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Average Guy

Drama Romance


Average Guy

Drama Romance

An Unforgettable Bus Journey

An Unforgettable Bus Journey

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24th March 2020... This day is important for two reasons. The first, obviously because from the very next day onwards, that is 25th March, there was a nationwide lockdown announced. This is public knowledge now. The second reason is important only for me. And that is what I'm going to share with you now...

I am a Software professional based in Bhubaneswar. I had come to my hometown in Kolkata for a vacation, to meet my parents. I was scheduled to return by the end of the month and accordingly my train reservations were made. However from around 21st, 22nd March, the buzz was that there can be a total lockdown announced nationwide. This was accentuated by the curfew announced on the 22nd. If the lockdown comes through, I was apprehensive that I will be stuck and not be able to return to my work location. I do not have much of an excess leave also. Train reservations at such short notice are always difficult between Kolkata and Bhubaneswar. I tried to book online train tickets but failed. So without taking any chance I booked an overnight bus ticket to Bhubaneswar. Long-distance bus journeys are not to my liking, but there was no option. I got a relatively good seat on one of those luxury AC buses, where the seat can be reclined to the back and you can go half-lying down. It was an overnight bus, starting at around 8 pm...will reach very early morning at Bhubaneswar. So on the 24th evening, I was on this bus, when I read the news on my mobile internet, that from the next day, 25th March onwards a nationwide lockdown had been announced. I was relieved that I was just saved from getting stuck.

The bus had 2x2 seating arrangements. I was on an aisle seat. Just on the adjacent seat on the other side of the aisle, two middle-aged ladies were seated. It seemed that their brother and sister-in-law had come to see them off. The tall, heavily built gentleman turned to me and said, "My sister and bhabhi (elder brother's wife) are traveling in a long-distance bus for the first time. If it's not much of a problem, I would request you to please just help them in case of any emergency."

I smiled and said, "No issues, I'll definitely take care." As it was almost time for the bus' departure, they left.

I exchanged pleasantries with the two ladies, just 'Hi hello', nothing else. Both of them seemed to be around my age only. By the way, I am 36, still a bachelor ( relevant to mention here... will explain later.. ).

But, what was this ?... The bus wasn't starting although it was past the departure time. I went down to enquire. The news shattered me. The bus had a major technical won't start at all. The bus driver, the conductor was discussing with their owner about informing the passengers about this. Nobody else on the bus knew about this till then. Hearing this, I asked them, whether they are making alternate arrangements for any other bus. They said that they do not have any other bus, but they'll refund the money. I said that refunding won't help, I desperately need to go. They said that there's another transport company's bus which was about to start within an hour, which I can try. Or else there's another late night bus at 9.45 pm from a third company.

I was talking to the senior conductor of the bus. But I saw that many passengers were now down and they were having a heated discussion with the owner and driver. That means the news of the bus getting canceled is now announced to all. I saw the two ladies of my adjacent seat come down the bus. When they saw me they came towards me where I was talking with the conductor. I explained to them in brief and suggested that we should not waste time arguing with the bus owner. But we should be the first to try the other buses. The ladies agreed and we hurried to the bus ticket counters. I told the ladies to enquire at the counter where the bus was leaving later. I targeted the 9 pm bus counter. Luckily for me, they said that there was a cancellation just now for a double seat...a couple has canceled, as the man had fallen sick. I said that I need one more seat, which they said that the bus is otherwise full, so it's not possible. I said that I'm willing to pay more if they can give me just one seat more. They said, they can give me a ticket, but will allot a seat only if there's any cancellation. Otherwise, I'll have to travel sitting on a small stool on the central passage of the bus, as standing is not allowed in a fast-moving long-distance night bus. While I was discussing all this with the men at the ticket counter, the two ladies came and joined me. They said that the other night bus is totally full. They insisted that I take these 3 tickets on that bus, as they did not want to travel alone in this troubling situation. I had no alternative but to book the tickets. I paid for the three tickets. The ladies wanted to give me the money right then. I said, we have a lot of work even then and we can settle the accounts later on the bus. We then rushed back to our original bus to recover our luggage, which had been stored in the bus hold. We also collected the refund amount. We went and stored our luggage in the second bus, where passengers had started to board. All these took up the time and by the time we put our luggage in the bus-hold and the ladies occupied their seats, it was time for the bus to start off. I gave the two seats to the ladies obviously, who was really concerned about how could I travel sitting on the floor on the central aisle of the bus. I said we were at least lucky to get a bus. The other passengers in our original bus could not manage anything and they were still arguing and shouting at the bus owner. It was fortunate for us that the ladies also got their seats side by side. They were however continuously cribbing on how I would travel standing. The unmarried lady offered that she will sit on the passage and I take her seat. I laughed it off, saying that it is quite a ridiculous proposition.

