Soham Paul

Horror Action Thriller


Soham Paul

Horror Action Thriller

Built up

Built up

3 mins

Time: post 11 pm.

Location: Somewhere in north Kolkata, in a stand-alone Complex.

Ravi (a middle-aged man, 45 years old) is enjoying a horror movie with his wife Runa (35 years old, little voluptuous) in their bedroom in a 32'' inch TV.

They have a 2-bed room flat. Their only daughter Rimi (6 years old) is sleeping in another room.

Situation: The couple is glued to the TV.

Ravi: Runa, the movie is good but don't you think the built-up is little bland. They are taking too much time to build the plot.

Runa: No, I am enjoying it. I like the 'Who-dun-it' stuffs. The cop will be able to detect the serial killer (talking about the movie).

   Look the killer is repeating the same weapons to prey the victims: Iron Rod & a Rope.

Ravi: Yeah, but the story is not up to the level of Byomkesh / Poirot!! What do you think?

Runa: Oh you poor Bengalis, always brooding for the by-gone eras. I believe the movie is pretty good & the makers are able to maintain the speed

which is the soul of any movie of this genre.

Ravi: Yeah, I know you are a super critic & you understand movies much better than me. But I always search for entertainment.

Runa: Ok. Can you plz stop & let me enjoy it.

Ravi: Ok. I am feeling thirsty. Let me go to the kitchen & get a bottle.

The electricity tripped.

In the kitchen it was all dark due to the load shedding. Ravi somehow managed to reach to the Refrigerator, placed in the corner. He opened the door of the

fridge, grabbed a bottle. He drank water, kept the bottle with him & advanced towards the room where he was enjoying TV with his wife. It was pitch dark,

his eyes were trying to get acclimatized.

Ravi: Runa, Runa, why are you not responding (astonishment)?

He pushed the door & felt nobody there.

Ravi whispered: Runa, where are you? (he was aware that his daughter Rimi was sleeping in the other room).

Thinking that Runa had moved to sleep with their daughter, Ravi stepped into the other room.

He stumbled on something heavy!!

There was a thud sound as the bottle dropped & the remaining water spilled over the floor. Ravi also hurt his ankle. As his fingers were searching for

support, he felt something sticky, fluid with a pungent smell. Fear rolled down his spine & in the humid May month, a gaze of cold wind touched his soul

& mind. He shivered!!

''Runa, Runa, where are you? Plz talk, plz, I plead. What happened?''-Ravi was literally shouting.

As Ravi was searching & moving frantically he could feel the heavy body of his wife lying on the floor. It was cold.

He jumped over the bed to call his daughter. He could understand the bed sheet was heavily drenched in blood & his daughter was there dead!!

Ravi suddenly became numb, not able to grasp what was happening & also what had happened & how? Moments of despair choked his voice & senses.

Suddenly, there was a great uproar & laughter, as if a million bells & drums were trotting & a female voice cried out at the highest octane '' Ravi,

how is the built up? Hahahahahaha hahahahahaha.

Before sinking into oblivion, Ravi could sense that Runa's dead body was asking him.

News Flash: (in the TV Channels)

Breaking News: Mr. Ravi Ghoshal, resident of North Kolkata, found in his flat with two corpses: a woman about 35+ years, a girl about 6 years.

Mr. Ghoshal used to work in a shopping mall as Floor Manager. Due to COVID crisis, he had lost his job & was in home for the last few months.

Police is investigating. They have found out that due to job loss, Ghoshal & his wife used to have a lot of altercations on money matters.

Importantly: Both the ladies were badly hit with iron rod & then strangulated with rope. The green colored rope & rod (evidences) have been retrieved by the cops. Matter is under sub judice.

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