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Horror Thriller


Preesha Sharma

Horror Thriller

Alchemy Of Darkness - Chapter 5

Alchemy Of Darkness - Chapter 5

6 mins

Clarissa and Joycelyn sat silently on the table, sipping the hot soup with their spoons until they had finished. Both their faces bore an unstable and anxious look. 

"I guess we should go to bed.....we will get up early tomorrow and continue our research, also read the diaries you brought.....", said Joycelyn.

"You are right, I feel really tired....we should go to sleep."(Clarissa)

Joycelyn went inside the kitchen to clean the utensils, while Clarissa went to her room and made her bed. Clarissa desperately needed rest or at least a break from the insane things that had happened.

After doing the dishes, Joycelyn went to her room to sleep.

"Good night Clarissa!"

"Good night Joycelyn"      

Clarissa pulled the cover and lay comfortably in the bed and soon dozed off to sleep.


Clarissa was in a garden. The garden was very beautiful and colorful with fragrant flowers adding to its charm. A fountain, splashing fresh, crystal clear water. It's calming sound making the scene more serene and refreshing. The warmth of the sun made the atmosphere even more comfortable and peaceful. The melodious sounds of the birds chirping were heartwarming...

Clarissa stood beneath an evergreen tree, which was quite exuberant. The refreshing breeze blowing against her face. She smiled appealingly as she strolled a little in the garden, taking a glimpse of its beauty and freshness. She ambled around in the garden and felt the cool calming drops of water from the fountain fall on her cheeks. 

The panorama was quite vivacious....everything seemed perfect.

Clarissa walked on the flawless pathway which was lined between the fresh green blades of grass.

She kept on strolling in the garden until she spotted something that caught her attention......

At the backdrop of the green trees laden with freshness, stood Pine and Spruce trees with pitch-black wood absolutely bare.

 Clarissa wondered, " This certainly does not match the garden's ambiance! What exactly might be the cause for the bareness amongst those verdant trees?" Clarissa's curiosity overpowered her and she walked towards those trees. She could feel the warmth of the sun instantly fade away into coldness..... This wasn't the first time Clarissa had experienced this phenomenon. She could immediately sense something eerie. The garden behind her subsided......and she had entered the same dimension once again.....but how?

She stood within the tall and unnerving cluster of foliage...the exact same grey fog surrounding everywhere... Clarissa gulped as a chill ran down her spine and adrenaline gushed in her veins...

This time, there was no castle anywhere, just dark woods... She then saw a dark shadow, it was coming closer with every breath she took. That figure was tall and creepy. Clarissa froze with fear as she learned that the figure was heading towards her!

She closed her eyes, she did not wish to see what that figure was or what it looked like. Some instinct within wanted her to have a glimpse, she felt a strong urge. She tried her best to curb the urge but it was all in vain. She slowly peeked and let out a choked gasp in disbelief. That figure was starring right at her in a face.

It had hollow soulless eyes and pale skin with bony fingers. It grinned at her showing its razor-sharp fangs.

Clarissa let out a muffled scream. The figure moved at a distance.

"I am so sorry Clarissa! I really did not mean to scare you!", the figure said in its low, deep voice.

"How do you know my name?! Who are you?"

"Well, well that is something you are supposed to find have been given clues, you just need to put them together and crack the code.....because 'THE SECRET LIES WITHIN EVERYTHING'", saying so the shadowy figure uttered some words in a strange language and in a trice Clarissa stood in her own room.

She saw herself sleeping on her bed! 


Clarissa opened her eyes, relieved. It was just a bad dream! Everything was unreal......or it wasn't?

She was still lying on the mattress. She tried to move her limbs, but they seemed to be glued in their place. She tried to move them by putting in all her efforts, but they would not budge. Clarissa had no idea what was happening, but whatever it was, it wasn't a pleasant experience. She felt a strange kind of paralysis surge up in her whole body.

She saw something standing right in front of her. It was the same shadowy figure again! Staring at her. Clarissa wanted to move but she couldn't despite her desperate attempts to do so. Her body felt numb. 

The tall shadow lurked forward speaking in a deep, hollow voice.

"Hey there!", saying so, it let out a menacing growl.

"Back off! You are a monster, a demon! LEAVE ME ALONE!", Clarissa said in a desperate tone.

The shadow grabbed Clarissa's arm in a cold, tight grip and slowly disappeared in thin air by turning itself into black fume.

Clarissa could feel her senses come back to life. 

She got up and sat upright on the bed, drank some water from the bottle kept next to her bed. She felt tired, but the episode that occurred moments ago kept her awake. She tried to get some rest by lying down.

The next morning, She woke up feeling weary and went outside in the living room. She saw Joycelyn sitting at the table along with some papers, sipping her coffee.

"What's the matter? You look really queasy, is everything alright?" (Joycelyn)

"Nothing is alright... Yesterday was the worst night ever!" (Clarissa)

"Come and sit here, and tell me what happened." (Joycelyn)

Clarissa told everything that took place that night, to Joycelyn in detail. The dream turning into a nightmare, the shadow dominating her and she suddenly becoming completely immobile. 

"Oh my! You were completely paralyzed?!" (Joycelyn)

"Yes!" (Clarissa)

"This phenomenon is called 'Sleep paralysis*'. It is a very rare case" (Joycelyn)

"But that shadow! I somehow think it wants something from me! It is pure evil!" (Clarissa)

"You should relax a little bit, we will then proceed to read the books you brought along with you." (Joycelyn)

"Yeah sure" (Clarissa)

*Sleep Paralysis: It is a phenomenon that happens to all of us. While sleeping, our brain automatically paralyzes our body so that we do not act out our dreams while we are asleep. The stage of sleep when our brain executes this function is called REM sleep. During REM sleep, our body is at the peak of sleep and most of our memories are volatile, hence we should never wake up a person who is in deep sleep. However, some unlucky individuals happen to wake up at this stage of sleep wherein the body and brain aren't fully awake, hence that results in the whole body being paralyzed. The brain functions awkwardly. There is a possibility of the person hallucinating. This phenomenon can also be related to paranormal terms.


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