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Florist Corner

Florist Corner

10 mins

 Sujata was a beautiful young graduate. She was good at studies but she decided not to go for higher studies, as she wanted that her brother gets a good opportunity and study and become a doctor or engineer. 

 And as such, she was more required at home to look after the house as she had lost her mother in illness. Her father was a retired government employee and she had one younger brother who was in junior college I .e.. in 11th.

 They were staying near Shimla, which is a beautiful tourist place in Himachal Pradesh. Her father had built his own house, by taking a bank loan, while in service and when Sujata"s mother was alive.

 Sujata was fond of gardening, plants, and flowers so after her household work, in her leisure time she used to do gardening . for the job she tried but she didn't find a convenient job. One day she talks to her father, " Papa, I want to do some work so that I can earn some money ." So her father said, " why do you worry? I am there to look after the financial needs of the family. You must think about getting married now.  So Sujata said, " I am not in a hurry to get married. Let Samir, her younger brother, finish his studies, and then I will get married."

Somehow her father and brother agree with her and suggest her to do some work like a small business whereby her timings will be flexible. Then after many possibilities and discussions, they come to the conclusion that there is no florist shop on their road, which is quite a busy road. And as such this will be the work of her liking. Her father agrees to help her financially and also in her work. 

 They luckily find one corner shop on rent, near their house, which was empty for a few months. Now Sujata takes a course for 15-20 days on how to keep flowers fresh for a longer time, how to make different types of bouquet for different occasions , which flowers to use? and all the necessary knowledge she acquires. Her brother and father in the meantime find the market nearby and search for a boy who can bring flowers up to the shop. And they find one poor needy boy who readily accept their offer as he has previously worked in such a shop. 

 Everything is arranged and Sujata's florist corner gets all set. Since the shop was on a road which was quite a busy road and there was one hotel, and a few offices, hospital, and educational institutes in nearby areas. So she starts getting a good amount of customers.she has one boy to help her in her job and also sometimes her father used to sit in the shop so that Sujata was quite relaxed.

 They get a contract from hotel manager for fresh flowers arrangement for their rooms and at the reception counter. Also in the hospital, they provide flowers regularly for the reception counter, and for special rooms in the hospital . So Nandu, a boy who was helping Sujata in her work, used to go and finish this work, or sometimes Sujata also used to go. 

 Everyday morning one big posh car used to stop little away from their shop and the driver used to come and ask for mix roses and other decorative items and flowers like Daisy, Rajnigandha flowers with stems and Sujata used to nicely arrange it, tie it with a silk ribbon and give it to him. And a car owner used to see them from the distance but nobody could see the car from the shop. 

 One day a college student come and ask for white and yellow roses, which he wanted to give his female friend on her birthday, but he didn't have enough money to pay, he request Sujata to give flowers and he says, sister, I will pay you rest of the money later when I get my pocket money. ' so Sujata says, ' it's ok. You can pay conveniently because your friend's birthday is today, you can take these flowers and enjoy . I can wait for the money. ' 

 The car driver heard this conversation and told about this to his Sir. He also add that, if you are interested we can talk to her father. But he says no, it will be too early. Let me find out about this girl first and as such she is educated, beautiful, smart, why would she agree to marry me ? ' so the driver said,' you too are educated, handsome and smart,...but upon thinking something, he stop saying anything further."

Now, this car driver, Vinayak go to shop to bring flowers and while Sujata is arranging the flowers, he talks to Sujata's father, tries and be friendly, so that he can find out more about Sujata. So one day Sujata's father tells him that, ' my son has cleared his 11th and now he is in 12th standard. My daughter is graduate and now earning in this shop. Once I find a suitable boy for her and she gets married then I will be tension free. '

 Vinayak goes and tell his Sir Captain Shantanu, that Sujata's father was saying all this to him. Now Captain Shantanu also try and find out about Sujata. he realizes that his one of the school friends is staying there and surely he can tell him about Sujata. 

So one day Captain Shantanu tell the driver to take the car to Mukesh, his school friend's house. They meet after many years so talk about many things. Mukesh is married now. Shantanu ask him, ' do you know this girl Sujata, who is the shop owner of " Sujata florist corner" ?? So Mukesh said, yes but why you are asking about her ??? ' and he teases Shantanu. And he says Sujata is a very nice girl. She looks after her home and shop. She is a mature person. And I am sure she will positively think about your proposal. You can go ahead. '

 Now Shantanu gathers courage and tells his plan to driver Vinayak. The next day driver goes to get flowers to Sujata's shop. greet her father, good morning, and ask Sujata if she can arrange flowers and decorate a room for one elderly lady's birthday? So Sujata agrees. So he give one address and ask her to go there in the evening. Her father also says, yes Sujata you must go and meet them and know about their requirement, this way you will learn new things. 

