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Dear D

Dear D

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The one person that inspired me was...


This may sound strange and unbelievable, but it's true. We sometimes forget the power we have.

I had written this letter to myself a little while ago and I came across it recently. It reminded me to be me.

Dear D,

I love you. I'll come straight to the point. I know this is random and surprising but I have to do this. Whenever I am asked to write or talk about something I start thinking (I bet you didn't know that XD). I used to formulate, censor, and update my thoughts and make it more.. well presentable? Actually, the right term is appropriate and likable.

But what am I writing today is a Love letter. And love shouldn't have to be made look pretty nor should it use my mind (spare the errors- I am not using my brains, remember?)

So ya. I do wonder off-topic a lot. Coming back: the letter! I never wrote one- not any I remember XD so I don't know the- well the format as such nor the content. But I am sane enough to know that a love letter should confess my love to you. So here I go!

'Love is blind' I don't think so. Because I love the little things I see in you. Yes, they do include your physical features as well (since well u & I both believe feeling beautiful is being confident and being confident is just amazing) and also the little things I do.

'Love is forever' now I don't know about this one for sure. Because there have been times where I didn't like you. Didn't like that you don't credit yourself for what you are. You sometimes stop loving yourself because of one silly incident or another persons' insecurities or bitchiness. When you stop being your amazing self. Why D? Why? 

You don't have to 'accept' yourself, you are so fantastic that you should embrace yourself! Obsession- not really, that won't suit you, but Love, definitely!

'Love at first sight is true' the para before the previous one and this one is quite contradicting isn't it? 'Love is blind' and 'love at first sight'! Well, those philosophers didn't know their shit, I do. Not really, but ya. So IDK about 1st sight because I have loved you since your first heartbeat. Remember, how I was there with you when you were forming your 1st skin or your little toes. In fact, my heart started beating right from when your's did. If that's not true love, I don't know what else is!

Many guys and girls have called you beautiful in various words, they expressed they wanted to be with you... but recollect the time when you felt the.. well felt the love or even the feeling of being liked. I'll tell you. It was when 'you' wanted. Some you shrugged ever before completely listening- because you didn't want to believe it. And for some, your heart literally stopped/raced because you wanted to feel it.

So it's you, who loves yourself and it's you who stop doing it. Don't! Don't ever stop loving yourself. And in case you ever do, then start loving me! You can do that much, isn't it? I have loved you so much that I know all this about you. You can not love me, now can you D?

~Your forever, blind, love from first heartbeat lover ;)

Guys, remember to love yourself!

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