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Shreyas Surya Dasgupta

Action Inspirational


Shreyas Surya Dasgupta

Action Inspirational

Ḍaddy's Letter

Ḍaddy's Letter

5 mins 17.2K 5 mins 17.2K

The door bell rang. Little Vivian jumped up from his chair and ran towards the door, leaving his homework half finished.

“It must be the postman uncle Mom” He said out loudly to his mother working in the kitchen.

But the door latch was beyond the reach of those little hands. Dionne laughed at her son’s excitement and went and opened the door. It was indeed the postman with his trademark broad framed black specs and a little smile.

“Oh his letter has come” Dionne smiled.

“Oh yes but I am sorry Ma’am this time it’s not for you but for the little prince”.

The postman bent down, handed over the letter to Vivian and pulled his chubby cheeks. Vivian’s happiness knew no bounds as he started jumping all over the place, dancing and shouting, “Daddy’s letter for me”, “Daddy’s letter for me”!!

Both mother and son sat on the table and opened the letter. Vivian started reading loudly.

“My Dear Son,

Hi Five!!! How much did you score in the last match? Could you get Robin out ? Your Mom told me that you were upset as he hit you for a six on the last ball. Hey cheer up! Nothing to worry. Next time when I come, I will teach you how to bowl off spin. He will be clean bowled. But you have to promise me that you will work harder on your studies. You are not doing your homework properly. I get all the news. You are my lion son so how can you keep things unfinished? Lions are brave. They are kings. They take care of everything and everyone. You have to take care of your Mom till I come back from the border. Right? I am proud that I got the opportunity to fight for as well as protect my country. But you have lot more to do. You will have to, not only protect the country from outsiders when you grow up, but also to protect the innocent civilians from villains inside our country.

You know what happened yesterday? Two villains came inside our border to harm our fellow brothers. One of my friends and I fought them. We did dhishoom, dhishoom to them. They had big guns, but you have taught your Daddy how to do proper dhishoom, dhishoom. I taught it to everyone here and we drove them away. Thank you son. Next time when I come, you will have to teach me another dhishoom, dhishoom trick. Till then promise me that you will be good, not disturb your Mom much and take care of her. Tell your Mom that daddy misses her too and will soon come to see you all.

Love you loads son.

Your Daring Daddy.”

“Mom, don’t worry I will complete my homework on time now and daddy said he misses you. Till the time he comes I will take care of you. So just tell me whenever you need anything. I am daddy’s lion son” said Vivian with a proud smile.

The next day Vivian handed over a paper to his mom.

“This is my letter to Daddy. Will you please post it?”

“Can I read it Vivian?” Dionne asked.

“Yes please” and then in a low voice said “Also please check if there are any spelling mistakes”

“My Favorite Daring Daddy,

Thank you for the letter. I know Mom must have told you that I was upset that you only write to Mom and not to me. So this time you wrote to me and not to Mom. I still didn’t get Robin out when we played last week but I didn’t let him hit me a six either. I hit him for a four you know Daddy? The ball hit the wall of Doctor uncle’s house in one bounce. I will get him out when I learn spin from you. I am proud of you Daddy. One day I will also dhishoom the villains of my country like you. I tell all my friends proudly about you. I promise you that I will do my homework and I will also take care of Mom. I promise. You just come home as soon as possible. I want to hear more success stories of our Indian Army. It makes me proud. I also want you to meet my new friend Sheetal. Shhh .. Mom doesn’t know yet. It’s between you and me. Our secret. Right Daddy? Hi 5 to you. Please come soon.

Your Lion Son Vivian.”

Dionne laughed out loud and said “But now I know your secret. What will happen now?”

“It’s ok. Now it’s our secret. We 3” Vivian said happily.

The school bus just arrived just at the same time and Vivian left for school.

Dionne put the letter carefully in her bag.

An hour later:

Dionne started for the Post office. On her way she met the Postman.

“I was going to meet you only” Dionne said. “Here is the letter”

Along with the letter Dionne handed over a 100 rupee note. The Postman refused.

“Sorry Didi. I can’t take it. Vivian is very dear to me. I will give him a surprise visit again next week.”

Dionne thanked him once again.

15 minutes later:

Dionne stood still and looked straight at the words inscribed.

“This is for you Roger. I promise that Vivian will follow your footsteps. I will teach him your life motto of Nation First Always”

Then Dionne bent down to put the bunch of white Rajanigandha and Vivian’s letter on a tomb’s stone where it was freshly written in black....

Rest in Peace

Major Roger Vincent.

A brave heart son of the soil.


13 JK Rifles

20 years later:

Vivian and Dionne were standing in front of Roger, holding hands. Eyes moist but with lots of pride and happiness. “I am joining the army from tomorrow Daddy”

Few more years Later:

“What are these Dad?” Julia asked

“These are my most precious possessions. My Daddy’s letter” Smiled Vivian and then added “written by my Mom”

Vivian read out all the letters one by one to Julia. With every letter Julia was getting excited and as soon as the last letter was read out, she threw her arms around Vivian and said

“Daddy, I will join the army too”

Vivian looked proudly towards the picture of Roger on the wall.

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