 In the evening Sujata's father said Sujata, ' you go to that place and come, till such time I will look after the shop. And Nandu is there to help me. ' Sujata go to the given address, which was like a huge bungalow. As she enters the gate she was greeted by an elderly lady, who was sitting there on a chair in the garden and also her son, who was quite handsome and having a good personality. He says, hi Sujata! I am Captain Shantanu and she is my mother. Next week we are celebrating her 66th birthday. And I will explain to you how and what kind of arrangement we require. Then both of them go inside. Sujata says, fine I will do all the decoration as required. ' 

 Then Shantanu tells his mother, ' that I will drop her at her shop and come. ' so his mother says, ' yes you must go .' so driver Vinayak, Sujata, and Captain Shantanu sit in the car. And near one small restaurant with open space and sitting arrangement for customers, Shantanu ask Sujata, can you spare half an hour more? I need to talk to you. She gets surprised but says fine.

 So both of them go and chose one table and sit on opposite chairs. Vinayak waits for them in the car. Shantanu look at Sujata, and tell her, ' I know you must be surprised but let me not take much time and tell you the purpose. He says the day I saw you I liked you and I decided that I was waiting for someone like you to get married. We are only two in our family, ' me and my mother. And since last few years, I am working for the Indian Army. 

But......he takes a pause... And says,' one of small tragedy happened with me that while on work and fighting with terrorist I got injured and I lost my left leg below my knee, as the doctor advised to cut it. ' and I am on official leave for 4 months. Though I have an artificial leg now and I am trying to be comfortable with it. I know it may be shocking for you. You can get a better proposal. And I won't force you to say yes to me. You can think about my proposal and give me your honest answer. But anyhow if you come next week at home, as decided then I will be happy. ' they talk all this while drinking a cup of coffee. And immediately Captain gets up and tells her, ' come Sujata , I will drop you at the shop.' and that is how their meeting gets over. 

 Sujata, her father, and Nandu closed the shop as usual at 8:30 -9:00 p.m. Sujata cook dinner for all.q 3 of them talk about their activities that day, Samir talk about his studies and how he is preparing for Board exams and all. After dinner, they watch TV for some time. Sujata tells her father and brother that something she has to tell both of them but in the morning before Samir goes to college, she will talk about it. 

 Next day morning all take their tea and breakfast and Sujata talk about the driver Vinayak, who is their regular customer and actually he used to buy these flowers for Captain Shantanu, who used to come with him every day and watch them from a car parked at the distance, and Sujata and her father were not aware of it. Then she talks about the marriage proposal by Captain Shantanu, his huge bungalow, his mother and also about the reality, a tragedy of Captain Shantanu. 

 She tells both of them to think about it and she says I was hesitant to tell about this to you both, and how you will react. So anyways they 3 decide to talk on this in the evening. Sujata already come to the conclusion that this will be the best proposal for her and question is about,' what will people say? Or how she will react when others have questions on this. So for that she says, I am prepared for that.'

 In the evening 3 of them discuss this and since Sujata is strong with her decision and even her father and brother see the many positive aspects. So all become happy with the proposal. Next day Sujata writes on a piece of paper as,' Yes. And make a heart shape with it and tag it to the flower bunch that Vinayak comes to take for captain Shantanu. When he sees the tag he is so happy and overwhelmed with it. that he calls up his mother and give the good news.

  Now as decided Sujata has to go and do the decoration at Captain Shantanu's house so she takes the best flowers and bouquet and all decorative material to make the decoration beautiful, which is for the birthday of her to- be mother-in-law.

 Sujata, her father, and Samir gets a special invitation to attend the function. Both the families meet each other, enjoy the function and a new relationship is officially get announced. All become very happy especially Captain Shantanu's mother.

 The wedding of Sujata with Captain Shantanu gets fixed after Samir's 12th exam. And Sujata had to now look after two families till such time her brother Samir become a doctor and get married. And Captain Shantanu agree and assure his full co-operation and his support to Sujata's family. 

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