Read a tale of endurance, will & a daring fight against Covid. Click here for "The Stalwarts" by Soni Shalini.
Read a tale of endurance, will & a daring fight against Covid. Click here for "The Stalwarts" by Soni Shalini.

Vadiraja Mysore Srinivasa

Comedy Drama Fantasy


Vadiraja Mysore Srinivasa

Comedy Drama Fantasy

Don’t be Good Samaritan

Don’t be Good Samaritan

5 mins

I hold him personally and completely responsible for the debacle.

He is the one who started it and gave it a mass following and made it a house-hold issue.

Perhaps that’s the reason why no one takes the others seriously, especially, when you speak on the phone to strangers.

Indeed, I am talking about Naved, the guy who makes ‘Murga’ on a daily basis and plays his pranks on unsuspecting people, on one of the FM stations.

He has a huge fan following and I too was a die hard fan; not missing even one episode.

In case if you have missed, I have used ‘past tense’. 

Now you tell me, what’s my fault? All I did was, tried to be a good citizen!

Well, let me start at the beginning, as they say. 

It all happened yesterday morning; I woke up, as usual at 5 in the morning, had my strong cup of steaming tea and went out for the morning walk.

As I stepped out, the first thing I noticed was the cars parked opposite of my house; something was terribly wrong!

Despite being a narrow road, our neighbors – not so good citizens – deliberately parked their cars in the road allowing sometimes, only a small space left for a car to squeeze by, followed by loud curses from exasperated drivers!

I stood still; I just couldn’t believe what I saw!

The most expensive and brand new car of one of my neighbor’s – must have cost upwards of 20 lacs – had no tires!

Instead, the car was balancing on small stones on all the four sides; all the four brand new tires missing!

How come some one managed to take the tires away without creating loud sound – as the car obviously, would have electronic locking system – was a mystery.

As it was too early, there was no one on the road; I contemplated my next move.

I could simply ignore what I saw, continue my walking and look and act surprised when accosted with the news, like everyone else.

Or, I can pick up my mobile, call the concerned owner and tell him and hopefully, he can swing in to action quickly to perhaps retrieve something by filing a police complaint.

Even as  I stood there rooted to the ground , being an honest and responsible and educated citizen, I opted for the second choice.

So, I just walked few paces to the nearby park which was bereft of people, sat on the empty bench and dialed the wealthy car owner’s number.

It was not picked up on the first ring.

After hearing the Covid message again and again, I disconnected, waited for couple of minutes and rang again.

This time, he picked it up after couple of rings.

“Sir, good morning. I am your neighbor speaking. Sorry to disturb you so early in the morning, but this is an emergency, so I have called.”

I spoke non stop and it took couple of seconds to get my breathing going.

To my surprise, I heard a loud laughing sound from the other side.

“Yesterday night it was my son’s girl friend getting positive; not for pregnancy but for Covid! A week before that, it was my car which was stolen. What is this call about Naved bhai? You can fool all the people for some time but you can’t fool all the people all the time. I can recognize your voice even in my dream”

It was shocking to say the least; I didn’t understand what my neighbor was talking.

I stopped his non stop babbling and spoke, this time, in a little harsh tone.

“Sirji, this is not Naved or somebody. I honestly don’t know why you are not listening to me properly.

Sir, I am your neighbor and a good citizen. I want to inform you that all the four tires of your new car have been stolen by somebody. Your expensive car is balancing on four small stones and might fall and get damaged.”

“ha ha ha ha ha …. Your sense of humour is un- paralleled, Naved bhai. 

I really admire you to come out with a different but convincing story every time. Wah! Hats off to you. My car tires, ha ha ha ha. Very funny. But, I am curious; tell me how come you are already in studio so early?”

I lost my patience.

“Abhey ghadhe, I am telling you that I am not Naved or any body but your idiot neighbor. I should have simply kept quite; I never listen to my wife who keeps saying that I should not venture out to do anything good to others.

I am telling you for the last time; your car tires have been stolen by somebody. If you really care, come out of your house and look for your self. Idiot.”

I got disgusted as he continued guffawing and disconnected the call.

There was just a crow to give me company in the park; she kept staring at me, god knows why.

May be she heard me speak and felt sorry for me.

I got up, went for couple of rounds and then walked back to my house.

The road was jam packed with people; they were all looking at the balancing car without tires!

In the forefront, was the fat and ugly looking bare-chested wealthy neighbor of mine wearing a large Bermuda!

He was not laughing; he was in tears.

Even as I covered my face with my hand, gently opened the gate and went inside, I heard the loud thud; the car fell to the drainage breaking the glasses in the bargain!

Call me sadist, if you want; but for the first time that day, I smiled broadly to myself and took two silent oaths.

One, not to be a Good Samaritan, ever.


Well, you must have already guessed it; never listen to that guy called…..”

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