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Hurry up! before its gone. Grab the BESTSELLERS now.

Reenika Gholkar

Fantasy Children


Reenika Gholkar

Fantasy Children

Adventures in Disneyland - 3

Adventures in Disneyland - 3

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1. Jessica

Jessica woke up, yawning. It felt so good to get a really good sleep. She hopped in the shower, changed her clothes and was combing her hair when her phone beeped.

Video call from Joshua.

She picked it up. She saw his smiling face on the screen. 'Hey!' she said.

'Hi!' He said. 'You know what is today, right?'

Jessica thought for a moment. No, It wasn't his birthday. She glanced at the calendar- 14th Feb. How could she forget!?

'Valentines day.' She said.

'Yes!' He said. 'So...... you coming with me to Mac Donald's at 7:00 pm?'

'Sure!' She said as she hung up. Finally!!! after three years someone wanted to be with her at Valentines day!!

She felt like dancing.

Jessica had a lot of time before 7:00 pm.

She danced, called and chatted with her friends, read books, cooked, until it was finally time.

She wore her best clothes and hurried downstairs.

2. Joshua

Joshua was waiting for her beside her apartment. He patted his pocket and felt the gift he had bought. He hoped she liked it.

Just then, Jessica came walking towards him, waving her hand in a 'I am coming' gesture.

Joshua almost couldn't recognize her. She wore black boots, a black legging and a turquoise dress. She looked like a popstar.

She wore no makeup, as if trying not to get attention, but that wasn't working. She was extremely pretty.

Her brown eyes shone with happiness and her smooth brown hair cascaded down her waist.

'H-h-hi.' He stuttered.

'Hi!' She said.

'Let's go.'

It was all good. They were walking while talking and gossiping, when suddenly a girl came and said hi in a very bad way to Jessica.

Jessica stared at her, her eyes full of hatred. 'Adeline.'

Adeline smirked. 'Look at your clothes! I would kill myself if I wore anything like that.'

Joshua thought Jessica will get angry, or shout at her, but she coolly replied: 'You don't have anyone to hang out with, do you?'

Adeline rolled her eyes as if to say, whatever.

'But I am surprised to know that you have one.' Adeline said. 'And he is not good.'

She strutted away, pushing Joshua a little. When Joshua glanced back, she was winking at him.

'Who is she?' He asked.

'I joined the basketball team at her place..... so she is kind of jealous.' Jessica said. 'Just ignore her.'

They reached Mac Donald's and ordered burgers.

Joshua's hand slid in his pocket as he pulled out the box.

Jessica raised an eyebrow as he gave it to her.

She gently ran her hand through the box and opened it. 

'This is so cool!' She said, pulling out the bracelet with her name embroidered on it. 'How did you know I wanted one with my name?'

'I didn't know you wanted one.' He said, 'but I know you like simple things.'

'Thanks!' She said. 'I love it.'

The next two hours were a blast. They danced, watched stars, drank hot chocolate.

'I gotta go now.' Jessica said.

Joshua was sad, but he knew she was right. It was 10:00pm.

She hugged him. 'Thankyou for everything.'

3. Hazel

Hazel enjoyed with her friends, but it was time to say goodbye. She walked by herself on the lonely streets. Her mother was going to scold her. A lot. Speaking of her mother, if Jessica and Joshua came to know that they were still protectors, and Hazel's mother had the book, they were going to call her a traitor. She was a traitor. She felt so bad fooling her friends like that. She texted Jessica.

Hazel: Enjoyed your day with him?

Jessica: Yess!!!

Hazel felt happy for them. Suddenly, the lights went out. Hazel stopped.

'Nothing, lights will come.' Hazel convinced herself. She took out her mobile, but it wouldn't switch on. No flashlight. Hazel slowly walked further.

Suddenly, someone grabbed her wrist. Hazel's heart started beating fast. The one holding her wrist had very big nails, because they dug in her wrist and it pained a lot. Hazel was ready to punch the person in its face.

She looked back, as the nails dug in further.


Her scream echoed through the lonely streets.

4. Jessica

It was night and Jessica was in her PJs, sitting on her bed. It might seem comfortable, but she was worried sick. Hazel had not answered her texts from 2 days. She didn't even come to the basketball practice. But finally, she answered:

Hazel: I am fine! I am with my mom.

