Sarthak Nair

Horror Crime Thriller


Sarthak Nair

Horror Crime Thriller



1 min

It's around October,

For the festival of fear,

Ghosts and vampires,

Zombies and pumpkin pirates.


But while candies y'all take,

Not all the costumes are fake,

One- Just one- is real,

But that the outfit'll conceal.


Have fun while trick or treatin',

Cause some innocent kid he's beatin',

Impale, behead and bludgeon,

And throw the remains in a dungeon.


He wears a mask, like the others,

And a costume with red 'n black leathers,

They think he's a man just havin' fun,

But under the suit, lay axes 'n guns.


Slowly, slowly, they go lost,

In the well, their bodies tossed,

The streets lined with clotted red

And in the backyard, a toddler's head.


Reports come in, children gone,

Bodies scattered on the lawn,

The killer's vanished without a trace,

But no one ever saw his face.


Mothers' cryin', daddies' shocked,

Their sadness, the killer mocked,

The few kids that survived,

Were found and quickly revived.


Sirens blaring, cops 'a come,

Seein' the bodies, they go numb,

But then they realize, at the scene

That this was a real halloween.             




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