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Shikha Mishra



Shikha Mishra


Being Super Girl

Being Super Girl

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Abhay was working from home that day when he noticed his daughters Kaira and Amaira were watching Supergirl.

While watching the show, Kaira said to her sister, "Amaira Di, I love Supergirl so much, she is so strong, powerful, the way she fights with the demons to save the planet, her super-powers I wish I was, like her.

Amaira said Kaira Did, you know you are a Supergirl too! 

Kaira replied, What are you talking about Di. That's not possible. I don't have a cape, nor super-powers to fly or fight with demons.

Abhay who was listening to their conversation now got interested to know Amaira's reply. He always knew Amaira was very mature and she loved Kaira a lot.

She replied You remember what Dad has always taught us that how we are "Special" and the 5 golden rules to always remember:

1. We are blessed, with our unique strengths and specialties. 

2. You have everything in you that you seek outside.

3. Until you accept and believe in yourself, nothing is going to change for you.

4. It's always easy and convenient to be someone else, but it takes a lot of courage to be yourself.

5. Everyone's journey is different, so instead of wasting your precious time on being someone else, invest that time in being the best version of yourself.

Kaira you, may not have the "Cape" or "Super-power" but you have one thing that no one has and, that's "BEING YOU".

Abhay was really impressed with Amaira's answer, as he approached her daughters, he hugged them and said to Amaira, "Amaira, I am so proud to know your thought process and that you remembered the "Golden Rules", not only this you explained it so well to Kaira.

Keep it up. With that thought process, you can reach the stars, You have a bright future ahead. 

He now turned to Kara and said, Kara, you are blessed to have such a supporting sister, who really takes care of you and she explained to you so nicely about the Golden rules. 

Now, you promise me, that you'll always remember the golden key. Because this key opens the gate to success and glory.

Kids, do you know these Golden rules are very important for me because they were shared by my father and today whatever success I have achieved the credit goes to my father for revealing this secret to me and I am proud to pass on my legacy to you both.

Also, I actually wrote something for you both, this poem is close to my heart, hope you'll like it and shall always remember it.

Kara and Amaira were both excited and said, Wow, Dad, this is amazing, why don't you read this for us. We are sure, this is going to be as amazing as the "Golden Words".

You always tell us anything that comes straight from the heart is always special.

Abhay smiled and said, Great, let me read this to you. Abhay sat between Amaira and Kaira, as he read the poem:

Being Yourself:

How often have we wished to be someone else

Life seems pretty rosy and comfortable on the other side

Instead of pondering how life would have been if you were someone else

How about working towards improving your own life instead.

We all are blessed with our own unique strengths and specialities

But instead of leveraging on our strengths, we get stuck being focused on our weaknesses for too long

Life is a beautiful gift and instead of appreciating it being you

We get ourselves busy chasing something that is not our own.

Until you accept and believe in yourself, nothing is going to change for you.

It's good to look up to other's for inspiration

But it's not acceptable to look down upon yourself, no matter how difficult your life is

You'll find a lot of people criticizing you, hence it's become imperative for you to be on your own side

Everyone's journey is different, so instead of wasting your precious time on being someone else

Invest that time in being the best version of yourself

It's always easy and convenient to be someone else

But it takes a lot of courage to be yourself.

You have everything in you, that you seek outside

You just need to learn to embrace and accept yourself

Before you embark on the wonderful journey of Being Yourself

The journey would not be an easy one, it would be a bumpy ride

But once you reach the beautiful destination, the hard work efforts seem to pay off.

So no matter what, Just be Yourself

And see the magic happening all around you

It's always easy to wish to be like others

But it takes a lot being yourself

And let the world wonder what does it take to be You.

Kaira and Amaira smiled and yes, "Dad, it's beautiful. We promise, that we shall always remember the Power of Self Believe.

Few years down the line:

Kaira and Amaira have won the "Best Entrepreneurs of the Year Award" and hence they were being interviewed by a leading magazine.

The interviewer asked them, Amaira and Kaira ma'am, you have been awarded such a prestigious award, what is your secret of success?

They both smiled and answered, "Golden Rules and Power of Self Believe" shared by our Father.

The interviewer was intrigued and said, I am sure your father must be very proud of you both. "Golden Rules and Power of Self Believe" sounds very interesting, why don't you throw some more light on this?


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