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Shikha Mishra



Shikha Mishra


Embarking on a New Journey- The Second Part

Embarking on a New Journey- The Second Part

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Rohit had already reached the Engagement venue and was waiting for Mughda to arrive. He couldn't wait any more and decided to call her to check. In the 1st bell itself Mugdha replied "Ya, Ro, I am about to reach, another 5 mins, please. Don't worry I will be there even before you miss me again. Rohit was happy to hear her voice and replied, Mu, come soon, cant wait to see you. And yes, I have a surprise plan for you. And you know even before he could complete his sentence there was a big noise "Boom" at the other end and the call went silent at the other end.


Rohit desperately tried her number again, but the only response he got, "Sorry, the number you are trying to reach is switched off".Luckily, he had the driver number tried reaching him as well but in vain. Without losing any moment, he rushed out of the venue to find Mugdha. Till now the news of the accident reached both the families and they followed him to find her. They had no slightest idea as to what awaited them.

  The accident point was near to the venue only. When they reached the venue they saw the car in the flames. Rohit rushed towards the car to check for Mugdha the high flames blocked his way. Everyone started looking and shouting for Mughda, finally they found her, lying a few distances away from the car. She was unconscious, covered in blood. Ambulance had already reached there and she was rushed to the hospital. Rohit accompanied her in the ambulance car, whereas the family followed in their car. She got admitted to the ICU for further treatment. Both the families awaited outside the ICU while praying for her safety. The doctor's informed them she had lost a lot of blood they were trying their best the next 24 hours were critical for her.

Rohit's head was spinning badly, his engagement dress was covered with Mughda's blood while he was still trying to process the information. His family tried their best to support him. On the other side, Mugdha's sister was crying continuously while her father tried to console her. In the midst of all this, everyone was clueless as to how this accident happened. No one had any clue as to while they were all praying for her recovery, she was embarking on a new journey.

Mugdha found herself in a dark tunnel, with absolutely no amount of light all she could hear was a sweet voice calling out her nickname "Mugu", that voice-acted as a guiding light for her to find the exit of the tunnel. She blindly followed that voice because the only person who called her "Mugu" was her mother. So, she had more reasons to trust and keep moving forward. When she exited the tunnel, she saw her mother in a white dress with open arms and a gentle smile on the face to welcome her. She rushed towards her mom, hugged her and cried her heart out. She was so happy to see her mother that she did not pay heed as to where she was. Her mother looked beautiful as always and there was a glow on her face. Her mother finally broke the silence and said, "Mugu, you look so beautiful in your engagement dress. It was then the reality hit hard to Mugdha as to Yes, she was supposed to be in her engagement party, what she was doing here. She said Mom, what is this place and how did I end up here. Her mother pointed towards a bench and said, let's take a seat, and I'll explain it to you. Now, when she looked around her, all she saw was white clouds. Maybe it's just a dream, she thought, but she was happy because she got a chance to meet her mother.

Her mother took her hands and told her, 'Sweetie, before you ask anything, I wanted to tell you how sorry I am for everything you had to experience post my sudden death. When you were supposed to enjoy your childhood, you took responsibility for the entire house and, I am so proud of how you have handled your responsibility. But while taking care of the family, you forgot to take care of yourself. You have got such deep pain embedded within you that real happiness has walked away from you. You need to let go of the pain and start living life. Yes, my sudden departure created a void in your life but that doesn't mean life is not beautiful. Don't allow pain to penetrate your life to that extent that happiness can't breathe. This pain has done enough damage to your happiness you cannot allow it to conquer your happiness. It is said, "Everything in life happens for a reason" it transforms your journey and defines you. But instead, if you get yourself trapped in pain and not looked beyond it, you are not living your life. Life has so much to offer, provided you know how to embrace it and learn to let things go. And I know...

Interrupting her mother, Mugdha said, "Maa, I am happy, you know my organisation has received so many awards, business is flourishing and getting married to Rohit is the right decision.

What about Kartik and your purpose in Life? Mother asked her.

