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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

Nayaab Suhel



Nayaab Suhel


THEAR- The Secret Planet

THEAR- The Secret Planet

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Hello! You, I, your grandfather, grandmother, uncle, aunt, relatives, father, mother, etc live on the earth. We all know that earth is a beautiful planet and everyone is living happily in it. But have you ever imagined that if things began to happen differently, what will happen? As I asked you this question, you must all be thinking differently! Maybe if everything began to happen differently, then the ladies would be wearing men’s clothes and keeping beards or the men would be wearing skirts and tops and tying their hair in plaits?

Of course not! No one would be doing that! Then what must be happening in THEAR?

Yes you have read right – THEAR

THEAR is a planet about which no one knows. Not even your teachers or parents; I am the only one who knows about it, as I have visited this planet. This is not an ordinary planet, but an extraordinary one where things happen very differently.

Let me tell you about the people on this planet. Before I start telling you, you must keep a promise of not telling about it to anyone.

“Hello, Mr. Tiger Top! Can you please pack me 500g of Indian human meat and make sure that you give me the leg piece”, said Mrs. Pig Penina..

“Oh of course! “, said Mr. Tiger Top.

What! The pigs having human meat and the tiger selling it.! How can this be possible? But it’s true.

Now the tiger had taken a man (dead) out of an icebox, placed it on a chopping board (rather big) and started chopping him ‘Slash!’ Slash! Slash!’ it went on. Now there were two big legs in the tiger's hands and he was transferring them into a polybag. When he had transferred, he handed over the bag to Mrs. Pig Penina and she happily went away with it.

Oh! Do not be tensed because they are not going to travel such a long way from THEAR to earth, just to chop you. But still, be careful because no one knows!

Now you must have understood that THEAR is a planet where humans are like animals and animals are like humans.

But now we don’t have any more time to waste as we have to continue or else the earth would complete it’s another rotation.

Mrs. Pig Penina had four little piglets. The first one’s name was Peppa, the second one’s name was Poopy, the third one’s name was Piggoo and the fourth was Pikki. The piglets were very happy when their mother had returned because their mother had promised them that she would make them have a human roast with liver sauce. Yummy! Isn’t it? I mean for the pigs. But for me, it’s just Yuck! Yuck! Yuck!

Now for Buffalo’s family, Mr. Buffalo had three little children. One’s name was Boojho, the second one’s name was Balki and the third was Benny. Mr. Buffalo was a nice animal but Mrs. Buffalo was rather nosy.

Let’s move on to the dog’s family. Altogether there were three members. Mrs. Dog Dupper and her two children - Doopy and Dilly. Mr. Dog Dupper had died 7 years ago and the dogs were living in a very bad condition.

As there are many animals living, I cannot introduce you to each and every one of them. So let’s go on with the story.

As I told you that Mrs. Buffalo was nosy, she had the habit of peeping into everyone’s home and seeing and listening to the latest news and things.

Now one day Mrs. Buffalo was sitting and did not have any work to do. So she decided to go to Mrs. Lion’s house and do some sort of spying.

 Oh! What an interfering lady!

Soon she was standing near Mrs. Lion’s window and was trying to hear what Mrs. Lion was telling her husband. Mrs. Buffalo heard this, “Oh hubby, see! I have bought some color for your mane for just Rs 20000!”

“Hey! Are you CRAZY? You spent a whole lot of 20000 rupees and you think it’s just 20000!” roared Mr. Lion.

Mrs. Buffalo heard this latest news; she sped off home to tell her husband. When she reached home, she shouted to Mr. Buffalo, “Oh! Buffy! Do you know that Mrs. Lion bought a bottle of color for her husband’s mane for Rs 20000! Can you understand that they are so rich?

“Oh! My! I am frustrated with you. Please now don’t go near someone’s house for spying”, cried Mr. Buffalo sadly.

Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! It’s so funny, isn’t it? Now onto Mr. Bear’s family.

“Wake up! I said wake up!” shouted Mrs. Bear to Mr. Bear who was sound asleep. 

 “What happened?” asked Mr. Bear sleepily.

“Don’t you remember that the Elephant brothers have called us for breakfast today”, shouted Mrs. Bear

“Oh! I forgot. Wait I am getting ready in 2 minutes”, said Mr. Bear hurriedly

“Are you a packet of Maggie that you would get ready in 2 minutes!”, said Mrs. Bear angrily.

The Elephant brothers had called the bear family for breakfast that day and Mrs. Bear was very excited because she was always into eating. Oops! Even if I hadn’t told you, you would have yourself understood by seeing her plump body.

Soon the bear family was sitting in the home of the Elephant brothers, talking to them and of course waiting for the tasty food to come. When the tasty human sandwiches, which was for breakfast, had passed from their mouth and into the stomach and was very soon planning to take the bears to the washroom, Mrs. bear whispered to her husband “ hey did you see that the elephants gave us only 50 sandwiches each, to eat! I thought that they would give us at least 100 to 200 pieces.”

“Oh you are such a greedy bear”, whispered back Mr. Bear.

Very funny, isn’t it?

I think someones peeping through the window and trying to hear what I am telling you……maybe Mrs. Buffalo. So I think I need to cut short…. I will tell you more some other day. Else they will make a meat pie of me if they come to know that I am telling you all the secrets about THEAR….

And if you become an astronaut then please don’t forget to visit this planet …..Who knows what more secrets you may discover!

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