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Nayaab Suhel

Horror Fantasy Children

A Rendezvous with the Witches

A Rendezvous with the Witches

5 mins

At the stroke of the midnight hour, my eyes suddenly opened and I woke up from sleep. There was pin drop silence everywhere. My parents were sleeping in another room on the other side of the hall. Something was preventing me from going back to sleep. I felt restless and went to the window to breathe in some fresh air, and what do I see?

There seemed to be thousands of objects shooting from the sky. Were they shooting stars? No! They were dark sinister objects somewhat similar to brooms. Or were they really brooms?

 I rubbed my eyes in disbelief and what do I see? Thousands of witches were riding on their brooms across the sky. Even the moon seemed to be afraid of them and hid itself behind the blanket of clouds. Swish! Swish! Swish! And suddenly I could see one of the witches coming closer, closer to my home, - my window. And there she was right in front of me entering through my open window. I was terrified; I was so scared that I could not move. I froze. The witch herself was so scary that I thought I would faint. But before I could think of anything else, she held me tightly with her cold clammy hands, placed me on to her uncomfortable broom and then we were off, flying to a land which I had never dreamt of before. We were flying with other witches but I could not see the route as I kept my eyes shut tightly. I just kept thinking as to why they were taking me with them. Did they want to kill me? Or did they want to make me a slave for the rest of my life? I just kept on thinking and thinking but before I could think any further, I landed with a bump on some muddy surface. Then I slowly opened my eyes. But I soon realized that I shouldn't have opened my eyes at all because the sight of the witches was so horrible that it seemed that my eyes would fall off from its socket.

Suddenly one of the witches spoke "Hey friends! We have at last found a slave for Her Majesty.


 At this all the other witches shouted at once "Hurray!"

I could now understand that they had taken me to impress their Majesty or had intentions something similar to that. Though I was a little eager to see the Majesty, but I still wanted to be in my cozy bed. Soon after that some of the witches came and tied my arms with some kind of special rope. After that they were taking me inside to a very strange castle which had only one door and no windows. It was all very strange. I was just wishing that I could go back to my parents. Soon we were inside the castle. There was a very old witch sitting on a huge throne which was shaped like a BAT! She looked very fierce and her nose was so long and bent, that if she tried to lick her nose, she could easily do it! The other witches pushed me in front of the witch, who seemed to be the Majesty.

They started shouting in unison, "We have brought you a slave your Majesty. Now I hope that you will grant us with some new flying brooms."

"Ooo! I see…… Let me first examine this little insect", she said to the witches , eyeing me with an eerie look. Suddenly she held me by my neck tightly and began murmuring something. I could not make any head or tail out of it. Thereafter she gave a wicked smile.

"Oh….. I see! She can be a good slave!" I am pleased with you all and I shall present you with some new brooms", the Majesty told in her crackling voice. At the spur of the moment, she took out her wand and said something. All of a sudden, a bundle of brooms appeared and the other witches took them in the most welcoming manner. Their happiness knew no bounds. Then they kept their brooms aside and gathered together again including the Majesty. Now they were dancing and making some potions in the cauldrons. I could hear the bubbling sound and see them putting a frogs tongue, a wolf's tooth, a bat's fur and owl's wing in it. I was shocked and confused. I was planning how to escape from here and suddenly an idea crept into my head. I saw the Majesty's broom lying near her throne and I remembered how I had seen one of the witches using it before.

So I crept quietly towards the broom when no one was watching and then sat on it and said, "Hey Ho! Hey Ho! Take me to the place I want to go."

 And suddenly the broom rose high and with a top speed rushed out of the gate of the castle. However to my bad luck, one of the witches noticed me immediately and shouted "She's gone. Catch her!"

Soon they were after me but as I had the majesty's broom which was made up of superior quality, I was flying faster. Now I could see my house from far but the witches could go no further because it was morning already and witches didn't like sunshine. Therefore they had to return disheartened. Suddenly I saw my parents rushing towards me as I landed in my garden and they hugged me so tightly that I thought I would become a sandwich. Soon I was telling my parents the adventure I had and they were amazed. But are you still thinking of the broom? Don't worry about that. My parents already burnt it and now we are living happily. But I am still always careful because no one knows that they might come again to take me, or….. it may even be you!

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