Poojaa Sharma

Tragedy Crime Fantasy


Poojaa Sharma

Tragedy Crime Fantasy



6 mins

I woke up approx 6 am and tried to open my eyes to see the clock but its still tired. For washing my face I put my legs on the floor while rubbing my eyes. 

When my eyes start working I realised that it was not my room. It was very strange because last night I slept in my room. 

A strange beeping sound caught my attention. It came from somewhere near.

Hearing some voices and that beeping sound I turned in that direction. The sound of the beep was coming from BP machine beside the bed. Which was situated near a wall? There were two girls who wore white and light pink skirts were helping a man who was doing something to the person who was on the bed. 

Two men were standing near the small window talking to each other.

I realised that I was in a hospital room.

A strong desire came inside me to see the person who was on the bed.

"Lilly", someone called me. 

I turned to the door and saw a man with shiny grey eyes, had sparkling silver hair, height approx 6'10", wearing a white suit coming near me. 

He had a vibrant personality. I felt a strong emanation around him. 

He stood beside me and said," Do you know who's the person on the bed."

I shook my head without uttering a word.

"Then go and see". He whispered.

I moved near to the bed, my eyes go wide to see the person. It's me.

How could it possible? I was standing near the bed and I was on the bed too. 

Lots of questions raised in my mind.

When I was struggling with so many thoughts,

The men who were standing near the window came to the bed. 

First time I saw the faces of them. 

One was my father and the other one was Lucas, my love. 

Lucas has blue eyes, brown hair and a muscular body. He was approx 5ft 8" tall. 

Last night Lucas and I had a wonderful time. 

Unconsciously the scene of the previous night started appearing.

When Lucas came to my house and I got ready to go with him to dinner.

He wore a navy blue coloured tuxedo.

His hair was neatly combed, that day he was looking so handsome that my eyes were fixed on him. 

He looked at me with an amusing smirk on his face and asked," Shall we?" 

At that time I realised that I was staring at him, I lowered my eyes and nodded with embarrassment and we left for the dinner.

When we reached there I saw it was the restaurant was not so big but had a small hall with four tables and chairs. Behind the restaurant, there was a beautiful garden area.

Our table was arranged in the garden area.

Where an arch made with white lilies

Situated in front of the table like a flower gate. It was so beautiful.

I looked at Lucas and he slowly grabbed my hand and smile. "Come," he said and I followed him.

He took me to the table. The table was decorated with white flowers and pink ribbons. IT looked so pretty.

They put a champion bottle with two glasses in the centre of the table. Beside that a red roses bouquet was on the left side of the bottle and on the right side a heart-shaped congratulations chocolate cake with a tiny card written a small msg "Congratulations, my love, I'm very happy for you."

All that made my eyes teary. I was so happy at that time. 

We took dinner and spent a quality time with each other.

After that Lucas asked me to spend the night with him and I couldn't deny.

We reached my house because my dad was gone out of town for a party. 

In my room, Lucas hugged me and slowly gave tiny kisses on my forehead, eyes and my cheeks.

We played a soothing music and dance on it. His hands slipped on my waist and mine on his chest. He pulled me closer and his lips touched mine after some small kisses we couldn't control and had a passionate breathless kiss. Which aroused our desire to be each other's and we made love whole night. 

When I felt sleepy, he holds me and I put my head on his chest.

He said, "Have a peaceful sleep Darling, I love you."

I still can feel his touch on my body. Which makes me feel loved. 

Everything was good, then how I am here?

My father was crying and Lucas's eyes were all wet. He hid his face with hands. 

I turned to face the man who was standing beside me and looking at me with peace.

I could see the concern for me on his face.

I asked him," who are you? And how I'm here?"

He simpered and vocalized,"I am Michael and you are here because of your love."

"What do you mean? I don't understand?" I questioned.

" Last night Lucas gave you poison. And now your body is leaving your soul", he replied.

I couldn't believe what he said. I wanted to slap him for his words. 

He continues," do you remember before sleep what you eat or drink? "

I remembered that when I was in half sleep I drank some water.

I said," yes."

He said peacefully," Lucas add poison in that water Because he couldn't handle your success. He felt low in front of you and his manly ego hurt.

He tried to control and overcome that, but he failed.

His ego made him a murderer."

My eyes could not control and tears were coming out one by one. 

I asked him again, "who are you?"

He said," as I told you I am Michael.

I am your guardian angel. And I'm here

To take your soul with me."

My eyes widened in shock.

" I- I was want to talk to my father once, "I begged him with a stuttering voice.

Michael gave me a surprised look for a minute and then said, "ok."

"I'll give you 5 minutes, you can go to your body."

I laid down on my body and closed my eyes. When I opened it again it was hurting inside. 

The doctor who was standing near me looked at me in surprise. I asked my dad.

"Dad, "I called him in low voice. He came to face me and sat on a chair near my bed. 

"Dad, don't cry I love you. Sorry if I hurt you. My time with you is over, now it's time for me to join mom.

Please, dad, don't cry. It's hurting me."

"I want to see mom now. It's been a long time since I saw her last. "

He didn't say any word just nodded with eyes full of tears.

Abruptly my eyes met Lucas's, who was standing behind dad. I beaconed him with a jerk off my head and when he came near me, I whispered in his ear " My love you should tell me once, I can leave everything for you but your ego maybe not allowed you to tell me. You should think once about my old dad he is all alone without me.

You teach me that love is not enough for a happy life. Money and success have always dominated all feelings.

Think once, what you get actually after me. The only money which makes you happy for a while not always.

Anyways I truly loved you, so I forgive you. Have a successful life."

After that, I enunciated my last goodbye to my one and only king of life MY DAD, and peacefully left my body.

Michael who was waiting for me gave me an appreciative smile for forgiving my murderer.

He eulogized," you are a very brave girl, it's always hard to forgive."

"I love him", I said in response.

"Come, let's go." He said with a smile.

I nodded and give a last glance at my dad who was crying while holding my hand and Lucas was petrified with malice aforethought.

I felt crestfallen for leaving both of them but I had to.

So I turned to Michael and he gave me his hand, I put mine on his. Swiftly his white wings were stretched out and a bright silver-white light appeared and we coalesced into that.

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