The conductor said, that while we were traveling within the city limits, I could stand, but once the bus reaches the highway, the internal lights will be dimmed and I will have to sit on the floor of the bus. So, within the city limits, I stood beside the ladies and chatted. I learned that they had come to visit their second brother's family, who was working in Kolkata. They were also cutting short their visit and returning to their home in a rush, due to this sudden lockdown. They had already telephoned their brother and told him what had happened. Their brother wanted to talk to me on their mobile. He thanked me profusely for being so helpful and organizing tickets for the ladies, even when I myself did not get a seat.

By this time, we had exchanged our names. The unmarried lady was Namrata and her sister-in-law was Malini. I learned that they were actually old friends from school and college. Malini was married to Namrata's other brother, who is a Marine engineer. He is generally out for six months in a year and presently out at sea. They live in the same flat in Bhubaneswar. Their parents live in Cuttak. Both of them are teachers in a girl's school there. They asked about me. I told them that I was a Software Engineer posted in Bhubaneswar, my parents living in Kolkata. On being asked, I told them that I wasn't married...just did not get time with my responsibilities of taking care of my parents, getting my sister married, and getting settled in my career. So at 36, I was still a bachelor. To this, they exchanged glances and laughed jointly. On asking, they said it was a coincidence that they both were also 36. I laughed too.

Malini and Namrata were continuously cribbing about my having to take this long night journey sitting on the floor of the bus. They were whispering something amongst themselves in their mother tongue Oriya, which I was not able to make out, standing beside their seat. Then it seemed that they came to a consensus and asked me to bend my head so that they can whisper something. What they told me was a bolt out of the blue. They suggested that when the bus reaches the highway and the lights are dimmed, I should sit on one of theirs laps. I protested vehemently. Malini, the sister-in-law, argued that out of the three of us, my weight was the least. That was of course true. I am a small man weighing about 63 kgs and quite short for a guy at 5 feet 3 inches. Both the ladies were in that way bigger than me in size. Malini was a shade taller than me, possibly 5 feet 4 inches, but was definitely much heavier, which I later found out to be 75 kgs. The unmarried girl was very tall, which I later came to know, was 5 feet 10 inches. Her weight of 87 kgs, however, did not make her look fat, just because of her magnificent height. Malini said, "See, if I would be your weight, I would have gladly gone sitting on Namrata's lap. But she won't be able to bear my weight for so long. But you can easily go sitting on either of ours laps. It's your choice on whose lap you want to sit." I said, "What sort of a choice are you giving me? Both of you are ladies and of my age only. But I'm a guy. How can I go sitting on a girl's lap, and on such a long overnight journey ?"

Namrata said, "But we cannot allow you to sit on the floor, while we go sitting. In such a case, you sit here and I'll sit on the floor."

I said, " But how can I agree to that."

She said, " Then I'm giving you one other take any one of us on your lap."

I laughed, "But both of you are much heavier than me."

Malini said, "That's exactly our point. So it is easier than you sit on our lap. Listen, I suggest that since I'm sitting on this aisle side, you sit on my lap first. Then if you are uncomfortable, you can shift to Namrata's lap."

I was aghast, "What are you two talking about? What will the other passengers think ?"