Jessica sighed with relief and slumped into her bed. It was only 9, but Jessica was tired. She glanced at the box she used to keep her art supplies. A light was coming from inside of the box. Jessica got up and went to check.

She gasped. 'Cookbook!'

She ran her hand through the cover.

Am I still a protector? She wondered.

She called Joshua.

'What?' He said on the phone. 'Right now? At night?'

'Yes!' She said. 'Come here ASAP.'

After 20 mins, her doorbell rang. Jessica opened the door.

'What happened?' He asked.

She bought the cookbook. 'Appeared in my box.'

'That means- are we still protectors?' Joshua asked.

'I-I guess.' Jessica said.

Suddenly, the book flipped open.

'If these walls could taco.' Jessica read. 'But why does it want us to cook this?'

'Maybe to go in your mom's time?' Joshua guessed.

'You are a genius!' She said. 'This is my mom's house, so she would be here only during her childhood.'

They took a few minutes to cook the tacos, (they weren't perfect, though). They went in the living room.

'What will be the year?' Joshua asked.

'I am not that good at years,' She said. 'But if my mom lived, she would be 39 now.'

'So, I think we have to go in the 2000's.' Joshua said. 

They took a deep breath, ate a taco and touched the wall.

They saw Jessica's mom. She was talking on the phone. She looked so young.

The doorbell rang, and two more girls came in. One with blonde hair, and one with dark brown hair.

'The blonde looks like you.' Jessica said to Joshua.

The blonde girl took out a box marked with the cookbook logo. Jessica went further to take a look.

'It has all the spices!' She said.

'Abby, I have got all the spices.' The blonde said to Jessica's mom. 'Elysian, Taurian, Carnesian, Werpoes, Cedronian.'

'That's great!' Jessica's mom said.

Jessica walked towards Joshua, as they both touched the wall.

'Mom...... was a protector.'

Joshua didn't answer. He looked stunned.

'Hey, is everything okay?' She asked.

'Yes.' He said. 'What was your mom's name?'

'Abbigail.' She said.

'I was stunned, because the blonde......

Jessica's eyes widened. 'It can't be......

'Maybe.' Joshua said. 'I am not sure. But now that we know that your mom was a protector, your house might be full of magical stuff.'

'Yes.' She agreed. 'Let's go in the attic.'

They looked through boxes, until Jessica found a box full of bottles. Spice bottles.

'Come here.' Jessica said. 'I found it.'

She took out some photos of her mom and the two girls, various bottles of spices, and a lock box.

'There must be a key..... or a riddle to open the box.' Joshua guessed.

Jessica turned the box from side to side, until she found something written on it.

'Tell the truth.' Jessica read. 'Maybe we have to tell the truth.'

'Okay, you first.' Joshua said.

'In grade 3, I stole three packets of chips without giving money to the shopkeeper.'

'Seriously?' Joshua said.

But nothing happened. The box didn't open.

'Your turn.' Jessica said.

'I say I don't like Disneyland, but I actually love it.' He said.

Nothing happened.

'Maybe there's a special word or something, so that the box opens only for protectors.' Jessica said.

'Werpoes, Carnesian, Cedronian, Lapsus, Elysian.... Something from that.' Joshua said.

'You are a very big genius!' Jessica said. 'I found it. The word should be Elysian, because its from the truth family.'

'Okay, go ahead.'

'Elysian.' Jessica said.

The box opened. Inside there was a locket with a pendant that could open. Jessica opened it.

They both gasped. 'Morbium!'

5. Joshua

'But morbium is extinct!' Jessica said.

'Maybe the traveller gave it to them.' Joshua said. 'Let's take all of this stuff in the living room.'

They moved the boxes, the morbium and the photos in the living room. Joshua took one photo and stared at the blonde girl. He had a strong feeling that she was his mother.

He said goodbye and took the picture home. He slumped on his bed and looked at the back of the photo:

Abbigail Sandoval, Bianca Evans and Erin Palmer. 

Bianca Evans. Joshua's last name was Evans.

He called Miley quickly.

