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Francesca Villardi Treadmill Treats

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Francesca Villardi Treadmill Treats

Romance Inspirational

Confused about online dating

Confused about online dating

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Confused about online dating

So this week in honor of sappy Hallmark movie month I decided to write all week about online dating. 

I wrote about how not to get catfished, I wrote about how men can improve their online profiles and today I have to ask if anyone else is confused about this online dating thing?

So I've been on and off these dating sites the last eight years and I still scratch my head and think Wtf? I don't get it, seriously.

And before the men come at me, no, I don't know what women do when online dating. I only know what I experienced and I haven't jumped that fence at least not yet but the way it's going I might see if the grass is greener on the other side.

So let's start with, why do men say they want a relationship in their profiles and then send you a dick pic from jump? Please just be honest, can anyone do that anymore? 

There are many women that are just looking for a hookup or Fwb so just say that and let the rest of us swipe left.

Or you start talking to someone and you think you have a connection and poof they ghost you. Why would you not tell them you're not feeling it, you are dating others, whatever it is but why just ghost them leaving them thinking wtf?

We ask ourselves, did we say something? What was it? They texted you every morning and night then nothing?

 And then so many men talk about women and our issues. Well many wouldn't have issues if you didn't pull shit like this! 

Be honest, we are big girls, we can handle it. Just let us know the truth. 

Why are there so many catfish? 

Do you not have a life? Is this your job to get women to fall for you and then send you money? 

Look, I own a business, I do a side hustle, I own and take care of my own home, I have 2 girls, I have friends, I have no time for foolishness. I got no time for games, so I will not entertain stupid. I have learned to spot a catfish from across the lake but it still leaves me with the question why? 

Is there anyone out there that is looking for love? I seriously doubt it anymore, maybe there are too many options. It's like when you're looking for a movie and you have 160 channels and you say there is nothing on. Maybe it's like that? I don't know but sometimes dating feels like a full time job and I work hard enough already.

Couldn't there be a site that really does a background check to see if they are real, that asks all the right questions for people who are really looking for a relationship? Why waste each other's time? I'm not doing this because I'm bored, I'm doing this to hopefully meet my soulmate.

So today my friends remember we are all in this boat together. We are all fishing and we are all confused about what these fish are doing. The only advice I can give is just be honest, that always works. Have patience and have faith that your prize fish is out there somewhere, maybe stuck in the ice but the one thing all these cheesy Hallmark movies teach us is never giving up, and one day you'll find your King and have your own happily ever after.

"Be the change you want to see"


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