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Urja Dhawan

Children Stories Fantasy Inspirational

The Magical Mango Tree

The Magical Mango Tree

4 mins

Long, long time ago, there lived two tiny fairies in a mango tree which was growing in a farmer's orchard.

They were the goddesses of that mango tree. It was their duty to keep the branches of the tree growing, to keep the leaves green and healthy and to develop lots and lots of fresh mango fruits. 

They were very kind. Whenever, someone would sit under the tree, be it animal or a person, they would gently sway the branches and the leaves with their magical powers and create a pleasant breeze. 

They loved sharing the joys of the delicious fruit with the farmer. Every month, they would provide the farmer with a boxful of fruits. Be it summer or winter, the farmer would always get his share. 

The only condition was that he wasn't allowed to take more than what that huge box could accommodate. Not even a single mango. Everything was going happily and well until one day something changed.

The farmer had a pretty little daughter whose name was Amy. It was Amy's sixth birthday! There was a lot of hustle and bustle around the house as the entire family was busy preparing for the party. Her mother was cooped up in the kitchen , making delicious food for her daughter. She made a mouth-watering vanilla cake and a big glass of mango shake for everyone from the mangoes of the fairy tree. Two small glasses of the shake were prepared for the tree fairies as well.

Amy enjoyed a lot that day with her parents and siblings who had come for the party. She got lots of presents and beautiful dresses and dolls. After the party was over, Amy went with her cousin sister to sit under the mango tree in the orchard.

They talked a lot about her birthday, the tasty cookies , the amazing games they had played, the delicious mango shake and what not.

"Hey Amy.Do you have one more glass of the shake left?"asked Amy's five year old sis, Betty.

"Oh no ! Mommy used up all the mangoes. I don't think any more is left, "Amy replied. 

Betty was very disappointed. Amy noticed that Betty's smile had vanished from her face and her eyes had become filled with tears. She couldn't make her little sister cry!

Feeling herself as a responsible elder sister, she decided to figure out some way to help her. Her eyes went upto the tree. "What if I take a mango from the tree?"she thought.

"I'll take just one, "she promised to herself. It indeed felt like a very good idea to her.

With the decision made, Amy got up and started jumping as high as she could. Finally, she was able to reach the lowest mango. She plucked it off and happily put in in Betty's hand. 

"Go take it to Mommy, "she said.

After sending off Betty, she turned around and to her horror saw that the leaves of the magnificent mango tree had started to dry off and fall. They turned brown and fell to the ground. The mangoes too had started to assume a dirty brownish colour. They were rotting!

"Oh what have I done!"she cried. "What will Daddy do now!?"


Amy was sitting under the tree crying when she heard a soft voice. "Stop crying Amy, "it said. Surprised, she looked around but didn't see anyone. 

"Look up Amy, "the voice said again. 

Amy did as she was told . She looked up and saw two little girls with wings! They wore a beautiful glittery pink gown and tiny little golden shoes.

"Who are you?"she asked.

"We are the tree fairies, "they said together. 

Amy was fascinated by these tiny magical talking creatures. 

"We live in the tree. It is our home, "one of them said.

"You took our fruit without permission , "the taller of the two said.

Amy apologised to them. "I'm really sorry. I wanted to make my sister happy."

"Well then, that's a good deed little girl! We may be able to forgive you!"the smaller fairy said.

"Yes. But what you did was wrong Amy even if it was done for the good. You should learn to respect and obey rules , Amy, "said the more strict taller fairy.

"I'm really sorry! I promise I'll never steal again. I'll obey my parents and follow the rules, "Amy pleaded.

"Instead of taking the mango without permission, you could have asked us for help, "they said.

"Anyway. We've decided to give you another chance. If you sow another mango tree in this orchard, we will forgive you and save this tree."

"But! You will have to promise to take care of the tree every day."

"I promise!, "Amy said. She was delighted at this opportunity. She immediately ran inside the house, got the mango seed from her father and planted it in the orchard.

The fairies were happy and forgave her. They waved their hands in the air and the tree magically became green snd fresh again. Amy thanked the fairies and promised to take care of the tree.

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