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Shubhangi Kotwal



Shubhangi Kotwal


Dr. Nitya - III

Dr. Nitya - III

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DR. Nitya ' s senior sanction her leave so she was quite happy today. Exactly after one month she was going to go to Trivendram.

She decided to use this time for self realisation and self exploration. What exactly is her confusion? What she want in life? Her future expectations and what exactly she wants to do?

Nitya think that now along with my job and duties, I have to be social and talk to cousins and friends. Who knows after talking to them I may get some solution or at least a direction. Ofcourse I am not going to take anybody's advice or opinion but still it is better that now i open up on the subject.

For a change Nitya go to chaitanya's house today. It was unexpected for Dr Chaitanya, he start arranging things properly though his house was quite neat and clean. It was evening time so he ask Nitya, " would you like to have a cup of coffee? " So she says, " fine. Should I help you? " So he said, " no I do make good coffee. Because while doing my MBBS I stayed in hostel at that time we used to make coffee, snacks. "

Dr Chaitanya come with coffee and some biscuits and wafers. They both were sipping coffee and just chatting about colleagues, seniors, work etc. In the meanwhile Chaitanya gets call from his mother. Dr Nitya didn't know much of Telugu language but some words she could understand.

After finishing the call Dr Chaitanya asked Nitya, " did you understand our conversation? " So she said, " very little. " So Chaitanya said, " it was normal talk. My mother was talking about my elder sister's marriage proposals and all. My sister is MBA and working as a Manager in MNC, to find a good match for her is a challenge for us. There are highly educated people in our community but from matrimonial sites we get all unknown matches and how to know their reality and background is difficult. So my mother was asking me as to when am I coming there so that we can meet proposals and fix her marriage.

Nitya take his leave saying that Surekha will come anytime so I should be at home. If have no other plans for dinner then you can join me. Chaitanya said, " fine I will be there at 9 : 30. "

Both Nitya and Chaitanya finish their dinner and thank Surekha for such delicious food. Surekha was cleaning the kitchen and Nitya and Chaitanya were watching  national news on TV. Chaitanya ask Nitya to get ready. He said, " Nits, you know I have come by car today. Let's go on long drive. There won't be much traffic now and so no disturbance. You asked me that day if we can talk on marriage subject when free. So today I am free, I don't have early morning duty tomorrow. " Nitya happily agree and go inside to get ready.

Nitya was wearing a beautiful dress which she recently bought from Delhi. She didn't tie her hair just to match with her modern dress. Chaitanya was astonished to see her new look. Ohh you are looking so beautiful dr Nitya " kahi hamse koi khata na ho jaye ". Nitya give a mischievous smile on that. Both were in fun and easy mood today. After a long time and for the first time they were going to spend a nice time together.

They both get into the car. Chaitanya put his seat belt. Chaitanya tell her you can sit free and ask her to sit close to him, " come on Nitya we are going on date. Our first date. " Both laugh on it. Chaitanya was driving faster than average speed as road was empty. Both were holding their hands.and a mild instrumental music was on.

All seemed quite romantic. Nitya said, " it should not happen that we don't talk on things for which we are together. " So Chaitanya said, " yes you can say, I am listening and will give my opinion." So Nitya said, " yesterday I called my cousin at banglore, she is just shifted there last year after marriage, though I could not attend her marriage. She was telling me that Nitya, you leave that rigorous Army job and come to banglore. My brother-in- law is also doctor and have his own clinic. He is very handsome too. If you say I can easily fix this marriage. He has seen your photograph in our group photo of all cousins. He liked you. "

Chaitanya was listening to it and said then what is the problem? But I know you have your personal and career goals and the purpose for which you joined Army. I know difficult to quit like this. So Nitya appreciate and  pat on the back saying, " thanks for understanding me and supporting my cause. If you wouldn't have been driving then I could have given you a hug. " 

I just can't tolerate people telling me to leave this Army surgeon' s job. It is like breaking my dream. We are so much connected and dedicated to this job that civilians won't understand. I don't know what all things I will have to listen when I go to Trivendram and may have to meet few proposals that my mom was talking about.

Chaitanya tell her not to worry. Nobody can force you to do anything or take any decision against your wishes. Have faith in God and in your passion and your profession. Everything will be alright. He too pat on her shoulder to give her courage and support. 

Nitya become emotional which was actually not her nature. She had tears in her eyes because she was assured that Chaitanya can understand her well. She was just going to break and cry but then Chaitanya stop the car, tell her to be strong. He wipe out her tears with his handkerchief and cheer up her saying, " hey we have a party tomorrow with some Army officers. You will dance with me tomorrow? " He try to divert her mind and it works. Nitya control her emotions and feelings and become normal. 

While going back home both were quite calm and silent. As Nitya felt relaxed after her emotional outburst, and Chaitanya was feeling like a proud man because he supported Nitya very well. When Nitya was getting down from car when they reached her home, Chaitanya asked her if she is alright and she said yes. 

Both parted with a promise to meet for a party in their Army campus. Chaitanya said, " be brave and I am sure you will be the most gorgeous woman in tomorrow ' s party. Good night. " Nitya said, " Yes I will try and be. Thanks and Good night. " 


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