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Ritvi Buch

Abstract Drama Inspirational


Ritvi Buch

Abstract Drama Inspirational

A well known disguised man

A well known disguised man

3 mins 348 3 mins 348

Trembling down on a rough land with stones and heaps of cement on either side, Gopal was thirsty, tired and in deep search of water. He could barely stand and was weak. 

The supervisor yelled in anger, "Gopal, do you get paid for being lazy? Just get up and stake up all the stones right, Mr. Raj will be here anytime!". Gopal found it too hard, to stand up and work in the hot sun. But with the help of his colleagues, he got some water and the other labourers noticed few pale yellow marks on his body and his body was burning as in fire.

He was financially weak and could not afford a day off even with vague symptoms. He could just manage his bread twice a day with his earnings. When the colleagues requested the contractor to allow him get back home to rest, he was allowed on the basis of paycut. 

Gopal knew, that if he did not earn anything today, he would be left to sleep with an empty stomach. He started working palely. He would fall, tremble, get drizzy but did not stop working. 

As soon as his colleagues noticed, they all contributed a small amount from their earning and asked him to consult a doctor. Until the entire conversation would take place, he fell on the ground with pale yellowish body and low pulse. Doctor was called up, and Gopal was rushed to hospital. 

He was lying deep in unconciousness, and a lot of syringes attached to his body. Police was involved by the co-workers since they had revolted against the company for inhumane treatement to the workers. 

 The owner, Mr. Raj, of the company handling the entire project was called up for the enquiry. 

Raj, was a builder by profession and handling the biggest project of the city. He put up his points way elaborative and clear. He also offered huge compensation to Gopal and others, since he was a man of ethos, he terminated the employment contract with the supervisor. All the workers were granted deserved facilities and better pay. 

After a lot of medications and surgery, Raj went to meet Gopal in the Ward room, and recognised Gopal immediately.

He said in a shocked voice, "Gopal Sir, Are you working as a labourer in my project?". Everyone around him was shocked as Raj went on his knees and tears were rolling down his eyes. 

Gopal smiled and replied, "Yes Raj! I am so happy to see you so successful." Raj was in shock and shame, was mum and had a complete black out. He recalled all his college days when Gopal was his Young Dashing Architect professor in a Tier 1 college. Gopal was also his Orphan house owner where Raj was brought up. 

Gopal had faced severe liver issues later and after the death of his entire family in an accident, he had to work as a labourer to fulfill his day to day needs. 

Raj, went along to the media surrounded since the entire matter had gone viral, he explained, how Mr. Gopal had given up all his savings to Raj to build up a business he was running today. He also announced that Gopal had nearly 70% share in the business and he had kept it unclaimed till date, since Gopal was unaware about the stake. 

Gopal was in tears of pride. He was joyous. Raj asked Doctors for best of the treatment to Gopal. When the story of Gopal and Raj started taking rounds on Social media, Gopal was named as "Well Known - Disguised Man" who had outshined various famous architects around the world, who had graduated after studying under him.

In a days time, right from staying in a small hut with no facilities, he got into a Mansion with 12 rooms along with Raj at a posh location in Mumbai. 

Gopal had changed Raj's life, in return Raj changed Gopal's life. 

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