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Shreyas Surya Dasgupta

Drama Inspirational


Shreyas Surya Dasgupta

Drama Inspirational

The Golden Hue Of The Sunset

The Golden Hue Of The Sunset

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The sun was about to set in next 15-20 min. Ranjan found out an empty bench and sat. Felt lucky to find one at outram ghat at this time of the evening. He looked around .. happy faces everywhere. Couples, families, lovers .... every one is happy right now. The month of November .. winter was yet to set in and it was not too hot too. Perfect weather to come to this place. 

Ranjan looked at the Ganges flowing in front of him. He took a deep breath .. 

“the river is flowing relentlessly... Without stopping .. without paying any heed to what’s happening around and most importantly without being affected. Day in day out it just flows on and on. Not bothered about anything ... Much like me but is she sad like me too?” 

Ranjan felt a similarity with the flowing river. He too had no one in life now. But situation was not like this. He was jolly well enjoying a retired life with his wife and other retired friends from different spheres of life till about couple of years ago. They had no children but that never ever made their life incomplete. He had enjoyed his work life thoroughly and was enjoying his retired life as well. Morning walks, relaxed evenings , happening weekends with old friends ... life seemed to be full of excitement, liveliness and beautiful. Then suddenly one fine day he lost his wife. An association of so many years snapped. It took him a little while to accept the loss. With the help of friends just about when he was coming to terms with life he lost few of his closest friends in quick period of time. Life seemed to have turned upside down. He was never close to his relatives.. all he had was wife and friends. But now he was completely lonely.

“I am like this river ... just flowing on and on not knowing where to end. ... just going on in life with nothing to live for. Simply waiting when one day I too will leave this world. There’s nothing to look forward to in life but to wait for my last day.....” 

His thoughts got interrupted when suddenly a boy in his school uniform came and sat in the same bench at the other end. The boy carefully kept his school bag beside him and then covered his face with both his hands. Ranjan could hear a weeping sound. He could see tears rolling down the cheeks in between the fingers.

“Hello Son ... what’s wrong? Can I help?” He asked in a very affectionate tone. 

“No one can help me ... I am loser” the boy said without removing his hands from his face. 

“What’s wrong tell me. No one is a permanent loser. Life gives equal opportunity to win too.” 

“Is it?” The boy removed his hands and looked at him. “Are you sure?” 

“Ofcourse yes son. Now tell me what’s wrong? What has happened? By the way what’s your name?” 

“My name is Anurag. I don’t like to study. I love to draw. I want to be a painter. You give me a paper and pencil and I can draw all day. Last Saturday there was a painting competition near my school and I participated by bunking my sports test class. Today ma’am gave me the assessment result sheet and has asked my father’s signature in it. The sports result column is showing as Absent. My father will be terribly upset to find out what I have done. He wants me to be a sportsman. He will beat me to know end. I am scared of him. I don’t want to go back home. I want to run away.”Anurag started crying again.

“What was the result of the drawing competition?” 

“Oh!! I stood first and got a certificate and medal” Anurag’s eyes lit up as he said these words.

“Did you show that to your parents? It’s not wise to run away from home.”

“No, I didn’t. I am scared.” And then with a hope he looked up to Ranjan and said .. “Will you sign on my father’s behalf please?”

Ranjan smiled. He sat close to Anurag and started comforting him. He took his hand in his.. wiped his tears.

“Anurag ... running away from school or my signing your result will not solve anything. On the contrary it will make all people around you very sad and upset. They may get further angry thinking you are an irresponsible child. See ... your father loves you and it’s his love that he wants to see you as a successful sportsman. But he is probably not aware of your talent. He doesn’t know where lies your interest. And unless you tell him or show him your paintings he may never realise it. So go home and tell him the truth. Also tell him about your achievement. Even the smallest of achievements by a child makes his or her parents feel proud. So don’t hesitate to tell him everything. Yes.. he will be upset initially and may show anger but I am sure when he sees what you have achieved he will surely acknowledge your potential and he himself will help you achieve your ambition. I am like your grand father and will not misguide you.Trust me .... this will work in your favour only ” 

“Are you sure I will be able to pursue my ambition if I tell the truth to my father?” Anurag asked inquisitively. 

“Of course yes. But you got to have the determination going. You must not lose focus and be sure of what you want to be. Or else you will not only let your father down but you yourself will feel bad and upset about it. Let me tell you my story.. When I was young I wanted to travel the world all by myself. See every corner of this beautiful earth venture into the unknowns... the forests .. the hills .. the seas .. even the deserts used to fascinate me... I wanted to see them all!!! I knew for the dream to come true I need lots of money. So I studied hard, worked harder and earned lots of money. Had a lavish lifestyle. And I retired with lots and lots of money in my account” Ranjan said with lots of pride. 

“So did you travel the world?” Anurag asked innocently. 

Ranjan fumbled a bit for the first time. Then replied 

“Well.. I didn’t have the time during my working years to see all the places I wanted to see. Did go to few places but most of the places still remained unexplored. I got so engrossed in making money that I forgot what was my dream. I just wanted to earn lots of money. And see now ..... I am in the fag end of life with no family and friends. Not knowing what to do. That’s why I said it’s important to remain focused.”

“Wow!! That’s great. So now you can actually visit all those places at your own will. You don’t have to think of going to office every day. Every day of your life is a holiday!! You only said you wanted to see these places all by yourself. So you can now live your dream. So all that you dreamt of once will come true now. That’s Amazing!” Anurag excitedly told him. 

Ranjan was taken aback by this way of looking at the life. It never struck his mind that he could actually now follow his childhood aspiration. Anurag’s innocent way of looking at life showed him a new way of looking at life. Suddenly he felt rejuvenated. He found a new meaning ... a new road for his life ahead. 

”Thank you Dadu. You showed me that if there’s determination then your ambition can be achieved.... no matter how long it takes. I will go home and tell my father everything. He may get angry or upset but like you said I know he will be proud as well when he will see the certificate and the medal. I will show him all my drawings too. I will show you too next day. Thank you for inspiring me” Anurag said with a new determination in his voice.


Ranjan hugged and blessed the little boy.

“Keep my number and contact me whenever you wish to speak to me. Your this dadu will always be there for you. You too have shown me a new light.”

Anurag took his bag and started for his home. Confident steps ... broad smile and with a bright new hope in eyes.

The sun was setting now. Happy crowd kept on increasing around him. Ranjan smiled to himself, and with renewed energy to live life he took out his cell phone and made a call to his long known tour operator. 

The Sky was covered with the golden hue of the setting sun with a prospect of a brighter tomorrow.

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