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Sakshi Agarwal

Tragedy Inspirational Thriller


Sakshi Agarwal

Tragedy Inspirational Thriller



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There was a time when we both used to play together. Kicking football, smashing cups together and dancing on unusual beats. I missed my crime partner. We were not professional but always tied with a single thread of fun.

I wish the time can come again. But if the destructor wanted to become construct the same moment, it would be difficult. Yes, that’s me. I estranged my partner from the knot because a tragedy happened.

He lost his leg and got crumpled on the wheelchair. I cried for him many days but he never. He was strong because I was with him. He never thought himself disabled but a day came which changed everything.

The same ground in which I was sitting was barren but filled with joy and laughter of ours on that day.

He was on his chair and I was at his chair and u was at his back pushing him towards the boys playing football. We both got excited. I left him on the chair and ran towards the football. He called my name twice. I ignored. He pleased me to get him but I denied the sound.

 He wanted me and I both but maybe football distracted me towards itself.

He tried to stand up. Balanced himself on his leg on hold the hand of the chair. The whole weight of him laid on the chair and I would fall, Disbalancing him. He fell, another leg on his under the wheels of the chair.

He moaned, calling my name. I kicked the ball with my whole power and cheers; its goal.

Football reached its goal but goals of our friendship broke. Another leg weakened and lost the power to stand on one.

My friend felt disabled on that day. He was upset not because he lost another but because he realized that his real friend was his foe.

I never meant that but it just happened. I stopped playing football from the day and every single day prayed for better health of my friend.

This ground realized me move brain. So, I decided to wake up as this ground would soon be turned into a mall and no my friend’s image would be seen here.

But wait, there at goalkeeper’s position, someone was sitting. I did not want to say that his image was torturing me but it was real. The person was my best friend sitting on the chair calling my name loudly.

He called my name again. This time I could not miss it. I replied back. Tears leaving my eyes and smile running over the face. I hugged him.

He was sitting on the chair but he stood on his legs. The new ones.

Later on, he told me that he got a transplantation of the legs. He was so much happy and I too.

Thanks to god that he listened to my prayers.

We again smashed the cups, kicked the football but this time I was on the wheel chair, but he was besides me kicking the ball from my side, then his.

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