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Constraints of heart

Constraints of heart

8 mins

Anirban Mukherjee is well established in his life. He is working as a soft engineer in a reputed M.N.C. and getting a fat salary to enjoy a decent life with all comforts required for maintaining a decent livelihood. His father is a retired government employee and he is having a brother who is pursuing his PhD in physics. His sister is in the verge of completing her bachelor. Her mother is just a housewife of a middle class family and loved to engage herself in religious activities. His wife Romola is too a house wife and busy to groom her daughter Ananya, who is just three years of age. Anirban's father too love to keep himself busy in religious rituals and quite contented with his present state and having solace, hoping that God might ensure him to carve a niche in the heaven which he imagined as the only place to resort after demise.

One day, while Anirban was working in the office, suddenly he received a call from his house and more precisely from his wife. His wife Ramola said to him, " Anirban today I am listening the heart beat of the baby I am carrying in my fetus. I am extremely excited!" Anirban replied, "Really dear! Great!" Anirban expressed his elation excitedly. He then expressed his deep concern for his pregnant wife, advising her to stay calm and safe.

Anirban's parents when received the information they equally felt extremely happy. They are aspiring to have a male child as they are already having a grandchild who is a girl child. There after they started to offer prayers to the temples and started to fast just to have a male child with a belief that God might grant them with a male child and give a completeness to their family, ensuring the legal heir for their wealth. It is wondrous that after death also people do crave for their intention to have control of their wealth! They do take care intensely of Ramola's health, hoping that she will surely give birth of a male baby.

Romola's mother-in- law expressed her desire eloquently, "Listen dear, your physical features bearing the testimony that you will surely giving birth of a male child. I am eagerly waiting to see the face of my grandson."

Ramola kept quiet and equally craving that this time God may listen to her prayer and bestow her with a male child.

In due time, she gave birth to another̥ girl child. Her in-laws became too disappointed and declared that Ramola is only responsible to deliver a female child and she only bears the essence of omen to their family.

After few months the members of Romola's in-laws started to misbehave with her and even openly abuse her for the delivering of a girl child. Their unrestrained fashion of tormenting caused huge detriment to her mental state. Meanwhile Romola conveyed her hostile situation to her parents, but they tried to console her and advised her to adjust with her in-laws, expecting that time will surely heal and the normal ambiance of the family fabric will surely resume.

One fine morning Ramola's father received a phone call that her daughter is no more. He was utterly shocked. He along with his family members all rushed to Ramola's house and surprisingly they noticed that Ramola is hanging from the ceiling. His father lodged a police complaint and insisted for autopsy. When they received the autopsy report they come to know that their only beloved daughter strangled to death! Her father cannot comprehend that just because of giving a female child; where female have no part to determine the sex of a baby in the fetus and male alone is responsible and even in the twenty first century what kind of ignorance is still clouding the peoples mind! He honestly want that the perpetrators should be awarded with harshest punishment so that subsequently nobody would dare tp perform such crime.

However, in due time everyone will forget about Ramola and her pain and sufferings, how she endured her agony and pain just to ensure peace in her family. Her obsession with her family is an intriguing phenomena triggering many women to be incarcerated in the family fabric and facing the same fate which we are accustomed to observe. I wonder, whether we exist or nor, irrespective of our entity, this phenomena of nature will go on and what a configuration of family which exist out of certain values and existing with an amazing flavor, making us utterly hypnotized!

We cannot rule out that we do carry the process of evolution inherently and all phases of evolution we do experience when we are in the fetus of our mother. From fish to reptiles and mammals and birds, from two chambers of heart to three and subsequently four, we evolved and we do posses all traits of two to four chambers of heart we reveal in the passage of time and gradually we evolved. Despite we human are the most advanced form of life in our planet Earth who alone can think, perceive and analyze, but we do inherently possess the vice of vindictive attribute with our configuration too! Human proclivity having the trait which reveals in numerous occasions that we do act inhumanly and we altogether raise our voices, contrary to our traits, upholding the essence of humanity!

Like the small big fishes eat small fishes, manifest the nature's tendencies prevalent to substantiate that predator and prey is the only condition favoring for the theory of the survival of the fittest and construe an eco-system where we human are enjoying our existence and subsistence emphatically.

We behave ruthlessly like big fishes, not caring about the small fishes, how they fall into the prey of them. How three chambers of reptiles do act fiercely and jeopardize our living conditions. But we human being supreme out of all creatures in this planet eventually emerged as victorious and establishing our championing capacity out of our intellect, perseverance and worth to dominate, dictate all creatures in the nature. We catch and eat fishes, but we cannot eliminate the traits of fishes which largely influence and engulfed us. The untimely death of my dear sister Romola appealed me a lot, triggering me are we truly superior and developed? How ruthlessly we are killing the people from our own fraternity only for the sake of our convenience and focusing to only amass wealth for our progeny, not at all knowing what exactly happen to us after death. Our imagination is the most devastating toll only to cause huge devastation and create a cloud of bleak and dark future for our own posterity! We only aiming to focus our endeavor to amass wealth with an aim to promote hegemony against majority our of our garnered wealth and aspiring our posterity will surely follow our footprint by carrying on injustice and the ruthless path being shown to them by us centuries long.

I only wonder of the existence of fish, their bloody fight and their trait how influence us! We are forced to roll back the history of the past where killing, bloodshed and few strong to dominate many fiercely by subduing and subjugating majority with bloody affairs, triggering few to entangle in war within the same community and inducing even the creatures with developed four chambers to emulate their traits amazingly! It induced to promote only imbalance to the ecosystem to the living creature with having four chambers, ensuring mere imbalance to the social fabric we human are dwelling. Fishes are testy, enabling our metabolism to act effectively and evolve with resolute configuration, facilitating us to exist with paramount.

I wonder, how long we will be enamored by such fierce traits ingrained on us and how we will be capable to eliminate such vice only to we are truly supreme in our available social and environmental fabric, where male and female should be treated at par, maintain a equitable balance in our available milieu judiciously.

I wonder, how long our female will be subjected to male's atrocity and injustice, tending to ignore their entity, despite from female male eventually emerge. Male are continuously causing imbalance to the social fabric being construed by male alone, keeping in view of their convenience and interests only as supreme by virtue of a social mechanism they designed, paving us to emerge as supreme in nature's floor out of nature's endowment and brazenly discard the inclusive growth with recalcitrance.

In human foetus, it is the heart which develops first in the foetus, ensuring the supply of nutrients and Oxygen to rest other organs to thrive. Later, brain plays the paramount role on human and even sometimes even infused heart which is a mere pump in our body to put more workload as well cause heart throb. Our emotions largely influence our heart and often responsible for its failure too. We tend to presume heart, the first organ in the foetus as a single unit, forgetting that zygote being formed out of two matures willing reconciliation out of nature's willful design, enabling to form blastocyst and subsequently mutating with the development of heart at first followed by other organs in due time, which are all essential for the configuration of human body and they all evolve in the human foetus in due course of time.

We cannot rule out that past propound in us and dead influence on living. Thus, we reveal sometimes fish, reptiles and birds and other mammal's features too. Sadly, Romola became the worst victim of our primitive attributes which is still in continuum! I wonder whether we sometimes act as heartless or mindless!

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