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The Reason Behind Me

The Reason Behind Me

4 mins

It was me in childhood.

I completed my 6th standard. Everything was fine until then in my school as well as at home. I used to enjoy a lot with my friends and neighbors. I used to be the topper of my class with a very basic and easy syllabus in our school. My father used to work in a nearby city. It had been almost 5 years that my father went to the city for work. I used to live in our village with my mother and sister.

When I was about to enter into 7th standard, my father suddenly took a decision to move to the city along with family. I was so excited to go to the city, at the same time I was very much tensed to join in a new school. 

I left all my old friends. We moved to the city. My situation was like the frog that had just come out of the well. My father took the admission for me in a school, where the ICSE ( Indian Certificate Of Secondary Education) syllabus was taught. I was really very much tensed to go to the new school.

The D-Day has come. My father dropped me at the school gate. I reluctantly entered the campus. The new school, new faces, new syllabus, new rules made me even more frightened. One of the assistants in the school showed me the way to my class. I stepped into the classroom. The teacher had paused her teaching and asked my name. As soon as I answered she asked me to sit. 

Everything was being taught in English. I was such poor in English that I couldn't even make a small conversation with my friends. I was unable to understand even a little bit that was being taught. Everything seemed to be very difficult for me. Tears were almost about to roll down on my cheeks. No one noticed my silent tears.

When I was about to cry, the final bell rang. I was so happy that I was going home. My heart was filled with happiness when I saw my father's smiling face at the gate. I went home.

Two days were passed. The situation at my school didn't change even a little bit. My mind always asked me, "What are you going to do if you fail in the exams?" 

But, one evening the situation was all changed. No...I got the power to change the situation. I was motivated by someone. That someone was my FATHER. 

Here's how he motivated me: 

That evening, I was very sad. I was hesitant to share my situation at school with my father. When we reached home from school my father noticed my sadness. He asked me, "Is there anything to tell me?" I don't know what made me to cry. But, I cried and answered, "Yes, dad !" He tried to console me. I whispered in a crying tone," Dad, I am unable to understand anything in the school. I couldn't even talk to my friends in English. I am very much afraid that I might fail in the exams."

It was then I heard the most inspiring words from my father. He said," See dear, I have no problem even if you get zero marks in your exams. You may get zero for 1 time, 2 times, 3 times.... But, it won't be the same always. Work hard and try to understand the basics. I strongly believe that one day I will be seeing the NEW YOU."

Those inspiring words and my father's hard work kept me very much motivated. I worked so hard that I got 1st rank with full fee concession ( i.e. I could study the next academic year for free) at the end of my 7th standard. My family and I were very happy when we heard the news. 

Though this incident seems to be a small one now, whenever I feel that I couldn't do something I always remember those days. I get instant motivation and then my mind says, "YOU CAN DO ANYTHING!"  

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