She picked up the phone. 'Hi! So you remember your sister at 10:00 pm in the night?'

'I am mad at you.' Joshua huffed.


'You never told me about mom.' He croaked, his eyes tearing up.

'Joshua, we have discussed this topic a lot of times.' She said.

'But why?' He said. 'Why didn't you show me any photos? Today, I get to know about my mom from Jessica, but I would be really pleased if you had told me.'

She sighed. 'Look, I-I am really....

'I am not talking to you.' He said as he hung up.

He paced back and forth, his eyes on the photo. A tear rolled down his cheek. He wondered what caused his mom's death.

He still had a taco, but he knew his mom didn't live in this apartment. It was of no use. 

Then, something struck him.

The locket he had given to Jessica. Miley had given it to him. She said mom had given it to her.


There was a lot to discuss, but it was night and he knew that Jessica would also be recalling her memories. So he decided to investigate in the morning.

The first thing he did in morning was: Well, he went to Jessica! They touched the wall.

Abby, Bianca and Erin were cooking, laughing and chatting all the time.

They came back to the present.

'So, no one cursed anyone.' Jessica said. 'They were best friends.'

'Yes....' Joshua said. 'Maybe my mom's death was natural.'

'mm-hmm.' Jessica agreed.

'Okay, I have to go now. Bye!'

6. Jessica

1 hour later......

Jessica felt guilty cooking without him, but she had to. She had to save her mom. After what seemed like forever, she made a guac through time.

She dipped a nacho in it and was going to take a bite, when the doorbell rang. She opened the door. Joshua was standing there.

'Hi......' He stopped. 'You cooked something?'

'I am going to tell mom to save herself.' Jessica said. 'It's a guac through time.'

'You can't change......

'I am sorry.' She said. 'But there is no stopping me now.'

She took a bite.

She was in the same room, but her mom was sitting there, cross legged, reading a newspaper. Jessica felt so good seeing her again.

'M-mom?' Jessica stuttered.

Mom looked up. 'Well, it was your school.....

'I-I am the 15 year old Jessica.' Jessica said. 'A guac through time.'

Mom got up and walk towards her. She placed her hands on Jessica's cheeks.

'You look so grown up!' She said. 'What makes you come here? I suppose you have some questions?'

Jessica wanted to get straight to the point, but she took out the photo. 'Bianca Evans.' Jessica said.

'Oh, Bi.' Mom said. 'How do you know her?'

'Her son is my......' Jessica stopped to pick out the right word. 'Friend. He wants to know what caused her death.'

'It was natural.' Mom said. 'No need for you to investigate.'

'Mom, I came here to warn you......

'Maleficent is going to kill me.' Mom said. 'I know.'

'Mom, why don't you run away?' Jessica said. 'Protect yourself. I am here to help!'

'No one can run away from death, dear.' Mom said. 'It's ok.'

'But I can't live without you and dad!' Jessica protested. 'I want you to be with me.'

'I can't.' Mom said. 

Jessica sighed. She knew that mom was not going to listen to her.

'Where is dad? and the eight year old past me?' Jessica asked.

'They are having a father daughter day.'

'Oh, yes I remember.' Jessica said.

'How about we have a mother-daughter day?' Mom said. 'With the grown up you.'


They enjoyed a lot the next two hours. Her mom cracked the same old jokes she used to, they even watched a movie! Jessica never thought she would be able to spend time with her mom after so many years.

Now, it was time to go. Only ten minutes left for three hours to be over.

'I suppose you have to go now.' Mom said.

'Mom, think over it again........

'Stop dwelling on the past.' Mom said. 'Live in the present.'

'Love you.'

Jessica was back in her apartment. Joshua was sitting on the sofa. He got up when he saw her.

'You waited for me for 3 hours?' Jessica asked.

'Yes.' He said.

'That's so sweet of you!' She said, hugging him.

'Stop buttering me!' He said. 'Tell me what did you do?'

Jessica's face turned crimson red.

'I am not buttering you.' She said. 'I didn't do anything. And your mom's death was natural.'

He sighed. 'I know.'

One minute of awkward silence.

'You look cute with a red face.' He said.

She slapped on his arm, laughing. 'Shut up!'