She stared at her mother for a second and answered calmly, "Maa, Kartik has long gone from my life, I don't care about him anymore. He was supposed to be my best friend and he didn't even bother to try connecting with me again. I am happy with my life and regarding my purpose, Yes, I did wanted to open an NGO and support orphans but, then I didn't know my life is going to turn out like this. Plans change maa, it's no big deal.

Maa, smiled at her answer and said, "You are going to embark on a new journey, from here on and this journey shall redefine you. My blessings and love are there with you always. With that she hugged Mugdha, even before she could feel her mom's warm hug, she started hearing some loud voices in her head and in a fraction everything, again went dark for her.

The nurse informed Rohan and their families that the Operation was successful. It was the result of their prayers that she was out of danger. However, there was one bad news the accident had a bad effect on her legs. Currently, there were no movements in the leg they were still unsure about it and shall need some time to conclude. It might be a temporary effect but is yet to confirm. She also told them not to worry since Mugdha's case was looked at by one of the best doctors Dr Sharma who just got transferred to this hospital yesterday and has always given good results.

Due to another emergency, he immediately left for it but shall speak to them as soon as he gets free.

 They were happy that Mugdha was out of danger but again were worried about the news regarding her legs.

When she opened her eyes again, she saw Rohit and her Father. She felt too week to keep her eyes open and talk. After a few hours, when slowly she regained her conscious, she saw her father by her side. Even before she could say anything, her father smiled and yes, "Welcome back Beta, you scared us. Rohit was here only the whole time we sent him to change his dress and freshen up. It's been more than 24 hours since you were unconscious. Mugdha smiled and nodded. Then, she realised she was not able to feel any movement in her legs. She panicked and said in a low voice, "Dad, I can't feel my legs what is happening? 

Her father said, "Don't try to move much it might be because of this accident. Your doctor will come and examine you.

She gathered confidence and told her father, "Dad, I met Mom, she looked so beautiful, and you know what she said.

He calmly said, "You need to rest sweetie. Please don't talk now. After Mugdha went back to sleep again, his father thought, Maybe it's the drugs that are talking, how can she meet her mother, who has gone long ago.

On the other side, Rohan and his family reached their home now from the hospital. Rohan did not want to leave Mugdha's side, but his parents insisted he should come home. He could sense something was going with them finally after reaching home he asked them. His father said," I want you to break up with Mugdha. Yes, I know you loved her, but you cant spend your life, with a handicapped person. Think practically now. And I wanted to give this letter to you, my friend Murthy has shown interest to invest in your company. He keeps travelling, currently is in London and wants to discuss with you in detail. In addition to this, he wants you to meet Piya, his daughter if everything goes fine, we can further explore your marriage with her.

So instead of chasing Mugdha, you put your focus on this investment. We can call up her family and tell her Sorry, we can't proceed with the relationship.

To their surprise, Rohan didn't react to the information, instead, he was trying to process it. He thought, Yes, he loved Mugdha for what she was, but today's incident had changed his perspective towards her. All he could understand was she was no more than the same Mugdha, and she can't imagine spending his life with someone in a wheel-chair or crutches. It was all a matter fo chance if she would be able to walk again. Maybe this accident was a sign from the universe that this marriage was not meant to be. And this opportunity came at the right time.

"Dad, I'll do as you suggest, he replied to his father and headed back to his room to freshen up.

Rohit's father smiled, took out his phone, dialled a number and said," Good job done. The plan got executed the way I wanted. You'll receive your payment shortly.No one should come to know that I had planned this accident.

His 2nd call was to Murthy, informing him that Rohan was ready to come to London to meet him to talk about the business.

And his 3rd call was to Mugdha's Father, informing him due to some urgency, Rohit has to immediately travel to London since his uncle is not well and wants to meet him. He informed him once Rohit is back and Mugdha also recovers they, can discuss the marriage Proposal.

 Mugdha's Father could very well interpret the call but was not in a position to say much and said Ok.

Post disconnecting the call, there were tears in his eyes as he looked at his daughter he was still trying to comprehend how to convey the bad news to her.

To be Continued...

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