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Drama Horror Tragedy


Regina S

Drama Horror Tragedy

A Ghost's Unfulfilled Wish - 45

A Ghost's Unfulfilled Wish - 45

11 mins

Chapter 45

Riona loved you, so much that there were no words to express it and I am sorry to say that she died because of the same love she had for you. "What's John's fault here? It was Riona who developed a feeling for John and it was her fault for not expressing it to him" said Sandeep, "agreed. firstly, she was not an extrovert like me, secondly how can she propose John when she knew he was in love with Roslyn.." replied Fiona.

"I know you can never forget this incident John, your last exam day, the day when Roslyn proposed to you, and how she was dragged out of college by her father, Riona was there when it happened and I can never forget how much she cried after reaching home, knowing the fact she can never be the love of your life.. it broke her heart into pieces... but she was more upset because your heart was broken.....

"I call that as her foolishness, you shouldn't fall in love if you can't express it" argued Sandeep, at "least when she knew that Roslyn wasn't in John's life anymore she should have decided to open up about her love"... With a sorrowful smile, She said "Mr.Sandeep, her life's goal was John, John, John and nothing but John... After a point, I got irritated with her... I threatened her that I will go and talk to John on her behalf if she doesn't... so right after she completed her graduation and after 2 years of your completion of graduation she came to meet John, she overheard the two of you taking... She heard John say that Roslyn is the only girl in his life and that no one else can take her place.. she was inconsolable and came back without talking to John. Finally, after a couple of years I forcefully brought her near John's office, I remember very well... It was his birthday that day. I told Riona to go propose him, she gathered all the courage and walked towards him holding my hand, at that very moment John got a call from someone and we heard him say "Yes, my wedding date is finalized" Riona was so devastated that she couldn't stand there even for a second, she knew for sure that she lost him in her life, she stopped talking to others, she locked herself up in the room, I kept trying to convince her that it is still not too late go talk to John and that she's foolish to keep everything bottled up.. but she never listened to me.

After his wedding, she pretended to be normal but I know she was shattered inside... My mom started looking for an alliance, she would meet the guys for the sake of my mother and reject them with some stupid excuses.. years passed and I was adamant that I will not marry until she does. but she was even more stubborn... she got me married to a nice person and when I asked her again about her wedding guess what she said "God gave me this life just to keep loving John, and that's what I plan to do.... I wish he gives me power to become invisible so that I can always be with him" John and Sandeep looked at each other.

Fiona continued "she got busy with her work but there was not a single day that passed without your thoughts John, she was so much in love with you that she made sure she sees you every Sunday... and that's how one Sunday... The thought of at least getting a glimpse of you got her killed..". "What does that mean? asked John extremely upset "Am I the reason for her death? Did she kill herself?.. "No... it wasn't suicide... Like every Sunday.. she came to see you at the church and she would always follow you in her car until you reached home.. it was the same routine for her that day..., and she knew the route to your house and turned on the right indicator of the car.... but instead of taking right you took a left turn... She tried to keep up with you and took the left turn immediately... A high-speed truck rammed the car and she was jammed inside it... Some good Samaritans took her to the hospital. we got information about her accident.. being doctors, my husband and I rushed to the hospital... We all worked very hard to try and save her..but we couldn't... on Sunday, August 18th at 1:15 pm I lost a part of my heart forever.....

Tears rolled down from John's eyes, Fiona wiped her tears away and said "I didn't mean to hurt you or blame you in any way John... All I wanted you to know is how much Riona loved you..." John was at a loss of words, his heart became heavy... Sandeep said " I am very sorry..uh.. I.. I don't know what to say.. just take good care of your mother.... we shall leave now" he held John's hand and walked out... Sandeep started the bike and John sat behind, Sandeep said " no matter how deep you and Roslyn cared about each other. It is nothing in front of Riona's love for you .. I am surprised how someone can be this crazy in love", John spoke nothing so Sandeep stopped the bike near a cafe and they both found a corner table and settled in. Sandeep said "John say something... what does this silence mean man?. " My heart probably weighs a ton now Sandeep... I can't believe how blind I was to not know how much she loved me and her death knowingly or unknowingly was my fault..." Said John, his voice cracking.." don't blame yourself John" Sandeep said and held his hand to calm him down.....

John had a moment of realisation... " Sandeep did you notice Fiona said Riona died on August 18th, Sunday the day you, me, Sean Ahilan and Ajith met..... it was exactly from that day I felt someone's presence... so the minute she breathed her last she came in search of me..". John's phone started ringing before he could finish. it was Charles, John answered the call, Charles "do put me on speaker if Sandeep is around" John said yes he is and turned the speaker on, Charles said "Swamiji had called... he will come tomorrow and Wednesday morning he will do the puja" "not required" said John. "What? why?" exclaimed Charles and Sandeep. "I will tell you later. now just inform Swamiji not to come" and hung up the call... "Have you lost your mind, John? she might have loved you truly but now she is a ghost, what if she hurts Jency? Or the children?" yelled Sandeep. John replied "don't ask me anything now, I will talk to you later, drop me home" ordered John, Sandeep knew John was disturbed so he dropped him home.