Suddenly, Miley came walking through the blue portal. She didn't look happy, or didn't say : Hey, 'sup? Joshua turned his back to her.

Miley walked upto him. 'Joshua.....

'I told you, I am not talking to you.' He said.

Jessica wanted to ask, what happened?, but she knew better not to talk.

Miley held his arm. 'Please, just talk to me once.'

He turned around. 'What?'

'I didn't tell you about mom, because it was very painful.' She said. 'I was also small then. Just 7. I couldn't.....

'No, I am sorry.' He said. 'I was just..... sad. I shouldn't be angry at you.'

There was a urgent knock on the door. Jessica opened it.

'Hi, Hazel' She said. 'Come in.'

Miley took Hazel's hand. 'What happened to your wrist?'

'Nothing.' Hazel said. 'It was a messenger from Disneyland. They are scary.'

'Really?' Joshua said. 'How did it hurt your wrist?'

'I am telling the truth!' Hazel said. 'You can also give me bitter truth truffles if you don't trust me!'

They all stared at her.

'Sorry...... just a bit cranky.' She said.

'Okay, let's lighten the mood.' Miley said. 'Let's get some icecream!'

Hazel sat up. 'Yes!'

'You coming, Jess?' Joshua asked.

'Not really.' She said. 'Just want some time alone.'

'O-kay.....' Miley said. 'U sure?'

Jessica nodded.

'Don't cook anything!' Joshua said, as they left her home. Jessica closed the door and went in her bedroom with the box. It locked automatically when it was closed. Suddenly, Jessica's bedroom door closed. She went and tried to open it, but it wouldn't.

'Great. I am locked in my own room.' She muttered.

She turned around and saw a woman in dark robes and a very funny face. She looked like a witch.

'Now, now, Jessica.' The woman said, as her icy fingers slid on Jessica's neck. 'Tell me how to open the box. I want the morbium.'

'I don't know.' Jessica said, trying to keep calm.

'Tell me!' The woman said, her grip tightening around her neck. She was nearly choking Jessica now.

'If-you-loosen-the-grip, I-can-tell-you.' She managed.

The woman left Jessica, and Jessica coughed.

She had to make a choice. She couldn't tell this lady about the morbium. Her mom had did so much to protect it.

She pushed the woman, managed to grab her phone and send Joshua a text message before losing conciousness.

7. Joshua.

Joshua, Miley and Hazel were enjoying a lot. He wished Jessica would be there with him. Suddenly, a tune beeped on his phone.

'Who's calling you now?' Hazel asked.

'Not calling. Text message, probably from Jessica.' He said.

'You put a special ring tone type thing for Jessica's messages?' Miley teased.

Joshua blushed, but didn't answer. He read the message.

Jessica: HELP!

'Jessica is asking for help!' He said. 'We have to go!'

'Oh, boy.' Hazel said as they ran out of the shop they were in.

Finally, they reached Jessica's apartment. Joshua knocked on the door, his heart beating fast. 'Jessica? Are you in there?'

No response.

He tried to open the door, but it was locked.

'Someone must have locked it.' Miley said.

Suddenly, an idea struck Joshua's mind.

'Mama P unlocked her secret pantry.' He said. 'Using which spice?'

Hazel closed her eyes, as if trying to remember. 'Cedronian Paparika!' She exclaimed. 'Of course! I keep it with me all the time.'

She took out a vial filled with blue liquid. 

'We must cook it into some kind of dough and shape it into a key.' Miley said. 'Mama P did that.'

'Yeah, but we don't have time!' Joshua urged. He opened the vial and drank a bit of it.

'Are you mad!!??' Hazel said. 'It can cause great harm!'

Joshua closed his eyes, waiting for something to happen. Nothing.

'Yes!' He exclaimed. He kept his eyes on the lock, and the door creaked open. They went in. Everything seemed normal.

Then they went towards the bedroom. Joshua again concentrated on the lock, and the door opened.

Everything was messy. There were papers scattered here and there, clothes and a lot of things.

'Oh, no come here!' Hazel said.

'Jessica!' Joshua said, as he kneeled down.

Jessica was lying there, eyes closed, body cold and numb, not even moving a bit.

