Urja Dhawan

Horror Thriller Tragedy Drama


Urja Dhawan

Horror Thriller Tragedy Drama

The Child

The Child

4 mins

I'm waiting for Mommy to come home - fast! I can't wait for the news. I'm sitting beside the staircase on the floor with my knees folded, looking outside the door.

It's hot.

How long will she take? I glance at the clock in the opposite room through the open window. An hour has already passed?!She must be coming from the hospital anytime now!

I rush to the bedroom upstairs and peer into the mirror.

Hair combed? Check.

Shirt tucked in? Check.

Shoelaces tied? I look down. Oh no! I don't know how to tie them! I need to look perfectly neat and clean for Mommy. I better take them off.

screechhh! honk!

They've come back. I can hear the horn from Dad's car.

I rush down in a hurry and almost slip on the last stair. I need to be careful. After all, I'm fragile!

I stand in front of the door jumping up and down in anticipation. Come on daddy! Hurry up and unlock the door.

I can hear the key sliding in the lock-turning -Click!

Daddy has opened the door for Mommy. She smiles. At me of course, who else! I grin back.

'Be careful sweetie,' Daddy is saying to Mommy.

Yes Mommy,be careful. A great idea has come to my mind. I dash up to the bedroom, take out the pillow from the closet and set it nicely in the middle of the bed. The blanket is already in place.

'Daddy bring her in now,' I call out.

Mommy slowly climbs the stairs,one hand on the belly which is as big as the Halloween pumpkin.

She needs lots of rest and healthy food. My dad says so and I'll make sure she gets it.

Daddy lays her down. 'Take care darling.' He kisses her on the cheek and leaves.

I don't like this. He always leaves her alone all day. One day, I overheard Mommy talking to the neighbour lady. She said Daddy goes to work daily. It is important. He is in some trouble with his boss or something.

I did not understand everything they were talking about. All I know is that Daddy is scary. Does he even love me?

 I'm very angry at him.

He beat my mommy yesterday. Pushed her and she fell. She was crying. Daddy didn't come back all night.

I cuddled up with Mommy in the blanket and gave her a kiss and sang the lullaby which she sometimes sings for me.

She slept after a while and I did too.

But thankfully,Daddy is in a good mood today. He took Mommy to the doctor who says that Mommy would give birth in four months.

I can't wait.

And its growing hotter day by day. I feel cooped up and closed. I'm going to the balcony for some fresh air with Mommy.

She's singing a beautiful song. I like it. I feel like kicking and playing.. such a happy song! I'll make sure to let her know.

'Rita,' Daddy's calling Mommy from the bedroom.

I reply for her. 'Coming daddy. We were watching the stars.' I climb up in the bed between Daddy and Mommy and close my eyes. I did not know I was so tired! I imagine playing with Mommy in the garden.....there are ducks....in the pond frog....jump...my eyes are closing..I'm going to sleep.

I had a very scary dream last night. I saw Mommy got us in a car accident. Someone was driving the car and honking like mad.I was so scared. Mommy was saying the brakes-whatever they are-were not working. I died! It hurt so bad. The glass went right through my stomach. I'm so scared now.

Daddy has gone out of town for a few days. I don't like it. It is strange. He told us that he was going to work. But when Mommy called his office, he wasn't there. Mommy was very angry.

She called Daddy on the phone. I could hear her screaming. It scared me. I have decided that I will try to keep her happy.

Mommy should eat more fruits. That is why I got up early in the morning before her and plucked fresh grapes from the vines in the garden. I put them on the bedside table. Mommy was very surprised to see them. She ate them anyway. And she was happy too! I love when she smiles and pats me and talks to me. I want to eat pizza I've told Mommy. She is ordering it from some place called restaurant. Daddy hasn't come back yet .It has been five days since he went on his business.

I had that dream today also. After watching television with Mommy, I slept off. I was in the same car, there were loud noises. This time, Daddy was also in the dream. He was cutting some wires from a strange machine. I don't want to remember it. It was horrible

It's so hot!

It's still a week before Mommy gives birth. I can't wait. But that's not what I want to talk about.

It's about these strange noises. Recently, I've started hearing strange murmuring noises. Is something wrong with my ear I wonder?

And it's extremely hot. The voices grow louder every second. I can't hear Mommy properly over all this noise. I'll make sure to get the doctor to check my ear.

It's a very busy day today. Mommy's going to the hospital to give birth! She's hurting. But I tell her it is going to be OK.

Of course I'll be going with her. I'm so excited I could not sleep properly last night.

I've come down to the garage with Mommy. Daddy is doing something under the car. He says he preparing the car for us. Daddy is scary but he is also sweet.

Why is it so hot and loud and tight! I feel so uncomfortable! But I'm not letting her go alone with the neighbour lady. Daddy cannot come. He says he has to do something important. 'Take care, honey,' he is saying to Mommy

'Bye Daddy.' I wave. He's waving back and smiling. Daddy can smile!? I'm so happy. I was very worried that something was wrong with him. I thought he did not know how to smile.

Oh! these noises are hurting my ears! I want to cry.

I think I fell asleep in the car. I'm back at my house in the bedroom. I think neighbour lady carried me here. It has started cooling a little bit. But the noises are even louder! Where's Mommy? I can't see her.

Oh yes! she was in the hospital. How can I forget!

I rush down to the main door.

It's extremely cold now. Why am I so tired? And my belly is hurting. Badly! Just like in my dream. By the way, I saw that dream again.

I'm sitting beside the staircase on the floor with my knees folded, looking outside the door.

I'm again... waiting .

I'm waiting...waiting for Mommy and Daddy to come home.

I'm waiting to meet her soon, kiss her soon, hug her soon.

I'm waiting to be born.

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