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Harrish Jaypaul J

Drama Tragedy Inspirational


Harrish Jaypaul J

Drama Tragedy Inspirational

Cosmo (flying beyond the sky)

Cosmo (flying beyond the sky)

7 mins 320 7 mins 320

2020, At International Space agency. . .


     The crewmates of Falcon 3 are ready to go to Moon. Rakesh of India is one among the crew of Falcon 3. He along with two crew members are on the way to the rocket. They all waving their hands to the people who are encouraging them. At the time, Rakesh saw a small boy with a small board indicating "Rakesh you are an inspiration for the youngsters who dream to fly across the sky. "After seeing the board, tears from Rakesh' eyes started flowing. Its not only happy tears but also sad tears because of the struggle he faced to become an astronaut.

      After all the wonderful welcomes, three of the crew members are on board the rocket. All the things gone pretty good and the rocket is ready to launch. The countdown starts 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1…. . Rakesh recollect his past,


1985, India, Chennai…

      A loud crying sound is heard in a hospital. A family is on a hurry burry. As the crying sound continues, the doctor said "You are blessed with a baby boy!". The mother felt so happy because the boy was born after 2 female childs. Good riddens…. The family members are so happy with the news. The boy finally got the name Rakesh….

2003, India, Chennai…

     Rakesh was waiting for his 12th board exam result. Rakesh is on a high pressure because he knows the pain that his mother as a single parent expects that his son will clear her sorrows. On 2000 Rakesh father died from a disease. After that Rakesh's mother struggle to cope up with financial status. Rakesh's sisters got married and they have been living separately in their family. Even with the financial problems of his family, Rakesh dreamt to be an astronaut.

    Everyday he saw the planes on the sky, Moon, Stars and he wondered about these. He got very much interest in aerospace and astronomy. From his 10 th std he decided that his life going be to end as an astronaut when he die. From that he searched about the things required to become an astronaut in books etc. . , He came to know that an astronaut needs flying experience. So he decides to clear NDA and become a fighter pilot. After all these plans in his imagination, he is ready to face the challenges.

After 2013. . . . .

    Day by day his involvement got decreased. He started to spend time with his friends making fun things. Soon he sees himself as lazy and his concentration in studies got low. Days were going fast his 12th board exam was very near. As he was a bright student he regained his concentration and completed all his board exams. Results came and he finally chose Mechanical engineering.

    All his dreams washed away. Once he decided to clear NDA, he failed at last. He begin his college life carrier. He thought that he can't become a fighter pilot because he lost his self confidence and he afraid of his family because he was responsible to take care of them after 4 years. So he chooses to engineer and decided to complete the course and get a good job and take care of his family.

    His 1st year college was going good. But he was in double mind in his studies. Soon he can't able to study because of his double thought of being an astronaut. He failed in his upcoming semester exams and can't able to focus on his course. Soon he decided to clear NDA test. He started preparing well and atlast he cleared NDA test and got selected for the Airforce. His family was so much anger and worried about his course dropped in college, soon they became normal.

    Rakesh struggled so much in his airforce training sessions. Also he can't able to see his family in a worried state about his future. As he was not well in his training, he was forced to leave the airforce. He cried with sorrow to give him a chance to perform good in training. He cried all the nights in his training session. He forgot all the things about his past and started to move on. He completed all his training and became a fighter pilot.

    He worked 5 years as a fighter pilot and he is one among the best fighter pilots ever in the Indian Airforce because of his confidence that made him. Soon he resigned his position and started preparing for the Astronaut test for the International Space Agency. He cleared the common test and also cleared the major tests like long duration flight test. Eventhough he has cleared the tests he have not got the opportunity to fly into space.

     After a long time he got selected for his first space travel. He along with some members tested for their first space travel. The moment when he started to fly above the sky, he got tears in his eyes that his dream come true after a long battle of his bad past memories. Also they got tested for their first spacewalk. He started to wear his space helmet and go out of the rocket for a spacewalk. At the time he felt something that words can't explain.

     After all his initial tests, soon after 3 years he was one among the crewmate of the spacecraft for the mission Falcon 1 to Moon in 2015. Their mission starts with a fail as there were technical problems they returned safely from space to Earth. Then the agency arranged their next mission Falcon 2 in 2017. He was not selected as the crew for Falcon 2. He was so disappointed and soon the Falcon 2 got launched. It was an utter failure that the rocket got blasted after a few meters from the atmosphere.

      The entire media focused on this news and questioned about the deaths of the astronauts. After a long struggle, the agency again planned to launch Falcon 3 with all safety measures. But the plan became fail. Rakesh as one of the senior astronauts said that he is ready to be the captain of Falcon 3. But the agency rejected it. Rakesh's two friends among the senior astronauts gave him support and the agency finally accepted the crew for Falcon 3. Rakesh was selected as the captain of the spacecraft Falcon 3.

Again at Falcon 3 spacecraft….

Slowly Rakesh opens his eyes and finished thinking his past memories of how hard he struggled to become an astronaut. The Falcon 3 spacecraft perfectly reached about the atmosphere level. Next the spacecraft reached space with no issues. The team of Falcon 3 was so happy with the news. The spacecraft smoothly travels towards the Moon. Suddenly all the signals from the spacecraft lost and the spacecraft started to collapse. The agency has completely lost the signals of the spacecraft.

      Rakesh and his crew were so much confused about what's happening there. They came to know that the space weather conditions became so bad. The electrical components in the rocket got faults and engines slowly begin to heat. They planned to return to Earth. As they were near to the Earth they launched their safety launchpads and the rocket blasted in few seconds.

      After that blast Rakesh's safety launchpad got damaged by the rocket's particle and slowly the oxygen level decreased to the maximum. At from a severe height to the down he started losing his breathing. His crew of 2 members get out from the launchpad and opened their parachute but Rakesh can't able to manage to do it. The trio got landed in a ocean and finally the rescue crew rescued them.

     Both the friends of Rakesh were completely confident that their friend escaped and alive but after testing they came to know that Rakesh has been dead because of breathlessness. They begin to cry as they lost their beloved friend. The media again confirmed that Falcon 3 was a failure and Rakesh has been dead.

    A day after Rakesh died, the media covered Rakesh's mother. They all thought that she would be very sad. But at last Rakesh's mother smiled with pain and said "My son already died many times in his life. My relationship with him got decreased after he joined Airforce. At least before going to the Falcon 3 spacecraft he finally said to me (mom cries) "Ma don't worry this is just a training"(the same dialogue he told in his first training).

    His last speech: "Even if I have been dead in this mission I consider that to be proud but I won't let my friends (crewmates) die. This is my captain's oath. Thank you. "



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