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Preesha Sharma

Horror Thriller


Preesha Sharma

Horror Thriller

Alchemy Of Darkness CHAPTER 1

Alchemy Of Darkness CHAPTER 1

5 mins

NOTE: This book is a pure work of fiction, all characters mentioned are fictitious....any resemblance is purely coincidental.....

It was raining heavily that night, Karlie paced forward with all her might. She had very little strength left and a very long way to go. She was being chased by an angry demonic entity, who was wanting her soul....... Karlie knew the demon was on her trail and the demon would get her eventually.......

As Karlie ran, she could hear angry monstrous growls following her. She did not stop running until she reached home.

She came home, completely drenched.

It was midnight, the house was silent, except for the occasional sound of thunder. Karlie's parents were fast asleep, completely oblivious about her. Karlie stealthily crept to her room. She sat in a corner crouching herself in a fetal position and cried her heart out until there were no tears left to cry. She then let out a woeful moan which was both, out of fear and sadness.

Karlie felt nostalgic for a moment. She remembered her childhood days when she loved vampires and other folklore. A gentle smile appeared on her tear-streaked face. For a moment all the anxiety, fear, and trauma ceased.

After a while she sat up on her bed, her mind producing thoughts like a perpetually running machine.

All of a sudden she could notice a silhouette of a dark black shadow standing right in front of her.

The shadow.......

It was a tall feminine figure standing upright, towering Karlie.

"This is it........there is no escape", Karlie thought to herself.

The shadow with its deep, hollow, and red eyes, stared at Karlie, grinning, revealing it's razor-sharp fangs.

It let out a low growl.......

Karlie looked in its eyes, her gaze locked completely.......the shadowy figure outstretched its hand grabbing Karlie by her throat, it's cold, long and bony fingers chocking her. Karlie let out a gasp, fear paralyzing her completely and........

In a flick of a moment, the demon vanished. There was nothing, just black mist filling the room.

Slowly insanity took over Karlie, eating away her soul, bit by bit.........

And one fine day, all of a sudden everything was gone, all that remained were memories of Karlie, the girl who struggled...........

One breezy night, Clarissa sat quietly on the bench alongside a tall brightly lit, lamp post. The light shining directly above her head.

She thought to herself, sitting alone in the darkness. She was a student in the most renowned and esteemed institution for the study and research regarding supernatural beings, entities, and demons...... it was Versa Institute of Supernatural and Demonic Research or VISDR.

"Where the hell are you...Imogen? Don't leave me and Joycelyn alone this way......"

That very moment, the weather around her turned cold.....she could feel the drastic drop of temperature despite the humidity around her.

She felt a chill run down her spine.....the light above her started to flicker, she could hear a faint whisper, The clues lie within just need to discover them......"

Clarissa could not wait any further. Without any delay, he walked towards her home led by a deserted footpath, where all the stray dogs and other animals inhabited.

The next day at VISDR Clarissa met her longtime friend Joycelyn. Both knew Imogen pretty well and were aware of her mystery.

"Hey, CLarissa! After such a long time!" said Joycelyn.

"Yeah! It has been quite a while....."

"Come on.....we have to attend today's class, we can't miss this....."

Both of them walked towards the class. Everyone in the class was seated in their places, the institute itself was like an ancient monumental structure and the classroom was no exception. As both the girls took their seats, the lessons began. Mr.Desmond, the professor entered the classroom and without speaking a word began chalking out the words,'Connections With the Other Worlds' on the board.

Mr.Desmond was a middle-aged man with a straight posture and a heavy British accent embedded in his voice. He dressed simply and was devoted to his line of work. He himself had performed many spirit readings in the past which made him an experienced person in the field.

"Okay folks, today we will be learning how do people make contact with entities and spirits by means of various rituals and objects.

Before I begin, You all should know that specters and entities can be contacted by human beings. But It is not as easy as it may sound, nor is it a safe thing to do. Rituals should always be carried out under the supervision of a psychic medium because you don't have a clue of what you are summoning or invoking........

So, rituals are basically specific processes which allow us to invoke certain entities, they could be good or evil. It all depends on the type of ritual you are performing. Objects however do not require any sort of process in order to summon or invoke any entity. It creates contact upon using it for example Ouja boards( pronunciation of Ouja: wee-jee or wee-jaa), Black crystals, or spirit boxes."

"May I know what exactly is a spirit box, professor?", asked one student.

"A spirit box can also be called a radio but is not exactly one. It performs the task of switching between various radio stations with different frequencies, any questions?"

"How does that help us with communication?"

"As we have known earlier, spirits or other entities have the power to manipulate or control electronic radio frequencies, it may be words or some random gibberish. Depends on what kind of entity you are dealing with".

Clarissa instantly remembered that night, when she sat on a bench all alone......the light above her, flickered.........

Maybe a spirit was around, doing such things, the fact that they could control electronic waves made perfect sense with that incident........the temperature dropping, light flickering, whispers......she wasn't alone after all.

After a while, the bell rang and the class was over.......everyone stepped out.

Maybe some entity was along with Clarissa that night.......or was it all a coincidence?

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