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Poonam Vaze

Abstract Drama Romance


Poonam Vaze

Abstract Drama Romance



5 mins 330 5 mins 330

A melancholy of sadness surrounded in Palak's hospital room. She had slipped in coma. Her brain was functioning at minimal conscious state. Four months had passed since that traumatic accident and Palak showed no sign of recovery. No one was able to stimulate her senses. Her husband 's hope dwindled as the touch of her child couldn't activate her brain. She was lying still in her hospital bed completely unresponsive to her environment.

Her daughter kept her ears on her chest. "Mom is breathing. She is alive." She said to her daddy. Palak's husband was blankly staring at his wife who was in deep slumber. The only voice audible was her breathing. Yes she was alive but nothing affected her. It seemed she had lost interest in waking up. Everything was tried and failed. Palak's husband had started feeling blue after being on run for four months.

"She is never going to get up. " Palak's husband said to Maya. Maya was Palak's childhood friend.

"Don't give up." Maya tried to lift up his mood.

"The maternal bond is considered as the highest attachment in this world. But Palak is not responding her daughter's touch." Palak's husband said glancing at Maya in worry. Maya felt a stab of pain in her heart as she wiped the tears streaming from her eyes. She opened a handmade friendship card given by Palak and read it to her:

"A friend who understands exactly what I feel

A friend with whom I can confide anything

With whom I can literally talk about everything .

Thanks for being my best friend Maya

Love you


"Get up Palak. You are a girl full of emotions. And now you are acting cold with your loved ones. Your family needs you. We all need you. Why are you not responding??? "Maya whispered near her ears. Her voice was choked with emotions. The echo of Maya's question lingered in the room full of silence. Only silence. Minutes later Maya rushed out of the hospital to meet Akshan.

The memories of Akshan and their college days were still vivid and clear. Akshan was etched on her memory so deeply that the passage of years couldn't fade him away.

Akshan was taken aback when he saw Maya at his doorstep.

"Is that you, Maya???? " He said surveying her. He was quite dazed to see an old friend at his home after long years.

"Yes Akshan and I desperately need your help." Maya said and barged inside his home.

"Do you remember Palak? " She shoot the question without exchanging pleasantries.

"Yes. Your best friend. " Akshan lowered his head down. He felt his heart vibrating inside. The utterance of her name had dramatic effect on him.

" She needs you."

"Me??? I mean why ???"

"She is coma and you are the only person who can whip up her emotions. She loves you Akshan. You know it .Why didn't you propose her? "

Akshan went near his balcony and stared endlessly at the orange sparkling sky.

"Why didn't you propose her? " The question pricked him. Akshan didn't have an answer for that question. The question which haunted him endlessly. Why didn't they express their love? Their love was so profound and exquisite. A love spoken with eyes and felt with heart. They hardly spoke but it seemed as they knew each other for ages. Their euphoric connection of mind where his soul connected with the melody of her soul. When their eyes met for the first time the chemistry just created magic.

"Let's go. " Akshan said and hurriedly took his car keys.

Deep vibrations between Akshan and Palak sparked the hospital room. Akshan's cavernous eyes piercing at the most beautiful masterpiece created by God. She was as elegant as ever. He sat near her and held her hands and slowly gripped his fingers tightly around them. Palak's fingers twitched with sensation of Akshan's touch. Palak gently placed her soft fingers over Akshan's hand and gripped his hand tightly . Gradually, the grip loosened and Palak started moving her fingers quite freely. The vibrations of his touch activated her sensory nerves.

Maya anchored at the spot as she saw this magnetic connection of two souls. She gave a shivering scream and ran outside the room to call the doctor.

It was twilight. Twilight, a transition time when the orange ball settles down allowing the white ball full of passion to radiate its serene golden whitening effect. Palak was reminiscing the touch of her Akshan. Such cosmic attachment of two souls. He dwelled in her heart and it was his presence which had ability to revive her.

Sometimes it happens that,

We live our entire life with a person but our heart don't connect


Sometimes it happens that,

We live for few moments with a person but our heart gets captivated for lifetime.

Actually we live for that person,

Naively we live only for that person.

Our heart beats only and only for that person.

Sometimes it happens with everyone ......

Sometimes in this lifetime .....

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