He patted on her cheek. 'Jessica!'

'She will get up.' Miley said. 'Don't worry.'

'Guys,' Hazel said nervously. 'The locket Jessica wears...... She is not wearing it now!'

'How are you sure it was stolen or something?' Miley asked. 'She can remove it, right?'

'No.' Joshua said. 'It was taken.' 

He pointed to a scratch on her neck.

'She will have to rest.' Hazel said.

'But not on the cold floor!' Joshua said. He lifted her up and put her on the bed.

'Let her rest now.' Miley said.

Joshua sat beside her.

'We will figure out what is stolen and who did it.' Hazel said. 'Come on.'

'I-I'll be there.' He managed.

Hazel and Miley left the room. Just as he was about to leave, Jessica held his hand.

'D-don't leave me a-alone.' She managed.

He squeezed her hand. 'You okay?'

'Head feels heavy.' She said.

'It's ok. Just rest.'

'Thanks.' She said.

She closed her eyes and fell asleep. He planted a kiss on her hand before leaving the room.

'So did you find anything?' He asked Hazel and Miley.

'Not really.' Miley said.

'The box with the morbium is stolen.' Hazel said. 'So.... I think the Disney villians want it.'

'Probably.' Miley said. 'Dark magic with morbium...... It will be so strong.'

'And the villian that came to threaten Jessica used really powerful magic or something.' Hazel added. 'Because Jess doesn't lose easily. She is a warrior.'

'Yeah.' Joshua agreed.

8. Jessica

Jessica woke up, groaning. She walked out of the bedroom and into the hall, were Joshua, Miley and Hazel were sipping juice and discussing something. When she went there, all eyes turned towards her. Joshua hugged her. 

'Come on, I am okay now.' She said, sitting on the sofa.

'How did you faint?' Miley asked.

'I don't know.' Jessica admitted. 'But thanks for helping me, guys. You are the best friends I have ever got.'

'Thank Joshua.' Hazel said. 'He has put some type of ringtone......

Joshua glared at her, and all of them laughed.

'So, I think we have to go to Disneyland now.' Jessica said grimly.

'Yeah, no choice.' Hazel agreed.

'I can accompany you this time.' Miley said.

'That's great!' Joshua said.

'So..... I think we should go.' Hazel said.

The portal opened and they went in. They walked through the river banks, and reached to a plain land with soft grass. 

Miley and Hazel walked in front of her, talking about Avengers.

Joshua and Jessica walked silently, their shoulders brushing.

Finally, Jessica asked, 'You learn Spanish right?'

'Yes.' He said. 'But I am not good at it.'

'Me llamo Jessica.' She said.

He just stared at her.

'What!?' She said. 'I know the basics!'

He chuckled. Then he bowed and said, 'Miss Jessica, tell me your secret..... How do you study?'

She laughed. 'You are kinda funny.'

'I am?'

She rolled her eyes in a playful way.

Suddenly, Jessica noticed the woman who had come to her house to take the morbium. She had the box in her hands and was laughing at Jessica. Jessica clenched her fists and ran towards her, ready to punch her. Her hand passed through her harmlessly, and she disappeared in thin air.

'Jess, what were you doing?' Hazel asked.

'Didn't you see the woman?' Jessica asked. 'She was holding the box.'

'No.' Miley said. 'Maybe you just imagined the whole thing.'

But Jessica was sure she hadn't. They again walked in silence, not knowing where they were going.

She felt her neck for her locket, but it wasn't there. It took her a moment to realise it was stolen. She hadn't removed it since Joshua had given it to her. She felt sad without it.

Joshua put his hand on her shoulder. 

'We will find it.' He promised.

'Well, did you read my mind?' She asked.

'No.' He said. 'I was looking at you.'

She managed a dry smile.

They walked until it was night, and now they decided to sleep.

'No monsters!' Jessica said happily as they laid on the soft grass.

9. Joshua

Joshua couldn't sleep. He didn't know why. 

'Joshua....' Jessica muttered.

He wanted to ask 'what' but then he looked at her and noticed that her eyes were closed.

Is she dreaming about me!!?? He thought.

