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Dear Best Friend

Dear Best Friend

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Dear Best companion

An existence without you resembles a body without a spirit. What's more, in all actuality I have never at any point attempted to envision how it will be to live without you.

Your writings are the reason, My mother supposes I am dating somebody since trust me nobody can influence me to grin like you experience your content.

Your late night telephone calls and afterward us fuming about arbitrary stuff for quite a long time is the motivation behind why my family is stressed over my psychological condition.

Your sudden nitwit writings have influenced individuals to trust that I'm either experiencing some psychological malady or I have this unusual propensity for chuckling hard all of a sudden.

Your method for dealing with my emotional episodes, tuning in to my rages late around evening time, the way you influence me to comprehend about the life is the motivation behind why despite everything I put stock in humankind.

In this way, here I am composing this fair to disclose to you that, You're the most essential individual in my life and existence without you won't be living by any stretch of the imagination. I know I get furious or testy or unusual on occasion yet please never under any circumstance abandon me and please continue adoring me because You're all that I need and You're all that I require.

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