At home, Jency said "John I was supposed to call you I am going to my bestie's house with kids, will be back by 7pm" Jency was ready, she asked John if he need anything John said no so Jency left with kids... John locked the door and walked into the washroom, splashed water on his face and looked at the mirror... He felt two droplets of warm water rolling down his cheeks... he wiped his tears and came out he stood in the middle of the room"Riona can you hear me? Can you hear me?"screamed John, "I know you are here, I know you are listening to me I wanna see you.... I would like to hear your voice" John got no response he continued "will you not fulfill my wish? I would like to see you now... A white foggy image appeared in front of him, John rubbed his eyes and there she was... he saw Riona standing in front of him in a pink salwar with her long hair and beautiful blue eyes her light pink dress was full of bloodstains... She said "John" and her voice echoed all over the room. John fell down on his knees and sobbed uncontrollably ..."I am Sorry" he said whimpering.. Why did you hide your love from me? Why are you making me feel guilty? I don't deserve to live... I am the reason for your heartbreak and I am the reason for your death..I don't think I can handle this guilt anymore....

Riona said "John none of this is your fault, that's the way my fate was written the day I was born I had to go...but the one thing god didn't know was that my soul will always be here with you," she said with a slight smile.. "I will never leave your side until the day we are together in another life... Till then all I wish is to be beside you and let nothing harm you... and if someone dares to...I will not spare them and laughed to make him at ease.... "How can you laugh when you're in so much pain," asked John with his eyebrows frowned.. "because I am used to it," she said casually... Do you remember? You were saying your love story to your boss? You said your heart was beating fast, you felt suffocated so you came out and stood in the lobby and that's when you saw Roslyn, you were wrong.... it wasn't Roslyn it was me... Roslyn and I wore the same kind of blue tops and black jeans that day...I entered the gate and saw you looking at me from the lobby and down I saw 2 girls one among them being Roslyn picking up some papers she had dropped, I bent down to help. Roslyn stood up first and walked away and your eyes were glued to her. you know very well the distance from our college gate to the place where you stood, it was really far away so you wouldn't have been able to recognise who was who and she... Just became lucky.. You know..... I was in the college the day Roslyn proposed to you know how much I cried that day? Not because I lost you but because I saw tears in your mean so much to me John. I sat there until it was dark... I was so lost... Riona sobbed "Roslyn took away the love of my life intentionally or unintentionally but I lost... not just when I was alive, even after my death be it on top of the mountain or near the campfire in the resort you always mistook me for her, for which I hate her till this second but I still made sure she attends alumni day to see that smile on your face, to make you realise you did no mistake, but it still hurts whenever I heard you say your love was Roslyn because that love belonged to me John, not Roslyn!!! she screamed.

John recollected that moment, he remembered her sitting down to pick something and as that place was covered with too many trees he really didn't know who sat down and who got up and walked away... His mobile started ringing, it was from some unknown no. "Swamiji is calling you to give solution to destroy me... attend the call" said Riona... Phone kept ringing, he disconnected the call and blocked the no, he finally looked at Riona and said "I missed your love....God played a very good game with my life but now I will not let you go away, you are not a ghost but an angel... and you will always stay with me"... Riona smiled her beautiful blue eyes twinkled she held John's hand and said "I am sorry John all these days, I was free because my soul wasn't in peace.... but the moment you uttered those words makes me feel like I am already in heaven...God needs me, it's time for me to leave this world forever, I want you to stay happy John, and remember wherever I am... will not let any harm come your way". "No you can't leave me like this!!" cried John, stretching his hands towards Riona who was slowly disappearing into the mist. "now I have a place in your heart" she said with tears in her eyes... "I am not going anywhere John I am always with you and within you" said Riona with a glistening droplet rolling down her cheeks and disappeared completely... John screamed, cried but he couldn't see or hear Riona again.

Days, weeks and months passed John's life was back to normal but there wasn't a single day that passed without Riona's thoughts, when he was alone he spoke to the walls thinking Riona was around.

On Monday evening John was going back home from office, he saw that same old man who told him about Riona for the 1st time, looking at him, John lost his control of the bike, a car towards his left was coming in full speed, now nothing was in John's control he knew that car is gonna take his life for sure but he felt something pull him and saved his life... John didn't have a single scratch on his body he thanked God and left that place but the old man laughed aloud saying "I told she will never leave you"

Yes, it was Riona who saved John again, she will continue to haunt those who hurt him... She knew her visibility will be a trouble for John so she decided to stay with him always invisible and fulfill her unfulfilled wish.

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