After a while, Jessica sat up. Maybe she also wasn't able to sleep. She walked near the edge of the hill.

The view must be amazing, Joshua thought. He got up and walked towards her. He gently patted on her shoulder. She must've been startled, because she yelped.

'Ohh, you are awake?' She asked.

'Yes,' He said. 'I could not sleep.'

He pulled her closer. 'You were dreaming about me?'

'Well....' She hesitated. 'How did you know?'

'You mutter in your sleep.' He said with a mischievious grin.

'Ugh, I should stop that.' She said, blushing furiously.

They were having a silent staring contest, until she narrowed her eyes.

He got away. 'Sorry.' He managed.

She didn't say anything. They sat down and observed the constellations.

She yawned. 'I should sleep now.'

10. Jessica

They started their journey again, but Jessica was still thinking about last night.

Miley and Hazel looked back at smirked at them.

'What!?' They asked at the same moment.

'Someone was awake last night.' Hazel said.

They rolled their eyes at the same moment.

Suddenly, Hazel tripped. 'Ouch!'

Joshua supported her. 'You are so clumsy!'

Jessica saw the woman again. But this time, she had a weapon. It looked like a dagger. She was straight behind Joshua. 

Jessica didn't know what to do. She came between the woman and Joshua, and took the attack on herself.

'Ouch!' She moaned. The woman had attacked on her shoulder, and it pained a lot.

Everyone looked back. The woman was gone, but they were staring at Jessica.

'Jess, what.....'

Joshua supported her. Her shoulder was bleeding badly.

'Oh no!' Hazel said.

'What happened?' Miley said.

The only answer she gave was: Ow!

'We have to do something!' Joshua urged, as tears streamed down her cheeks.

Miley closed her eyes, as if concentrating on something. Another blue portal opened, and they walked in, Jessica leaning on Joshua for support.

They were in Miley's house. Jessica sat down on the sofa.

'You rest your arm.' Hazel said. 'We will cook a recipe from the cookbook.'

Miley and Hazel went into the kitchen. Joshua sat beside her.

'You shouldn't have done this.' He croaked.

'What?' She asked.

'She was going to attack me, right? You took the attack on yourself.'

She smiled, though her shoulder was paining. 'You would have done the same if you were in my place.'

'I don't believe it.' He said. 'Many things were happening behind my back, and I didn't even understand.'

'Well, you don't have eyes on your back, do you?' Jessica tried to make him feel better.

A tear rolled down his cheek.

'Are you....

'I will check what Hazel and Miley are doing.' He said, as he walked away.

Jessica sighed.

A moment later, he was back with some cotton and antiseptic. He sat beside her and gently dabbed the cotton on the wound.

'What are they making?' She asked.

'Hazelnut healing tart,' He said, without eye contact.

'Who's taking the downside?' She wondered.

'Me.' He said, looking straight in her eyes.

'No, you are not!' She insisted.

He didn't say anything.

A few minutes later, Hazel and Miley came with the tart.

'Guys, no need to do it,' Jessica said.

'I am taking the downside.' Joshua said.

'Are you ignoring me?' Jessica shouted, getting up. But her body didn't support her. Her knees buckled.

'I told you to rest!' Joshua scolded.

'And I told you to not take the downside!' Jessica argued.

'Guys, don't fight,' Miley said. 'I am taking the downside.'

'Miles...... Joshua started to say, but she cut him off.

'I can't accompany you, because I broke the rules,' She said. 'I am staying at home, I can take the downside.'

'What rules?' Hazel asked.

'The rules of Disneyland.' She said.

No one said anything. She ate a piece of the tart.

The pain Jessica was feeling subsided. The wound heeled completly.

'Do you feel anything?' Jessica asked anxiously.

'No, not really.' She mused. 'You have to go now. Take the morbium before it's too late.'

'Thanks.' Joshua said, hugging her.

They left the house and walked in silence, Hazel in between them.

'You shouldn't have taken the attack,' Joshua blurted. 'If you would have.........

'So, it's my fault now, huh?' Jessica said.

'You always take it the wrong way!' He said, his voice raising a bit.

'You seriously need to talk.' Hazel noted. 'I'll be at the river bank. Take your time.'

