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A Unique Princess

A Unique Princess

5 mins

 There was one kingdom, not very small nor very big. Almost all were happy in that kingdom but still, there are always many things where improvement is needed. 

 And that king had only one daughter, a princess named Alice and she was a legal heir of that kingdom. As per the rule prevailing there, a son or daughter of King and Queen was always a legal heir.

 Alice was very beautiful and understanding. She was quite different than princesses from other Royal families. As she grew up she started asking many questions to the king and queen. Like why we can't go out when we wish? and why can't we live like how common people live?

 And she used to never show tantrums or harass any of the staff and servants working for them in the palace. She was a well behaved and nice person. 

 Alice, like other Royal families and their legal heir, start taking training like horse riding, Car driving, shooting, and other weapons training, along with the education from private teachers appointed for her as per the rules of Royal families.

 In between one sad thing happens with King. The health of King start getting deteriorated and doctors advise rest for him. And not to take much stress. Now in this situation queen has to take care of King and has to be with him all the time and as such Alice is the legal heir so more responsibility about the kingdom and well being of its people comes on her.

 There was a custom of meeting the people on the palace ground, once in a week. The King used to listen to their problems and find out the solution with the help of his Secretary and other appointed Members. But now this needs to be discontinued due to the bad health of King. 

So Alice comes out with an idea that one box to be put at the Palace gate and whoever has any problem they will write and drop the paper in that box. So Alice used to read them and take Advice from King and handover the details to specific Members from their appointed members and used to give them duties and show them guidelines and required resources. Her aim was that nobody should be unhappy in their Kingdom. She used to do follow up regularly on this.

  Another thing Princess Alice introduce is that every Sunday she takes a round of the town. Her basic goal was to see to it that all have food, clothing, and house to live. And no children should suffer due to a lack of any of these things. 

Because if parents are worried, or even due to any bad habits of either parent children should not suffer. If due to the negligence of parents their children have to go through any problem or deficiency in their upbringing then such parents need to be explained. , If any help is required then that was given. Still, if they don't understand then she used to not hesitate to give them punishment.

 Alice used to believe that children are the future, and their happiness is very important. Children should get a good education, good upbringing so that they become good human beings and they should not become a victim of any bad things like alcohol or drugs...and looking after them is the joint responsibility of parents and the Royal family.

Also, Princess Alice used to frequently visit schools and talk to girls especially if they are having any problem or harassment at home? Then they can openly discuss with Alice. 

All this strictness and efficient management of kingdom results in an ideal kingdom among the 50 such kingdoms. Her name and popularity is known to all other king and other Royal families. Everybody has good words for Alice, that at such a young age she is handling all the matters so efficiently. King and Queen also feel proud of their daughter Alice. 

Many Prince from the neighbouring kingdom show interest in Alice and send their proposals. But one among them comes to visit the kingdom as a common man and when Alice is on a visit to one of the schools he asks for her appointment and talks to her about many things and many projects that he has in mind for this kingdom. Alice gets very impressed with his intelligence and his personality. The next day they again meet in Palace and discuss on implementing the projects and plans. 

 And while leaving , the prince sit on his knees and ask Alice as a common man, 'will you marry me ?? ' and she says yes but I have some conditions. So he says ok ...what are they ??? So she says I have to also look after this kingdom. Though I won't tell you or force you to come and stay here but during the conversation she comes to know that he is from the nearest kingdom of theirs, So she says I will be staying  for 15-20 days in a month in my palace here and will stay with you for the rest of the days .. is that acceptable to you ??? So he says fine I have no problem. 

Then the secret gets revealed when that common man go and meet the King. Because King and Queen are aware of his visit through his parents i.e. King-queen from a neighbouring kingdom. As they all have arranged such a meeting of Prince William and Princess Alice. 

 After few months Prince - Princess get married and become a beautiful, powerful and adorable Royal couple.

Alice and William implement the project and plans they discussed during their first visit and take their Kingdom and happiness of people living in the kingdom to newer heights. And get many blessings of people living in the kingdom. 

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