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Jyoti Choudhary

Abstract Inspirational


Jyoti Choudhary

Abstract Inspirational

Devils Do Talk!!

Devils Do Talk!!

5 mins

Devil speaks Louder-

Don't Listen!!

Have you ever wondered why, even in a busy environment, we feel ourselves alone, crying our hearts out but finding no support, wanting to scream but no one is listening?

Why do we feel useless at times? Why do we have such pessimistic views about ourselves?

What occurs in those days, and how do we combat our inner devil, who makes us loser in our heads and convinces us that we are worthless in the eyes of the world?

Let's name this phase "a giant black ball of smoke," into which you may unwittingly enter and become trapped, unable to see through the smoke, frantically attempting to find a way out but completely lost in the dark, unable to find a way out. unable to see the light, sinking into the negativity emanating from the black smoke, losing hope, suicidal thoughts, wanting to flee the place without knowing where to go, your friends and families tell you that everything is fine, but you refuse to listen because the Devil in your head is speaking louder than anyone, convincing you that you are nothing and useless for the earth.

Getting stuck in the Black Smoke phase. Leads us to be cruelly shattered.

"It's just a phase and it will go" says the narrator.

We already know that it is only a phase and won't stay permanently. Let's not stop here; let's work together to figure out what we can accomplish now that our minds have begun to listen.

Jenny is one of the story's most interesting characters. She was a believer who was always happy, seeing no reason to be miserable, and her grin was contagious. She has eyes that can speak, and she doesn't always need to use her lips to communicate. Everyone adores her, and she has a slew of admirers who want to be her pals.

She was trapped with it for a little longer the day she discovered the black smoke, when she began to hear the voices of the devil in her thoughts. She allowed herself to believe in those whispers, and as a result, she messed up her life in that area.

We don't always know why we're feeling the way we do. We forget who we are or were before to beginning this stage of forgetting who we are.

Her professional career is being harmed, and she is unable to manage her home life. She had ceased conversing with others. Many insecurities arose in her head, leading her to believe that no one loves her and that she is no longer valuable to anyone. She refuses to trust anyone who tells her that isn't true. She is now trapped in her uneasy head, crying all day.

The way she messed up her work life scares her even more. She is required to attend HR meetings on alternate days. By this time, she had begun to make inexcusable blunders, which led to the Client's escalation, which was eroding her self-confidence.

Everyone can see how she's falling apart, and her friends have tried everything they can to help her, but it's all in vain. In her mind, she embraced her insecurities and fear. 

This was referred to as a Depression at one point. Consider the possibility of not knowing why you've ended up here. We just happen to be in this phase when we aren't prepared.

"Mental health problems are significant; they make us feel as if we're sinking into the sea, unable to breathe, smothered, and unsure of how to feel Okay again…"

Sleeplessness day and night, stuck with negative thoughts giving you negative energy, pushing people away, procrastination, miserable mind, fear of losing people, insecure about us or whatever else, but if no one has told you before, let me tell you that it's Okay to feel this way. It'll always be OK. Stop listening to the devil and be strong in your head and mind. 

Everything in those times Jenny knows is that those emotional thoughts or unpleasant energies are only ephemeral, and that what important is being alive. She resisted her insecurities, knowing full well that it was only a phase that would pass. She began repeating it like a mantra.

We are usually afraid of taking the first step in everything, whether it is your first day of school or your first interview; it always appears frightening at first, but once we take that first step, we naturally find a means to continue with our decision. This is the structure of the human mind.

Being depressed is not the same as being sad. Grief is a natural and individual process that shares some of the same characteristics as depression. Grief and depression can both cause extreme sadness and a withdrawal from daily activity. They're also distinct in a number of ways:

In sorrow, painful emotions come in waves, frequently blended with happy recollections of the deceased. Mood and/or interest (pleasure) are reduced during the majority of two weeks in serious depression.

Self-esteem is frequently preserved during sorrow. Feelings of worthlessness and self-loathing are typical in serious depression. 

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