'No, let's go.' Jessica said.

'Listen to me.' Hazel insisted. 'Just talk.'

She walked down the slope towards the river bank.

Jessica and Joshua didn't say anything.

Finally, he took her hands and said, 'Sorry.'

She sighed. 'You are right. I took it the wrong way.'

'No.' He said. 'It's just.... weird, maybe. We have never had an arguement before.'

'Ya.' She agreed.

They walked towards the river bank. Hazel was standing there, humming a song.

'I suppose you both are back to normal again?' She said.

'Yes.' They both said.

'So let's go now!' She said.

They walked through the grasslands. Suddenly, Jessica's head started paining. She ignored it at first, but after a while it was throbbing.

'Hey, can I sit down for a moment?' She asked.

'Sure.' Joshua said.

She sat down and massaged her forehead.

'You okay?' Hazel asked.

'Just a bit... dizzy.' she lied.

'Here.' Hazel said, handing her a bottle of water. 'Take a sip.'

She drank water, but it didn't make her feel better. Suddenly, she could here a voice inside her head. She closed her eyes.

'Open the box..... Open the box....' It said. Jessica could also see a big black spider. She didn't know why.

'Jess!' Joshua shouted. He pulled her by the arm so hard, she thought her shoulder will pop out.

'Wha.....' She began to say, when she saw a big black spider in front of them. He was going to crush Jessica under one of his legs.

'Thanks!' She said quickly as they dodged another leg.

'Run!' Hazel screamed over the voice. They ran till they came till the edge of the hill. They looked back. The spider had followed them, and was spinning a web now.

'What is a spider's weak point?' Joshua asked. 'Anyone good at biology? Coz I'm not!'

'Feet, leg joints and mouth.' Hazel said. 

They pulled their weapons and started attacking, but nothing happened to the spider. It didn't even budge.

'Follow me!' Jessica said.

She ran from under its stomach. Hazel and Joshua followed her.

'What if it sits on us?' Hazel shouted.

'Didn't think of that!' Jessica said.

They got out just in time and started running at the other side.

They ran till the spider was out of sight.

They stopped. Joshua was a bit behind.

'Come on!' She said, facing him.

'Yeah, I am...' He tripped and fell down, on Jessica.

'Oof!' She said.

He quickly got away.

They both got up, and they started walking again.

Suddenly, it was too dark. Jessica couldn't see anything. She wasn't in a tight place, so it was not a big problem.

She heard a muffled scream. There was something going on.

'Joshua? Hazel?' She called out.

The lights lit up, and now she could see what was happening.

Joshua and Hazel were bound in some kind of invisible force, and they were struggling to break free.

She ran towards them, but the woman came out of nowhere and almost gave her a heart attack.

Jessica gripped her dagger. 'What do you want?'

'I am here to make a deal.' She said coldly. 'I am the evil queen.'

'Yeah, the one who says 'mirror, mirror on the wall.'' Jessica sneered.

The queen ignored her.

'What deal?' Jessica demanded.

The queen took form of Jessica's mother.

'Jessica.' She said, in her mother's voice. She walked closer.

'Stop it!' Jessica said. 'Please. Not mom.'

'What happened dear?' She asked.

'STOP IT!' She shouted.

Then she started taking forms of people Jessica liked. First Dad then Joshua.

'Stop it!' She screamed. 'Tell me, what's the deal?'

The queen took form of Joshua, and said, 'Jess?'

She said it so lovingly, Jessica almost fell for her.

Then again Mom and Dad.

'Please.' She pleaded. 'Don't.'

She stopped. 'You open the box, I will let you and your friends go,' She said. 'But if you don't one of them has to stay here. With me. Forever.'

Jessica took a deep breath. 'I'll open it.'

'No!' Hazel and Joshua shouted together.

'Nothing is more valuable than both of you.' Jessica said. 

She took the box. 'Free my friends first.'

The queen raised her hand and Hazel and Joshua both fell down.

Jessica's hands trembled as she said, 'Elysian.'

The box sprang open. A tear trickled down her cheek as she handed it to the evil queen.

The queen disappeared. It was all back to normal. They were back in the grasslands in the daylight. She buried her head in her hands.

