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Ranjani Ramesh


Break Free

Break Free

2 mins

'Beep, Beep, Beep'!!

There goes the sound that seems terror to Pia early morning. Is it the alarm going off or the sound of her sweet husband's heartbeat that she's enjoying in her vacation to Maldives?

As she's lulled out of her deep sleep, she wakes up with a start only to realize she's in her usual routine at her house.

Ohh, how she wishes she could afford another hour of sleep.

Afford, yes, she can, maybe. But will she, is the question. Well, fully aware that the answer is an obvious no, she is up to start her regular routine. 

Being aware of her in-laws being awake, she gingerly moves out of her bedroom, makes herself a cup of coffee enjoying the beauty of early morning that she absolutely adores.

Ohh, how she wishes she could go for a walk outside to enjoy the awesome freshness. 

Can she, yes, she can, maybe. But will she, is the question. Yes, once again the answer being an obvious no, she goes about making breakfast for her old inlaws. She dutifully prepares and serves them breakfast by 8 as usual as requited due to the medical status.

This is just the start of the day for Pia as she goes about her duties. Never a negative comment or irritation displayed by her. She lives her life as per the path laid by her in-laws, not because she can't stand strong but only to avoid any kind of affrontation which might end up hurting one and all. Let go is what she follows, but for how long??

Smilingly, she carries on, somewhere clipping her wings and yet happy with all she has. Pia's life is a life of dejavu with nothing wrong but nothing seems right too.

Though having a loving family with an adorable husband, terrific kids, and good inlaws, the pity is that Pia still feels bound by chains she wishes to break free from. She wishes to do things she wants and likes and wants to live life as per her terms and wishes. Not being bound by any chains is what Pia wishes for-

"Break me free" before I go go... 

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