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Ambre Deval

Romance Inspirational


Ambre Deval

Romance Inspirational

Final Goodbye

Final Goodbye

2 mins 254 2 mins 254

To one I called 'soulmate', 

Everything we could have said is now silence, and the acceptance that you have replaced me, so did I by embracing your absence. 

I knew I was the second plan, so I have embraced your absence, and veiled myself in detachment, and thankfully, the gun you were about to aim at me didn't scare me as you might have expected, and the bullet did not pierce my bones, but the surface of my skin. I was hurt, but I didn't allow myself to suffer. I knew for almost a year that you are a man who cannot experience love, but the illusion of it, you needed muses, not a real being with whom you could have created an empire.

Your muses don't cry, when you drag them down, or tear apart their expectations, because they live within you, and the memories of her, will haunt you, and devour you feverously, while you claim to love a human, called Jaden. Little did you know that mortals are fragile, and your toxicity will spread like a plague the victim begs for. What about me? I am nor human, neither muse, perhaps a reflection that fitted you once in the mirror, or another name you reverberated to have loved. Was it love? No, it wasn't, but emotional exhaustion. I thank you for learning how to detach from you, and from the deeper chaos you could have created within me, if I let you have that much of a power over me. You have said your apologies, but we both know we were strangers for months.

You left me in the end. Another shadow meant to bury in my past, and rot in the back of my mind. I say my final goodbyes to him, who I'd expect the least to abandon me. 

Kinda wish I could say you're enough 

Kinda wish you could stay 

But you're the one to lay with your muses 

And I was a falling star on your complete sky 

I was on the margin holding your heart 

But she was filling your mind with broken trust 

And we both were shadows of a hand that fills your void 

Shedding tears for being toyed.

Yours sincerely, 

somebody you once called your soul-mate 

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