Preesha Sharma

Horror Thriller


Preesha Sharma

Horror Thriller

Alchemy Of Darkness - Chapter 2

Alchemy Of Darkness - Chapter 2

6 mins

Clarissa Waverley and her friend Jocelyn Mathews worked at a top-secret agency. Both had heard about the mysterious disappearance of Karlie Wilson. Clarissa wondered, " Even, Imogen has been missing for a decade......... No one ever reported her death, and to add to the list.....we have Karlie Wilson".

Clarissa went to her office which was an old three-story building with a terrace. The first and second floors were sealed. They were occupied by companies who had defaulted on taxes for long and so their offices were sealed by the local authorities. Clarrisa and Joycelyn were the only occupants of the third floor. 

This was a perfect hiding place for both Clarissa and Jocelyn. It appeared old enough for anyone to mistake it for an empty, abandoned place, just in case if the police or any legal department got to know. That way, the authorities could easily mistake that building to be abandoned and worn out.

Clarissa parked her car in the basement and took the elevator to the third floor. 

Clarissa entered her working block. Jocelyn was already engrossed in her work but noticed Clarissa's presence.

"Hey, Clarissa! Early today?" Asked Jocelyn.

"Yeah, just wanted to carve out some extra time just in case....."

Clarissa sat on her desk, which had dozens of case files pilled upon it, Karlie's case file resting above them all.

As Clarissa flipped through the pages of Karlie's case file

she read.......





Meanwhile, Joycelyn printed a few pages and handed them to Clarissa. These pages contained evidence records concerning Karlie Wilson's case.

"Great job Jocelyn, this might get us somewhere. But I still am curious to know where exactly is Imogen, in what state could she be? It's been a decade...... ever since we last saw her", said Clarissa.

"I know it feels like we have lost Imogen forever, but some instincts of mine still tell me she is out there and we will eventually find her."' (Joycelyn)

"Yes we will....."(Clarissa)

"These papers are important, it contains Karlie Wilson's address, maybe we could go and ask her relatives or parents some questions, that may help..........."

"You have a point, let me refer to the pages........ could you just rush to the basement and start my car..... I will join you''.

Jocelyn does as asked by Clarissa. As Clarissa arrives in the basement, where Jocelynn was ready with the car, both drive to Karlie's residence. Jocelyn pulled in the driveway of Dourlas Ville, the place where Karlie lived. Both got down and walked past the courtyard.

The gardens in the courtyard of Dourlas Ville that once bloomed with flora and greenery were now filled with lifeless flowers and dried up bushes, each of its aspects revealing the cruel effects of time upon it.

Clarissa knocked on the door. The door was answered by Mrs. Wilson.

Clarissa: "Hello, I am Clarissa Waverley and this is my colleague Joycelyn, we have been running investigations on Karlie's disappearance and wish to ask you some questions regarding her."

Both Clarissa and Joycelyn showed their ID.

Mrs. Wilson: "Sure, you must be from the detective agency, come in please."

Clarissa and Joycelyn exchanged looks as they entered the house.

Maybe Mrs.Wilson knew that they are top secret agents, or....maybe not?

Ththree of them made their way to the living room. They sat on the couch. The atmosphere in the house seemed gloomy and delusional. all the windows were covered with white colored translucent blinds, allowing a very little amount of light to enter the room.

Clarissa: "I am really sorry about Karlie but, was her body ever found?"

Mrs.Wilson: "Not really, but I still cannot digest the fact that our girl Karlie just vanished....."(crying)

Clarissa:" I really did not mean to make you cry ......

Mrs.Willson: "It's fine.....ask me whatever you want to....I can handle it, this is just a minor outburst......."

Clarissa: "Do you know what last happened to her before she disappeared?"

Mrs.Wilson: "Karlie just came home when it was midnight a few days back, I wasn't fully asleep so I could notice her coming, she was tired as I heard her breathing quite heavily. The next day as I went to go and check on her, her room was locked shut, I tried to open it but it wouldn't budge. Karlie had locked herself in complete isolation, she refused any kind of help. I could hear her screams occasionally, a week passed with such episodes happening continuously.........I tried to open the door, with all my effort but in vain. One fine day I could see the door open itself.......all this time, it was like a force holding the door shut. When I peeked inside.....I was struck with horror, only to see scratch marks on the walls and the words 'HELP ME' written in dried blood everywhere.......and she was gone.....not even a trace of my girl.........."

Mrs.Wilson was on the verge of tears.....she looked at Clarissa and Jessebell with a hint of guilt on her sad face.........

Clarissa: "That must be rough......If you don't mind can I personally inspect Karlie's room?"

Mrs.Wilson: "Sure.....but don't take too long in there......"

Mrs.Wilson guided Clarissa to Karlie's room.

As Clarissa entered the room, she closed the door behind her. 

The scene that lay before her was both disturbing and horrifying, it matched Mrs.Wilson's description perfectly. The walls were bloody and scratched. Clarissa could notice a few more details apart from the description earlier. The window neighboring the bed was developing cracks.......she could see something written in black ink on the wasn't there when she entered.......

Clarissa closed her eyes as she stood in the middle of the room, she could feel the weather around her turn cold. She could feel it's presence......she saw Karlie kneeling helplessly beside the bed and heard a was deep, hollow, and was nothing but evil.......

It said, "I gave you a chance to leave them alone and mind your own damn business.......I hate repeating things.......this is what you get when you don't listen to me or make me repeat......."

The end of the sentence was followed by an ear-deafening scream of Karlie begging for mercy.....

Clarissa opened her eyes...." something terrible happened here!"


As she was about to exit the room, the door blasted open....Mrs.Wilson came in with a sharp knife in a hand......she pounced on Clarissa.....Clarissa fell on the floor, trying to escape Mrs.Wilson's grip.....suddenly, the glass which earlier had cracks exploded, the shards of glass piercing her grip loosened, Clarissa escaped...... while Mrs.Wilson bled to death lying on the floor.....

"Let's get out of here.....Mrs.Wilson, tried to kill me.......", said Clarissa in a panicked tone.

both of them ran out of the house, without looking back and got in the car...

Mrs.Wilson wanted to kill Clarissa.....but why?

Clarissa's car started speeding up the road, all of a sudden, the car was out of control. Joycelyn held the steering tightly and tried to force the stop by brakes, but she could feel a certain power taking control.....something stronger......



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