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Finding The New Me

Finding The New Me

4 mins

Every time I look into the mirror, my soul stares at me as if I am a zero. My reflection always makes me look back on all my failures. When I feel shy to stand in front of a mirror .. I ask myself " If I am not daring enough even to stand in front of my own conscience, Can I be able to stand in front of a huge crowd to raise my voice? If I feel inferior in front of myself, Can I make myself stand superior in front of my people? When my own soul itself hates me, who is going to love me? When do I feel like a zero, who can make me a hero? What am I going to do with my failures? Are they going to make me stand high or they gonna throw me into the deepest grounds? Am I going to learn from them or am I taking them as my own burials?"

My mind peeped through all these questions and stood like a loser failing to find the answers. It was then I penned down all my feelings in my diary hoping that at least I could stay motivated when I look into it again. But I never knew that this is going to change my life. My mirror and my diary became friends. They both started to point out me as a failure. I couldn't even put my head up. My mind reluctantly recollects all my tensing situations. Every time I take a mike and see the huge crowd, my heart starts beating like never before, my hands start to sweat, my legs shiver, my voice trembles, my whole body goes out of my control, a very strange thoughts ruin my mind. Again I stand like a failure. 

I started practicing in front of a mirror. I raised my voice before me. I put forth all my feelings in a diary. I made my feelings come out of my heart. I never let myself down. I was very curious and enthusiastic to let myself speak in front of this world. 

I took the mike. This time my heart was pleasant, my hands started doing actions, my legs stood very confident, my eyes started making contact with the audience, my voice raised. The most powerful words that came out of my mouth, "Never let yourself down. Make your failures be the pathway for your success. No one needs to praise you except your own conscience. You don't need to be lucky to succeed in your life, you just have to work hard. When you can stand proud in front of a mirror, you can stand anywhere in this world. When you stop following others just like the animals do, you can discover your own way. So my dear friends, discover THE NEW YOU WITHIN YOU. "

 This time every face I see is full of cheers, the hall is filled with claps. I now stood in front of myself. Now my soul is proud of me. I am proud of myself. 

Life is the biggest mystery and the toughest teacher that could transform anyone with its unknown power. Every experience in our life teaches us something to lead our life in a better way, to build our personality in a new way. Life is a constant learning process. Life is a blend of failures and success, happiness and sorrow, winning and losing, difficulty and simplicity. 

Life will not be the same always. We come across different people with different attitudes and different characters. Some teach us how to do something or how to behave with others while some teach us how not to be. We come across different situations. We may deal with some of them far better than others but some situations teach us very toughest lessons that no one can tell us in life. 

 In life, the only competition you need to face is with who you were yesterday. While there are so many people who are very much confused about what life is, only some might understand the true purpose of life. Some run after the money, some run after the fame, some run after the success, some run after the love and care, some run after the happiness, but only a few people live their life with satisfaction.

Life has a funny way of teaching us. It will create a deep sadness so we come to know how to truly understand happiness. It will create chaos in our life so that we appreciate the peaceful times and it takes those whom we love away from us so that we will truly understand what their presence meant to us.

Life always teaches us a new thing until our last breath. Life always gives you a chance to discover the NEW YOU within you. Every person is a teacher. Every second is a lesson. Every minute matters.

In my final conclusion, 

          I say Everyone's life is different from others. You learn from your own life. Every second is a chance for yourself for finding the new you. That may be done by a person or your mistake. 

Finally, never stop learning in your life because life never stops teaching!


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