Malini said, "Nobody will notice. Lights will be dimmed and people will be sleeping at night. Besides with these high back seats, people won't be able to see...except just the seat beside us across the aisle. But there are two old ladies there who are already asleep. So don't worry."

I was still not convinced, "But can I sit on a girl's lap ?"

Namrata said, "Malini you just stand..let me get out. Since he is not willing, then I'll sit on the bus floor...."

I said, "No wait! ... Don't create a scene on the bus! Ok ok, I'll sit... Let the lights go off first."

Both the girls gave me a beaming smile.

So when the lights went off soon after and the soft green night lamps came on, Malini tapped my hand and patted her lap. I had no alternative but to ease my body on her lap. She was big for her height. Her lap was big and soft... I just sank in. I sat straight, awkwardly. She whispered in my ear, "Just relax your body and lean back".

I said, "I'm fine."

Malini said, "But I'm not fine... You are sitting straight and stiff...your full weight is coming on my knees as a point load. If you lean back, your weight will be distributed on my whole body."

I leaned back on head rested on her shoulder, my face was just beside hers. I looked at her face sideways and smiled, "Physics graduate it seems ?"

She smiled back, "Yess..."

She put her arms around my waist and hoisted me up a little to adjust me properly on her lap, and asked, "Comfortable ?"

I said, "Very comfortable but feeling embarrassed."

She said, "Don't be...think that I'm your sister-in-law too... so you need not feel ashamed to sit on your Bhabhi's lap. And I'm much bigger in size than you. I'm a little taller than you too. What is your height and weight, by the way ?"

I said, "5 feet 3 inches and 63 kgs."

Both of them exchanged looks with each other and laughed. Malini said, "See I told you... I'm taller than you by 1 inch and I'm also 12 kgs heavier than you. Looking at it that way, Namrata is full 7 inches taller than you and she's 24 kgs heavier. So it's not a problem at all for either of us to carry you."

Suddenly, the person in front of us reclined his seat... The back of the front seat came right in front of my face. It was almost hitting me since I was sitting on Malini's lap, and her lap was quite thick. To counter that, Malini also had to recline her did Namrata to keep at the same angle of inclination with us. But since I was sitting on Malini's lap, and she was now almost in a half-lying position, I also went into a lying position on her body. But the effect was not very comfortable for me. Since her figure was a little round, it was difficult for me to adjust myself half lying on her body. She was holding me with her arms around my waist, but still, I was slipping. Secondly, we both being almost the same height, with me now lying on top of her, my face was just beside hers and our cheeks were touching. This was awkward for me as she was somebody else's wife.

Namrata saw my predicament and said, "Malini, I think he is having problems lying on you like that since you both are of almost the same height. I think you should pass him on to me now. It'll be easier for me to take him on my lap since he is much smaller than me."

So I was passed on by Malini to Namrata, who extended her hands and literally scooped me up from Malini's lap and placed me on her lap. She adjusted my body on hers in such a way that I was lying a little sideways on her with my head on her shoulder towards the window side. My face was half facing inside towards her body. Since she was seven inches taller than me, my face was beside her neck. My body was fully rested on her body, my hips on her lap, my thighs and legs lying fully supported on her big thighs and legs. She put her arms around my waist and stomach and held me firmly on her lap. Then she bent her face to look into my eyes, smiled sweetly, and said, "Comfortable? Or shall I hold you differently?"

I smiled back, "What is this, Namrata? You have amazing strength... You just picked me up from Bhabhi's lap and you are holding me now so easily as if I'm a child on your lap."

She looked at me seriously and said, "Does this bother you ?"

I said smiling, "Everything about you bothers me... Your fantastic height, your awesome strength, your wholesome figure...You are just the most incredible woman I've ever come across till now."

Namrata's face lit up with a radiant smile, "You are exaggerating. I'm just a big, fat, tall, dark, ugly woman."

I said, "Do you know, I'm the luckiest man to be held by such a magnificent tall woman so intimately on her fabulous lap."

I could feel her give me a soft squeeze with her arms, which were wrapped around me. She whispered, "Don't talk to me like that... I'll fall in love with you."

