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Horror Thriller


Regina S

Horror Thriller

A Ghost's Unfulfilled Wish - 5

A Ghost's Unfulfilled Wish - 5

4 mins

Chapter 5

Jency went behind John saying I know you will have nothing to say, because it's true that you have completely forgotten me. He pulled her close, hugged her and said, "You are my life," and how can someone forget their own life? and they heard a thud sound. They both looked around and a flower vase fell on it's own and broke into pieces. John went near to check how it fell and unknowingly he stepped on a piece of broken glass. He screamed in pain and Jency ran to him saying why are you so careless? She made him sit and removed the piece which had pricked his foot and said, "Just be seated here, I will be back in a minute."

John had no patience to sit quiet he walked near the window which was closed. He kept wondering, how did the vase fall when there is no breeze. Jency came with some medicine and band-aid; what are you doing here? "Come sit let me apply this on your leg," John sat down and Jency started applying the medicine. John asked, "How did it break Jency?" when the windows are closed and when there is no breeze? Jency said, "May be because it was in the edge. Liya and Ziya were playing here, they might have kept it in the edge."

Jency asked John to relax, he lied down with both the hands behind his head; and she carefully started picking up those broken pieces and John kept watching. His eyes caught a piece of glass which had his blood stain on it. As he kept looking at it "blood vanished". John sat down in shock.

"Is it paining John?" asked Jency.

"Now how did the blood vanish in a second?"

"What are you talking about John?"

"Jency, it was you who removed that glass piece from my foot which had blood stains isn't it? Now where is it?"

"What are you going to do with that John? Come on be serious, I will go and throw these in trash, there are still some tiny pieces left over, see to that kids don't go there I will come back and clean it up."

John's mind kept thinking the same again and again; How can it vanish in a second? Even if it vanish, it should leave some stains, what's happening? And his little ones came running. John screamed, "Don't go there come this side," they both jumped on the bed and pulling John by his hand, they said, "Come on daddy, let's play."

"What shall we play?" asked John.

"Hmmm carom," said Ziya and Liya too was happy with that.

"Ok, you both be seated here on the bed. I will go get the carom board," said John and they heard Jency saying John you have hurt your leg so you too be seated and I will get it for you.

Jency got the carom board and before they started the game they asked Jency to join them and she said, "Ok but remember only 2 rounds after that you should have dinner and go to bed," they both screamed, "Ok mommy."

Jency removed those tiny broken pieces and joined them. Ziya and John in a team, Jency and Liya another team they started playing. John's team won the game and Liya was disappointed and the next game, John purposely lost to make his daughter win. Jency said, "Very good both of us have won equally. Now go wash your hands and come let's have dinner." Liya and Ziya ran to wash their hands and John slowly limping got into the washroom to freshen up, he opened the tap and instead of water he saw blood. He screamed and spilled water on the floor; floor was full of blood he stood in a corner shivering and he heard Jency knocking the door, "What happened John? Why did you scream?" Open the door and she kept knocking; Closing his eyes John kept repeating, "God please save me, please God save me," he was still shivering and slowly opened his eyes and he was shocked to see there was no blood nor water, floor was dry. He was sweating so badly, with that nervousness he opened the tap again and this time it was pure water. He splashed water on his face, took a deep breath and unlocked the door. "What happened John? Why did you scream?" asked Jency. I, I hurt my leg again so; again? Show me where you got hurt, he said don't worry Jency it's better now; but John the way you screamed I thought you saw a ghost and she walked away saying come soon kids are waiting to have dinner with you.

John walked out of the washroom and turned around to check again and the floor was dry, he closed the washroom door. He sat on the cot and recollected what ever happened. By then Jency came in shouting, "Will you join for dinner or not?

"I will have later, don't disturb me," said John. She was irritated but walked out without saying a word. John seriously felt something was wrong, and he heard a loud scream from some where very close by.

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