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Pratyush Das

Abstract Horror Thriller


Pratyush Das

Abstract Horror Thriller

A Horror Story

A Horror Story

3 mins 538 3 mins 538

Hello, friends, this is not an old story. One day a boy who worked in a company. He had no faith in any of the many phantoms.

 He used to think of ghosts as just the brains of the mind. One day some work was increased in his company. Due to which he was late in coming back home. He left his office late at night.

 He was on his bike. His bike broke down after walking some distance. Now he took his bike on foot.

 After some distance she showed him a bus stop. He stopped there for a while. A monk came and sat near him.

 The monk kept a bidi with him. He was drinking her strangely. The boy had a habit that he would start talking to anyone.

 He also started talking to this monk. In conversation, this boy said, Baba! I do not believe in any ghosts. All these are false things.

 The monk said, whether you believe in ghosts or not, but you should not say that ghosts are not ghosts. These are all things.

 The boy got a little laugh at this. He said, if there are ghosts then why don't we see them. Can you show me a ghost now

 The monk felt that now he must definitely show a ghost. The monk asked the boy to walk towards the crematorium. What was it then? They both left.

 On the way, the boy started feeling a little scared. Still, he continued to reduce his fear and move forward.

 After some time, he reached the crematorium. There was still some flames burning in the cremation ground. The monk made him sit in a place where the las was burnt some time back.

 The monk buried an iron nail in the ground. Tied a white thread in it. The last end of this thread told to hold the boy.

 Now that boy was very much afraid. His breath was getting faster. At the same time, his hands and feet were shivering. Still he grabbed the thread.

 The monk placed some Bataasa at four places. All the tellers were kept in a line near that thread. After that the monk cautioned the boy. Now some soul will come to eat it.

 Do not leave the thread of your hand until it goes away after eating it. If you do this then you may be at a loss. Then started reciting mantras from the monk.

 After reciting some mantras, the monk asked the boy to close his eyes. Then after some time I was asked to open my eyes.

 When the boy opened his eyes, he was watching. He could not believe it. Actually there were four souls. Which was eating Btase.

 But when he saw that the person living in his neighborhood also had his soul there. Who died a few days ago. So he left a thread in his hand.

 Now he was not even a monk there. The boy quickly ran from the crematorium to his house. As he was walking towards his house, someone was calling him from behind.

 He was getting many kinds of sound from behind. The boy did not look back.

 After going to his house, he told all this to his parents. Then he slept in his room.

 The next day his eyes opened in the same cremation ground and at the same place where he saw the soul. After this, he started to remain mentally ill.

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