I smiled back, "I know that I don't have that much luck... But I was just speaking my mind."

She gave me a harder squeeze on my body this time and bent her face down towards me... with an effect that my face which was on her shoulders looking sideways to her, now went inside her neck. She didn't try to lift her face, but rested her chin lightly on my cheek, with my face buried in her long and thick neck. She held me like that... not moving or talking. My face was embedded inside her neck. I closed my eyes and just lay on her big breasts and her soft body, held by her strong embrace, and was feeling totally engulfed by this big, tall woman from all sides.

The bus had now taken up speed. Namrata kept her chin on my cheek for quite a long time trapping my face inside her big neck. My nose was touching the inside of her neck. I was feeling so small being held so helplessly inside her huge body. But strangely I was feeling so safe and protected by this big woman, the way she held me so tightly on her body covering me up from all sides. Although she was a woman and also of the same age, it was as if she was my protector and I had willingly surrendered myself to her power and control.

I was tired of my day's hectic schedule...I don't remember when I fell into a deep sleep. When I opened my eyes I was still lying on Namrata's body. She was fast asleep holding me on her breasts. I raised my head a little to see that Malini was also sleeping in her seat. I now realized that all three of was covered by one bedsheet. The AC was quite chilling, so it was quite comfortable under the sheet. This sheet covered both Malini and Namrata. Since I was lying on Namrata, Malini must have covered us up in such a way, that only my nose and eyes were out of the cover. Otherwise, a casual onlooker won't even know that I'm lying full stretched on the tall Namrata's body. My stirring on her body woke up Namrata. She opened her eyes, looked down at me, and whispered, "What happened? Uncomfortable? Shall I change your position ?"

I whispered back, "I'm ok. But I think I need to stand for some time. I have been lying on you for a long time, your legs must be painting. Why don't you wake Malini up...let me stand."

Namrata smiled, patted my cheek lightly, and said, "No need... I'm fine. If you want I'll shift your body so that you can change your position. You have been lying on one side only for a long time."

Saying this, she shifted my body so that my head now rested on her other shoulder, which was just beside Malini. She positioned my body such that I was now lying face down on her with my face just on her collar bone near her neck. My hand had to be kept somewhere, the most comfortable was holding her around her neck. She whispered to me, "Better ?"

I smiled at her in the dim green light, "Namrata, you are handling me like your baby."

She whispered back, "You have said this earlier. Now don't start on your praises once again. Otherwise, I'll just kidnap you and take you away."

I smiled, "Where ?"

She smiled back, "To my house and will never let you go."

I said, "How will you kidnap me?"

She said, "When we reach tomorrow morning, I'll just pick you up in my arms and carry you away."

I said, "And then?"

She said, "Then what? You will be mine... I will own you."

I said, "But I'm so much shorter than you. You will not be able to take me out with you or introduce me to your friends and relatives."

She said, "So what if you are smaller than me. I don't have any problems with that. I am taller than most men and almost all women. Men are intimated by my height and size. They are uneasy to even stand in front of me. That is why no suitable match could also be found for me by my parents and brothers. You are the first man, who did not feel intimidated by my height and strength. The words you said to me before falling asleep on me...I was telling Malini that those were the best compliments I've ever received from anybody. You do not have any inhibitions about my holding you on my lap and handling you like a baby. You have the strength of character and personality to hold your own and not get overawed by a woman just because she is so much taller and stronger than you. To me, you are a perfect man."

I laughed, "Enough Namrata, now you stop praising me, otherwise I will kidnap you."

She said, "But how will you kidnap me? I'm taller and stronger than you."

I said, "Simple... I'll just say Namrata, I want you to come with me...I want to own you and keep you with me forever."

She looked at me intently and asked, "I'll ask you the same question you asked me... I'm so much bigger and taller and stronger than you. My face is not good-looking. I'm not fair. Why will your parents accept me? How will you go to your family or friends' parties with a big, tall wife towering over you? Won't you feel embarrassed to be seen standing beside a wife so much taller than you?"

