressful as we had lost our contacts with our team and got carried away so far where no human presence could be noticed. We were weaponless, tired, and without food with rain still making us wet from above and thus worsening the situation. Dawn was setting in. We waited with our heart in our mouth amidst the forest fearing from the attack of wild animals,,empty stomach and throbbing head but presence of friend made the difference in this situation also. We passed some comments about the present situation and got afraid together and then laughed together, thus allowing us to remain calm in this situation. This time passed and in morning we were picked up by our teammates with the help of rescue team.

This was his role info true friend in need is a friend indeed. Well you all must be thinking according to your reader's inner instinct another life threaten incident must have happened where I must have saved my friends life..No it has not happened yet and I don't want to see me, my friend and anybody else in that kind of circumstances again but whenever my role came to help I played my role too thus keeping the friendship thread strong and intact like I stood beside him firmly when everyone was against him; also got beaten for supporting him once; managed to bring doctor to his doorstep in the midnight when he was alone and suffering from high fever.Elders according to their friendship experience told only one thing that it doesn't matter if you make less friends but try to be honest in friendship and always try to maintain this and be proud of your such long lasting friendship.. It goes without saying that having a million friend is not good at all if they leave you in your bad times but a true friend is one who is ready to stand firmly with you million times in your many worst times.

We should always be very slow in making friends and slower in changing them so as the time passed by our friendship grew stronger, deeper and now holds an immense faith and trust on each other. We do exciting things together, still roam around on those same colony street where the pillar of our friendship stands tall and firm. Good friends understand each other and even if one is upset and talks rudely then the other good friend irrespective of ego hurt understands and consoles him and 'typical' good friends(har ek friend zaroori hota hai) come up with creative funny ideas to allow him to get out of that situation happily. In friendship you need not to be formal and abide by the rules like how to talk to and what to talk to BUT yes at the same time being in one's limit too. In fact when you are upset from above mentioned relationship contact your friends and trust me they will be giving you crazy ideas and will make you laugh again and at the same time will make you understand by delivering some lectures and teaching us where we need to ignore such silly thing,taunts,harsh words and value the person,relations more....I am blessed to have a bunch of good friends of who always makes me feel comfortable, helps me in the demanding situation and thus giving a feel of another home away from home..That boy is my best friend as he guides me, helps me a lot, compliment me for my good efforts,scolds me too for my wrong approach towards a situation and I wish our friendship grows stronger day by day..It is rightly said "WHEN DESTINY FORGETS TO TIE SOME PEOPLE IN BLOOD RELATIONS,,,THEN IT CORRECTS ITS MISTAKE BY MAKING THEM TRUE FRIENDS...."

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