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Pratanu Banerjee

Romance Action Inspirational


Pratanu Banerjee

Romance Action Inspirational

Adventure Of Joseph In Washington

Adventure Of Joseph In Washington

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Joseph Wilkins came to visit his friend named Jacob Oswald living in Washington, USA. Joseph lives in England and he works as an anthropologist in a survey department. Mr. Oswald works as a freelance photographer in Washington. Joseph is a tall and fair complexioned person with an athletic figure. Jacob has some fat in the body and he loves to eat burgers and chips frequently. Joseph loves chess. Jacob loves blog writing and photography.

Joseph asked, “Have you heard about Kennewick man?”

Jacob said, “ Yes, the skeletal materials have been found and they are present in North America. They have been found in Washington. Are there aboriginal Americans?”

Joseph said, “It is true. They had been present prior to European arrival and there are totem poles. Have you heard about fishing?”

Jacob said, “They practice salmon fishing and it is practiced by Makah and they practice whale hunting. What kind of hunting is seen here?“

Joseph said, “This hunting is based on subsistence. They practice agriculture and food gathering also. Have you heard about the epidemic of smallpox?”

Jacob said, “They are found in the 1770s and it ruined the population of Native America. Do you know about the tremors of 1980?”

Joseph said, “It occurred on 18th May 1980. There were eruptions along with tremor at Mount St Helens. About 57 people died and which river got flooded?”

Jacob said, “Columbia river was flooded. There were mud and ash in different areas of Washington. What kind of economy is found in Washington?”

Joseph said, “Washington had $569.449 billion in the year 2018 and the rank is 10th in the USA. What is the rate of growth?”

Jacob said, “It is 5.7 percent every year and this is the quickest rate in the United States. Do you know the minimum wage?”

Joseph said, “ The least wage is 13.50 dollars per hour on January 1, 2020, and it has been second highest in any state. What kind of business is found there?”

Jacob said, “They are manufacture of aircraft of Boeing brand. There were automotive manufacturing of Paccar. Do you know about the development of computer software?”

Joseph said, “They are Bungie, Microsoft, Nintendo of America, amazon etc. What kind of production are found here?”

Jacob said “ They are biotechnology,electronics, production of aluminum, wood products, etc? Which brands are associated with a beverage?”

Joseph said, “ They are Jones soda and Starbucks. Do you know any brands of real estate in Washington?”

Jacob said, “ They are Colliers international, Kidder Matthews, Windermere real estate, john L. Scott, etc. Which companies in the US are ranking in the US as per fortune magazine?”

Joseph said, “ They are Amazon, Starbucks, Microsoft, and Costco and they are top 20 Most Admired Companies in the U.S. What do you know about the percentage of hydroelectropower in Washington?“

Jacob said, “ it is approximately 80%. What is your idea about Agriculture in Washington?”

Joseph said, “As per the 2013 report, the value of the products of agriculture was $10.2 billion. What are these agricultural products?”

Jacob said, “They are red raspberries, which is 92.7%, hops, which is 79.2 percent, spearmint oil which is 72.9 percent, wrinkled seed peas, which is 60%, apples, 57 percent, etc.”

Joseph asked, “Which areas of Washington are known for apple crop?”

Jacob said, “They are Wenatchee–Okanogan region and it includes Chelan, Okanogan, Douglas, grant counties, along with Yakima region and it includes Benton, Yakima, along with Kittitas counties. How many types of apples are found in Washington?”

Joseph said, “seven varieties of apples and they are exported throughout sixty countries.”

Jacob said, “ Let us have some tea and snacks!”

Joseph said, “Right. We had a great discussion !”

Jacob replied, “ Yeah!”

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