I said, "Why? You will be like a trophy to me. I'll be proud to show off my tall wife. And besides, I have never wanted a fair and beautiful wife. She will always think that she has done me a favor by marrying me. Also, she will always compare me with other men who are taller, more handsome, or more successful than me and have a regret that she could have married them instead of me. I want a woman who will want me for who and what I am. I know I'm short, but I do not have any means to change that; I was born and made that way. My character, my education, and my professional success are what I've earned by myself and I want to be appraised on that and not on my height. So I would be proud to display that even if I'm so short, I've been able to win such a tall wife for myself."

Namrata did not say anything. She just pressed my face with her hand. My face crushed into the space between her neck and her breasts. She held me there softly and whispered into my ear, "That does it no one can save you from this giant woman. Consider yourself my captive... tomorrow morning I'll just carry you in one arm and my luggage in the other and take you to my house. You will be The trophy that I have won for myself."

I laughed, "So, it's a win-win for both of us. Both of us have won a trophy each."

She squeezed my cheek with her fingers, "No, I've won are mine...."

There was a stirring beside us...Malini was awake. She whispered in a complaining tone, "What are you two love birds doing in the middle of the night ?... not letting me sleep..."

Namrata released her pressure on my I turned to look at Malini, still lying face down on Namrata's body. Namrata whispered to her, "Hey Malini, you are awake ?"

Malini complained, "How can I sleep? I heard you two flirting away. I am your best friend... I have the right to listen to your romantic chat."

Malini gave me a loving slap on my cheek, "And you mister... Did I pass you on to my friend so that you can seduce this innocent girl? And you are sweet-talking her into marrying you ?"

I also played along, "What can I do Bhabhi? Your Nanad (sister-in-law) is so tall and strong, see how she is holding me, helplessly captive on her body. She is now threatening to kidnap me and carry me home as her trophy."

Malini laughed, "Don't give me all that, this trophy idea was yours only...I heard everything you two have been whispering."

All three of us laughed. 

There was an announcement by the conductor that we will be reaching our destination shortly. We heard people waking up. Namrata again scooped me up in her arms and passed me on to Malini's lap. I got up from there and stood up. The ladies also straightened the seats and organized themselves.

Before long we got down from the bus and collected our luggage. I hailed a taxi and we kept all our suitcases inside the car hold. I told the ladies that I'll drop them off at their apartment first and then go to mine. Namrata asked Malini to get in the back seat first. I was about to take my seat in the front, but Namrata held my hand and directed me to get in the back seat too. She then came in, pushing me to the center beside Malini. Once we were seated, I asked the driver to head towards the apartment of these ladies. Namrata had been keeping a hold on my hand even after sitting in the car. I looked at her and smiled. "What happened? Let go of my hand now."

She looked at me with mock seriousness and said, "Have you forgotten that you are kidnapped now? You are coming with me to my place. No seriously... jokes apart...what I'm saying is that from today there is a lockdown. Our school will be closed now, so will be your office. So why don't you stay with us for the time being, till such time everything opens up ?"

I said, "I don't mind that, but there are two issues. One is that I might have to do my office work from home on my laptop, that is what was being discussed in the office. Secondly, I do not have much clothing here in my bag. I am just carrying a few with me. How will I get them from home, since transport will not be available from today."

Namrata was still holding my hand. She squeezed it and said, "If you have to work from home on your laptop, you can do it from here too. We have a broadband connection, you won't have any problem with the network. Secondly, both of us have our separate scooters. There will be definitely some relaxation for emergencies. I will take you one day to your flat and bring whatever clothes you want. Now any other excuses ?" She smiled at me sweetly.

I said, "Not an excuse, but a genuine issue. Where will I sleep?"

This time Malini answered, "We will give you a separate room for your living and office work. And if you want you can also use the tall, strong, soft bed you slept on last night in the bus." She winked at me. The ladies looked at each other and laughed and gave a high five. Namrata squeezed my hand and gave me a beaming smile, "So now no more excuses will be entertained, or else I've already told you how I'll carry you home." We all laughed...

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