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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

Dimensional Existence

Dimensional Existence

5 mins 526 5 mins 526

He woke up in the middle of the combat zone.

He was also fighting like all the other warriors there; like a ruthless, cruel beast he was killing, one enemy, then another and then other one.

His body was covered with the blood of every warrior he killed.

His sword was penetrating every single heart on his way.

He didn't know why he was doing so. He didn't know between whom the fight was being fought. He didn't know who were his enemies and who were his friends. And he didn't know how he reached there.

He was having flashes of him, promising someone that he'll return.


He was tired.

'Coward!' a warrior yelled at him and accelerated with daggers in both of his hands. But as the warrior was about to pierce his abdomen with both his dagger, he spilt his body into two pieces, exploding his blood into already red soil.

His head was aching with pain, the flashes were getting more frequent and less clear. He could only hear him promising someone and the sounds of swords colliding each other and the warriors yelling at each other and some screaming in pain or for help.

He was gasping. Running his sword here and there with no aim. Killing others and hurting himself.

He was heading towards the centre of the array when a sword hit his head, piercing it into two.

He was still having the flashes and could hear his voice promising and the screams in the battle field.

Slowly, his eyes were closing. The blood was flowing down his head.

He was lying peacefully in the chaos, waiting for an everlasting peace.

And it happened soon after. He died.

He was lying in the middle of the thousands of headless, armless, warriors on the blood-red soil with drizzle washing the blood.


Plowing the field with plough from one corner of the field to another, it was he again.

He was having a marks on his body, possibly of the war wounds.

Sweat was all over his body and face. But he didn't stop. He kept on plowing.

He was still having flashes of him promising someone that he'll return. This time more ambiguous.

He felt dizzy and had syncope.

When we woke up, he was lying on a mat in his hut, large enough to accommodate him, his wife and his two children (as they are expected to be).

"Thank God, you woke up. Are you okay dear?" his wife asked.

"What happened to me?" he asked.

"You were plowing in the field and you suddenly felt unconscious." she replied.

After having rest for half a day (at least his wife felt so, but in reality he was just changing sides, the flashes didn't allow him to even blink), he went to market with his children; a son and a daughter.

The market was in the middle of the city. It was just like a spider's web with narrow streets.

Both sides of the streets were busy with people buying or negotiating with the shopkeepers.

The market had very ancient vibes to it.

He entered the market with each child holding his each hand. He firstly went to buy the grocery.

"A silver coin!" said the shopkeeper.

He opened the cloth which his wife gave him. It only had 11 copper coins.

"I've only got this." he told the shopkeeper, showing him the cloth.

"Then you can only get this." the shopkeeper replied, handing him a half filled pouch of rice.

He left the market. On his way to house, he stopped because his head was aching so hard.

After having rest for a while in the middle of a forest while his children gathered some fruits, they left.

He handed his wife the pouch of rice and the fruits.

They had their supper.

After having food, he went out and sat in the middle of his help ploughed field.

He looked up at the sky.

"What happened?" said a voice.

He turned; his wife was standing behind him.

"I don't know. Everything is peaceful yet there is a storm of emotions and questions in my head!" he replied.

His wife sat on her knees, turned his face with her hand and kissed her.

As she was kissing her, he was fading away.

Later, it was just his wife in the middle of the field.


With his axe, destroying a patch of forest was him, again. After cutting about 50 trees, he stopped.

"Do you have a cigarette?" he asked his partner.

His partner handed him a cigarette, lighted it up and threw the matchstick away.

"This can make us earn enough to sustain for a month." his partner said.

He nodded.

He was not having any flashes, just a voice of him promising someone was heard. Deep down he was unstable.

But on the outer dimensions, he was a ruthless woodcutter with a mark of healed wound on his face.

"What you both are doing here?" said a man. His uniform suggested that he was an officer.

"Nothing. Just smoking cigarette! Is it illegal now?" he said.

"No, but smoking in the middle of forest, sitting on logs and holding an axe is!" said the officer.

"See, officer............" his partner said.

"No, the court will see you!" the officer said.

They threw the axe at the officer and ran away.

The officer dodged, fired at them and started following him.

They couldn't run far as they came across the forest fire. Forest fire which they might have themselves ignited from the matchstick they threw.

The officer found them. But they all were trapped in the fire.

Exiting was not possible.

So, they all burnt alive.

They screamed but no one listened.


Coming back tired from office was him again.

He was standing on a conveyor belt, which was heading towards its house.

The environment looked way too modern. The clothes were made up of nanofibers.

He reached his house.

The door opened automatically and as he entered the house, it locked itself.

"What would you like to have for dinner?" a humanoid asked.

"Anything! Rica and beans." he replied.

He was not having any flashes nor he was hearing any voices from inside; he just felt that he didn't belong there.

He opened the tablet kept next to him which happened to be a newspaper.

He ordered the system to read it.

"You do not belong here. You promised to return back to her!" said the voice.

He was petrified.

He again started to have flashes before his eyes. His head was aching with unbearable pain.

He left the house.

As he was walking in the streets, everything around him faded and later vanished one by one.

He was walking alone in complete darkness.

At last he also disappeared.

Now there is nothing but just complete darkness!

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