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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

A Decade

A Decade

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Sara always had a dream to have a perfect family. She grew up in a broken family, her parents were with her but always involved in one or the other argument. Most of the time when she was sitting with her books to study it was very difficult for her to concentrate because her parents were fighting in the other room. They both always had a reason to argue about, but they never thought that what conditions were they giving their daughter to live.

During those times Sara used to sob silently and pray to God to end all this. She wanted her parents to be happy but the negativity of her mother and anger of her father always created a scene. Life was not so smooth for Sara but she was lucky enough to get very good friends. What other option did she have...She had no one to share her feelings but she could always hide them with her laughter, She did not tell any of her friends also because they often talked about their perfect family. They often discussed how nice they felt when their parents only thought about their bright future.

Years passed on and Sara could not do very well in her boards. In high school, she was sent to hostel because her mother wanted her to be away from all the family drama. She was separated from all her friends and was asked to enter a whole new world of students from all over the world. She had to again face life with a new perspective. She missed her home, meals made by her mom and her friends. It was difficult for a teenager to accept life if it threw all the difficult decisions when you are unaware of the consequences. Sara's father always sent her money as he was trying to compensate for the time he would have spent with her by giving her the love she always wanted.

Sara got few classmates who liked her and were ready to be her friends but now her heart was not ready to accept anyone. One day she was sitting in the library and working on her project. She could feel that someone across the table was looking at her. She looked and on the other side, there was his classmate Rohan sitting and smiled when their eyes met. Sara smiled back but picked up her books and shifted to the other place.

"Hi, why did you change your place?" said Rohan just sitting next to her.

Seeing him sitting beside she got angry but then she thought she should be polite. "Nothing, in particular, that chair was not so comfortable"

Rohan smiled "Why do you never talk a lot to anyone in class? Don't you like this school?"

"No there is nothing wrong with the school. I just like being in my own company"

Rohan understood that Sara was into her own world and thought it nonrelevant to discuss herself but he was starting to like her. He liked her and everything about her started making him crazy. The way she walked, smiled, answered in class, participated in sports and so many other things. Rohan started dreaming about her and always looked for the opportunity to talk to her. One day after the school Sara was reading a book in the school garden. Rohan went to her and started the conversation about the books because he noticed that Sara enjoyed reading.

Sara liked the discussion and very soon she understood that Rohan liked her. He always complimented her which made her blush. Their friends noticed that they both liked each other and started teasing them. Sara had started smiling, her world was changing. Rohan was filling her life with sparkling colours, she also started daydreaming. He followed her everywhere she went to school. As they both were living in the hostel so they could see each other after school. Then the day came when Rohan proposed her but Sara knew that this love will not end well. After one year they would be looking for different colleges and careers. Who knows in which city or country they would finalize.

"Why do you want to make the commitment which you will not be able to follow," said Sara.

" Why do you think we will get separated?"

"I know this will happen because love always sacrifices in front of family and career"

"No I promise you I will always be with you, we both will join the same college and stay together"

Sara believed him and accepted his proposal. He caught her hand and kissed it. For the first time, Sara had the goosebumps all over her body. They both had that great understanding, care and admiration for each other. Seeing at each other they believed that love truly existed. After a year the exams got over and with a promise, they will always stay in touch and will be together again they both got separated.

Daily they called each other and talked for hours. Sara got a reason to smile living in the house where there was no peace. Twice it happened that Sara called Rohan but he did not pick up her call. She couldn't believe it as he could not understand the reason behind it. Many days passed Rohan did not call. She started losing her patience. How difficult it was to believe that he was not missing her. He was in the other city so very difficult for her to go and check at his house. After waiting for around a month she decided to call their common friend Aakash.

"Hello, Aakash I am Sara here. How are you?"

"Oh Sara, Hello so good to hear from you after a long time"

"Aakash I am very worried about Rohan. Did you have any word with him as from last one month he has not called me"

"Sara I am so sorry to tell you that Rohan has gone to London to take admission to a university there. He did not want to go but his father forcibly sent him. He was not able to call you because his parents came to know about you and they did not want him to ruin his career for an affair"

Tears fall from her eyes with no words in her mouth she disconnected the phone. She saw herself once again all alone in this world. She believed that love stories never get completed and she saw it. She surrounded herself with her loneliness and sobbed quietly. She had to accept the reality without showing anyone that she was broken inside. After her studies, it was the time for her career to get affected because of the pains of life. Sometimes life gives us what we don't want.

Sara decided that she will stand on her own feet and never look back. Her heart was not ready to accept that Rohan had left her. She joined a company and started working hard. She dedicated her whole heart and soul to her work. Years after years passed and she got a good position in the company. She never got married because she could not forget Rohan and his love. She tried but in no other man, she could see that affection which Rohan had for her. Ten years passed. Once Sara went to her office colleague for some shopping at the city mall, and there she met Rohan. He was with one of his friends.

They both saw each other and their eyes filled with tears.

"Hello Sara, is that you? I cannot believe I am meeting you like this"

"Hello Rohan, I am good. How are you?"

"I looked for you everywhere. You have changed your phone number and residence also"

"I was not sure you will ever come to see me"

"How can I ever forget you. I was forced by my parents to leave but after six months I came back. But you left by then"

They hugged each other and decided to stay together under whatever conditions life threw them in......

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