'I failed.' She sobbed.

Joshua put an arm around her. 

They walked further. 'How do we get the morbium back?'

'We have to go where the evil queen lives.' Joshua said. 

'Yes.' Hazel agreed.

'Where is it?' Jessica asked. 'I have to get the morbium back. As soon as possible.'

11. Author P.O.V

'I know where to go.' He said. 'It's a place filled with monsters. But we can do it.'

They walked down the valley, and soon reached there. The flowers were withered. The grass was dry. There were several monsters guarding the gate and they became alert when they saw them approaching. A monster came forward, but Jessica slashed him with her sword, and he turned to dust. She was so swift, so determined. The kind of girl he wanted to be with.

He wanted to look at her, but he couldn't afford to. Otherwise he would be distracted.

They slashed all the monsters and got inside. The evil queen was sitting there, caressing the box with the morbium in it.

'Give it to me!' Jessica demanded.

The queen got up. 'Ooh, you managed to come till here.' She sneered. 

'I am ready to fight with you.' Jessica said. 'I want my box.'

'Very well.' The queen said, getting up. Then she took Joshua's form. 'Now, can you fight with me?'

Jessica took a deep breath. He's not the real Joshua, she said in her mind.

Their swords clanged. It was really heard for Jessica, because whenever she looked in those blue eyes, her heart did a tap dance, and it was very irritating.

No, she thought aloud. Concentrate, Jessica.

Jessica attacked, but it took her all willpower to do it. The queen was much stronger. Some kind of force pushed Jessica back. She groaned. She felt dizzy.

No, I am not fainting now, she thought.

'Jess, I can fight, you rest.' Joshua offered.

'No.' Jessica said, getting up. 'This is my fight.'

She attacked the queen with so much force, she stepped back.

'No, this is impossible!' The queen shrieked. 'I cannot be defeated!'

'Its my time.' Jessica said, attacking again. A gigantic wave of water splashed on the queen. Jessica grabbed the box and the locket. The portal opened, and they went in.

After they came back in the grasslands, Jessica fainted in Joshua's arms.

12. Joshua

Jessica's head drooped down on his shoulder.

'She is a champion.' Hazel muttered.

'Yes.' He agreed. 'That figures why I am in love.'

'Mmm-hmm.' Hazel said. 'But now, she needs to lie down.'

'Right.' He said. He slowly laid her down on the grass.

'What next?' Hazel asked. 'We have the morbium now.'

'We have to destroy it and make sure no one else gets it.' He said. 'We can start cooking. A guac through time.'

Hazel raised an eyebrow. 'So we are going back in time, and throwing this away.' She said. 'Good plan.'

They cooked a guac through time.

'Who's going?' Hazel asked. 'Someone has to stay with Jess.'

'I am staying.' Joshua said. He seriously needed to spend time with Jessica.

Hazel seemed to get it. 'Ok. I'll go.'

She took the box and locket, took a bite and vanished.

13. Author P.O.V

Hazel was in the 1950s. It was so awesome. Everything was so cheap. She went in the woods, threw the morbiums in a river, and decided to go shopping.

In the meantime, Jessica had woken up, and they both were having a great time together. They ate, danced, talked, until there were only 20 mins left for Hazel to come back.

'I have to tell you something.' He said nervously.

'Yes?' She asked.

'I can't come with you.' He said. 'I have to stay here. With my sister. But the problem is, if I have to stay here, I will have to stay for months. Cell phones don't work. So.....'

'It's ok.' She said. 'She is your sister.'

He put an arm around her waist. 'You...... you are okay with it?' He asked. 'I thought you'd be....

'Upset?' She said, laughing a little. 'Not at all.'

'Thanks.' He said. 'You always make me feel better.'

He pulled her closer. 'I'll miss you.'

'Same here.' She said, as they leaned in.

They were still close, blushing and flirting when Hazel came back. She had to clear her throat two times to tell them she was there. They got away.

'Sorry to disturb your sweet moment.' She said, 'but three hours over. I am back.'

'Right. Time to go.' Jessica said.

The portal opened. Hazel walked in.

Jessica hugged him. 'Come back as soon as possible.'

'I will.' He promised.

She walked into the portal.

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