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A Ghost's Unfulfilled Wish - 27

A Ghost's Unfulfilled Wish - 27

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Chapter 27

Narayan stopped the car in front of a pub and asked: “shall we go for a drink?” John said “yes” and they both sat down in the pub... John ordered beer and Narayan ordered some hot drinks... As they started drinking Narayan asked “then John, what happened after that? Did you talk to Roslyn?”

Flashback continues

John said I kept repeating her name in my thoughts... Her innocent face kept flashing in my mind... Sean shook me, I looked at him and he said: “did you hear me?” I asked what and he said, “I asked for her name but before I could ask for her other details our HOD came in asking for you and she quietly walked away; now go meet the HOD”... I walked into HOD's room and I saw her standing there, my heartbeat rapidly increased but I swept my feeling under the rug and wished him a good morning, he said: “by tomorrow I want you to go check with all the 1st year students about their interest for NCC”. I said sure sir, and looking at her he said: “this is Roslyn from B.Sc 1st year, she will help you to get the names”... I said ok and we came out... My heart's desire was to talk to her but in my mind, I had this attitude because I was never behind any girl in my life... Finally, my mind won over my heart and I walked away without talking to her.

It was lunchtime... Sean and Ajith ran down saying will meet you guys in canteen after fifteen minutes... Sandeep said “come on John let's go to the canteen”, I said you both go I will go to the washroom and come... I went to the washroom and was on my way to the canteen, In the front, I saw Sean walking alone, I went to him put my hand around his shoulders and said dude where are others? He got tensed, he said “John you go, go to the canteen I will see you there” that’s when she came stood in front of me, Sean almost pushed me saying “dude you go”... I looked at her and she too looked at me and said "I Love You" I was frozen, she went back without even waiting for me to say something... It took me a minute to completely get out of that shock, but my heart was still pounding fast, I was even sweating I took out my hankie wiped my sweat and that's when I noticed Sean staring at me, I smiled and behaved as if I have never seen her, I asked “who was that dude?”

Ajith came to us laughing aloud, while Sean was still staring at me... “Will you stop laughing shouted an angry Sean!!!”, Ajith replied “sure dude” and tried to control his laugh but he burst out with a loud laugh again; an irritated Sean walked away... “What's happening Ajith?” I asked... “Let's go to the canteen 1st and then I will tell in front of everyone” he replied laughing... While going to the canteen I thought about her proposal again, I could feel my soul was dancing with joy, I smiled to myself, in those three years many girls have expressed their love for me but I had never felt the way I felt at that moment... As we all sat done for lunch, Ajith was continuously laughing and Sean was still in angry mode... “What happened, dude? why are you laughing like this?” asked Sandeep... “I will tell you… gimme a minute.. I am unable to control my laughter” said Ajith...

After a few minutes, he said "In the morning we planned to rag Roslyn, isn't it? But she escaped because of our HOD... So Sean gave an idea he said in the noon let both of us go down, I will casually come by then you tell her, you should go say I Love You to the person who walks in front of you in blue shirt, as planned Sean casually came in front of her but I wonder from where John came into the picture even John was in blue shirt so she said "I Love You" to John" everyone including Sean started laughing aloud, they were pulling Sean's leg but I was not happy, I felt my heart was broken... Her 'I love you was' echoing again and again into my ears but I started feeling low when I knew the fact that it was just words not her feelings.

Next day morning as I entered my college campus I say her walking in the front, her long hair was something that I’ve always loved in her, I called her by her name she didn't even turn I went close to her and said excuse me from behind... She turned around..those eyes… oh god… the most beautiful pair of blue… but that wasn't my Roslyn's eyes, I looked at her face, it was someone else I said I'm sorry I thought it was and I heard someone call me by my name in a very melodious voice... I turned and it was none other than Roslyn... “Hi John,” she said, I smiled and she said, “I'm sorry about yesterday”, I replied, “I know, you need not explain, just give me the list”... She gave the NCC list and I walked away without even thanking her... Sandeep who was watching all these came to me and asked: “why were you so rude to her?” I said “why would I be rude to her? I was not...” you think I don't know you?” He said; I said, “oh yeah you know me, come on now let's go to the classroom”.

A week passed, she always used to smile at me when we crossed paths but I neither returned her smile nor behaved like I know her... In our gang it was only me, Sandeep and Ahilan were in NCC... As our NCC session started my eyes were searching for her and finally found her in the college ground laughing and talking to my friend Sean... My face turned red in anger after 5 minutes she came running and said: “I'm sorry for being late”... I shouted at her in front of everyone... Her eyes welled up with tears... I sent her back saying “I will not let her because she came in late on purpose"... She walked away with tears.

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