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Pooja Sharma

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Pooja Sharma

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I'm Kaya William a surgeon, a Brain Surgeon. It's been two and a half years since I am appointed as a surgeon in the city hospital New Jersey.

"Good morning! Doc." Ms. Ellis greeted me with a warm smile, who was sitting in reception.

"Good morning! Ms. Ellis, how are you?" I greeted back and asked.

"I'm good, doc." She answered with a soft smile.

"That's nice", I smiled and went to my cabin.

I wore my white coat and sat on my chair. When I was busy with the patient's files someone knocked on the door.

"Come in", I said.

The door opened and it's Ms. Shaila the head nurse who came in.

"Ms. Shaila is everything ready for Mrs. Mary's operations," I asked to look at her.

"Yes !doc everything is ready " she replied.

"Ok then let's go," I said to leave my chair and walking to the door. While wondering in my thoughts of Mrs. Mary.

Mrs. Mary was in her 80s living in an old age home. Her only son Corey was in Australia doing a job.

She was lonely here and she came to the hospital because of her headache. We suggested some tests and after reports came we found a small blood clot in her vein. We had to operate that as soon as possible otherwise it could cause a hemorrhage.

I told her to call her son we had to operate her. She gave me his contact number and I called him.

He said he was trying to come as soon as possible but we should not be delayed for her operation. So we decided to operate it without him.

Mrs. Mary admitted to the hospital. She talked to me about everything. I felt a bond between us. She treated me like her own daughter. She loved me and I loved her too, she was like my grandmother. I lost my Grandma when I was 10 years old.

I went to the operation theatre and washed my hands, wore my operating gown, mask, and gloves.

I went to her and before the operation, I talked to her.

"Hello!Mrs. Mary, how are you feeling today?" I asked while standing next to her.

She gave me a look and said," hello! doctor, I am fine when you are here with me. I trust you and I need a favor from you. You can say it is my last wish so please try to fulfill it."

"Yes! Mrs. Mary, I'm hearing and promise you that I'll fulfill your wish. Tell me what is it " I replied her withholding her hand.

"I want you to..." Before she could complete her sentence the anesthetic interrupted that he had given her anesthesia.

I looked at him and Mrs. Mary who's now unconscious.

She could not tell me her wish and it made me emotional. But I'm a doctor and there is no room for emotions while we work. So I started operation.

It took approx 3 hours to full operation. Everything was ok and I took out the clot.

After the successful operation, we transferred her into ICU for 48 hours of observation.

12 hours went well. Everything was good her heart rate, blood pressure and temperature were normal.

I was relaxed that everything was going well. So I left my home and told Ms. Shaila to inform me about her every hour.

It was 2 o'clock at night when Ms. Shaila called me. She said Mrs. Mary's blood pressure was going down and that was not a good sign.

I told her that I was coming.

I changed my clothes and left for the hospital.

When I reached there I ran to ICU.

I checked her pulse it was slower. she looked at me and tried to say something. But she couldn't. Her blood pressure was going down in every passing second. I gave her an injection to stabilize her but it didn't work.

In half an hour she took her last breath. I was so upset and felt regret that I couldn't know her last wish.

I returned to my cabin and sat on the chair with closed eyes. After some minutes passed I heard like Mrs. Mary called my name. I opened my eyes abruptly to saw Mrs. Mary stood in front of me smiling.

She said, "Kaya you are like my daughter I wanted to give you a message for my son at that time before the operation. Please do me a favor when he comes here to tell him that in the city bank locker number 536 there is a necklace for her wife and a property paper which his dad left behind for him."

I looked at her in shock. Was she really talking to me? I thought.

She said again," Kaya! I really appreciate your work and as you know I love you, my child. I am blessing you today that whenever you operate anyone you have the power to see their memories and their desires. So you can try to fulfill their desires or last wishes."

"I BLess you, my child." She put her hand on my head and a sliver light inserted in me. After that when I saw towards her she was gone.

After she blessed me, every time I operate I can see the memories of that person. There were so many emotions happy, sad, angry, lonely and yes every time I try to fulfill their wishes even if they could tell me or not. I try to fulfill my duties which Mrs. Mary gave me with her blessings.

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