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Sumit Kumar arora

Abstract Children Stories Children


Sumit Kumar arora

Abstract Children Stories Children

Brave Boy

Brave Boy

6 mins 168 6 mins 168

Dinesh was practicing karate in the training center when he got a call from his father Rajeev Singh. His father told him that his younger sister Sneha got abducted and asked him to come home as soon as possible. He got shocked hearing this. He told his friend Vijay about it. Both of them immediately rushed home. 

In the home, his mother was sobbing. He, his father, and Vijay immediately rushed to the police station to lodge a report. When they reached the police station, found no one. They had to wait for about an hour employee to register The report. 

A police sub-inspector said to Rajeev Singh, "how can you say that the girl was abducted." 

      Rajeev said, "One of her classmates saw that a white car came near to her and man pulled her into the car and sped away. He also noted the number of the car. He repeated the number to the sub-inspector."

     About half an hour it came to know that the given number is of a notorious goon named Aslam. Police registered the complaint and assured them to rescue her soon. 

         Sneha was twelve years old girl studying in middle school. That evening when she was returning home from school with her classmates, she was abducted. 

        Dinesh was a boy of age eighteen. He was a junior college student and was a black belt holder in karate. He used to practice karate with his friend Vijay and some other boys. 

Rajeev Singh was a professor at the college.

        The next day, a far relative of Rajeev Singh came to console them. When Rajeev told him that the car used in the abduction was of Aslam. He said, "if so, it will be very difficult for police to rescue the girl because Aslam has political connections and he works for a big leader. You should talk to Aslam in this matter and try to rescue her by giving him ransom money."


Dinesh was listening to from the next room. He had already heard about Aslam from his friends and other people. He loves her sister a lot. He did not want such type of incident would happen to any other girl. He wanted to punish Aslam for the crime he did. He couldn't remain silent and he couldn't sit idle trusting on police. "I must do something to save my sister, " he murmured.

He began to thought something.

    That noon he along with Vijay went to meet his class fellow Ali. Ali lived near the house of Aslam and knew a lot about him. Listening to Dinesh, he said, "I think of your sister as my sister. I will help you in this matter as far as possible." He told Dinesh that Aslam had a farmhouse about twenty kilometers away from the city and Aslam used this farmhouse in his criminal activities. And Aslam could hide Sneha in this farmhouse. Ali also gave the address of this farmhouse to Dinesh. Dinesh thought for a while and decided to go there and look. 


Hearing this Dinesh decided to raid the farmhouse. Within an hour they were dasing to the farmhouse. Reaching the farmhouse they found it surrounded by a fence of about four feet high. Inside the crop of wheat was growing. The farmhouse was spread over an area of about ten acres. There was a mud house in the middle of the farmhouse. The entrance gate to the farmhouse was locked. 

Stopping the bike, Dinesh said to Vijay, "I think we must enter the farmhouse and search for Sneha. It may possible that after abduction Sneha was hidden here."

 Just then man coming towards them asked, "Who are you and what are you doing here?"

Dinesh replied peacefully, "we were passing through his village and all of a sudden our bike broke down." 

The man looked at them with anger and asked them to get out as soon as possible. Dinesh began to pull his bike to show that he had no intention to stay here. Seeing that they were going away, the man opened the entrance gate of the farmhouse and entered the farmhouse.

Vijay said, "something is wrong with that man." 

Dinesh looked at him and said, "and there is something in the farmhouse."

They slowed their pace and looked behind. Finding no one they started the bike and Dinesh said to Vijay, "we must try to enter from the other side of the farmhouse." And they got a chance from the other side of the farmhouse. They hid the bike in the bushes and jumped over the fence. Lurking in the crop they moved forward towards the mud house. Fortunately, they found no one on the way to the mud house. When they reached near to the house, they took the survey of the mudhouse by going around it stealthy hiding behind the vegetation. They found no one behind the house but in the front, they found the man who had met them outside the farmhouse. He was sitting on a chair. 

Dinesh whispered, "Vijay, be ready to give him a fight." 

Vinay said, "I am always ready. Let's go."

With full confidence, they came out from behind the bushes of some kind of flower. They began to move towards that man. Seeing them that man jumped into action and cried with anger, "what the hell are you doing here? Get lost at once."

But they have not come here to get lost. They kept on moving towards him. The man, seeing them moving toward him, tried to bring out a knife from his pocket. But it was too late. Dinesh and Vijay both jumped on that man. The man had no chance against them. To strong blows on the face and one karate kick on the groin were sufficient for him. Dinesh tied his hand behind him. They searched his pockets and found some money, a visiting card, and a key. Dinesh took the visiting card, knife, and key. 

The door of the mudhouse was locked. Dinesh tried the lock with the key he recovered from the man. The lock opened and then he opened the gate and found Sneha tied to a chair. She was sobbing. 

  Without wasting a second, Dinesh and Vijay began to cut the rope with the knife they recovered from man. Within two or three minutes, they get her free. 

They came out of the mudhouse, they found Aslam standing with a revolver in his hands. He gave them a cruel smile. But Dinesh was in no mood to give anybody a single chance. All he knew was to somehow protect his sister. For this, he was ready to do anything. 

Dinesh leaped on Aslam and dealt him a flying kick on his shoulder. The flying kick made Aslam staggered backward and fell to the floor and the revolver dropped from his hand.

In the next instant, Dinesh took another leap on Aslam. And now He sitting on Aslam"s chest, was punching Aslam. Some hard blows on the face made Aslam unconscious. 

   They tied Aslam with the rope and left the farmhouse immediately. They reached straight home where father and mother were worried. When they saw Sneha with her brother Dinesh they took a sigh of relief. When their father asked Dinesh told all about how he rescued Sneha from the goons with the help of his friend Vijay. He felt proud of his son. 

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